Drone now im going to get an unboxing overview out of the way that way we can move along to a flight review in a separate video. So, if youre interested in a flight review, obviously you skip this video because were just going to be going over the basics with this drone, what it all comes with it and then do a separate, uh flight review video here coming up shortly on the channel that Makes the videos not so long? So this is the hs710. This is a foldable brushless gps drone with a 4k camera theres, some of the information here on the side. If i move the carrying case, you should be able to see it better. This is a 4k camera with a 4k cmos sensor. So what i uh can conclude is this actually has real 4k video and 4k resolution photos its not upscaled or anything like that, adjust the adjustable angle of the camera, of course, with the controller. So you can move it up and down heres a swivel following mode point of interest where it can do a circle around an object or yourself, and it also has optical flow positioning, which will help. Basically, if you lose gps lock that it will continue to hold its position the best it can, for instance, if you want to fly the drone indoors. So here is a case. Many of these drones now from amazon sellers like holy stone and patenzik, and some of these brands are included a lot of carrying cases, a little extra perk uh when you buy from them and its nice, so youre getting like it, has a handle on this case.

You can easily carry this around ive already got it open so thats, why im not holding it by the handle because itll flop open but yeah its pretty nice and lets go ahead and take a look at the drone in here. The drone extra battery and the controller now this drone is also very lightweight. I put this on my scale and i came up with 250 grams and thats really close to that limit, but obviously they were aiming at that weight limit, so they could make this drone. Not have to worry about being regulated by the 250 plus or 0.55 pound or higher limit im going to grab my scale over here. I already like i said i weighed this earlier, but im going to throw it on the scale right now, so you guys can see, go ahead and power it up lets set it on here lets see what we get today right at 250.. Now it may fluctuate. They listed at 240. now my scale might be off a little bit, but its not off that much so i dont know you know i dont think theres anything on here, theres a few decals or something thats not going to make a big difference. But my point is: this: is right at that weight limit? You should be okay to fly this and not have to worry about your 250 plus weight limit restrictions like faa registration here in the united states or many other states, is very, very strict.

If you have a drone over that weight limit, so thats one of the positives of this drone so lets go ahead and fold. The drone out the arms just snap into place here and there she is its. You know like a lot of plastic, housing and stuff here, but i mean that helps with the weight reduction. This type of plastic here is the camera. It does have a bit of dampening on it here, but it will swivel and if you listen not, that is audible enough in the in the mic, but thats actually motorized. So as it mentioned on the side of the box, it does swivel down. I believe it said it was 90 degrees. I think it said here yeah, so you should be able to face this all the way down and film straight at the ground, or it comes all the way level and aim straight out. Look its horizon, and here is your little bitty optical flow camera here in the bottom again thats looking at the ground to help it hold position by looking at the ground and comparing it so it doesnt move around a really unique design. I dont never seen a drone quite like this. This is definitely a looks, looks to be unique to holy stone, heres your brushless motors. They do mention on the box that these are 1503 2900 kv, brushless motors independent escs, and it is five gigahertz wi fi, which is what youd want that less cross interference.

It wont, interfere with the controller, so you usually get better fpv range with five gigahertz uh. Sometimes called 80211.ac wi fi and lets see here, im hoping that this has an sd card slot and it does and im positive. This is real, unlike the last drone that i reviewed the channel that looked like it had a slot, and it was just the slot in the housing there was not actually a micro sd card, and it says right here that on the decal it says, please use A memory card above class 10., so they want to make sure it has the transfer rate to be able to actually record 4k video without dropping frames which can happen if the sd card cant keep up with the data rate being supplied to it. I dont know the frame rate on this, but its going to probably be 25 to 30 frames per second, when you are recording in 4k. We have to see when you get into flight review, that have 1080p options or something like that. Many times on these more budget oriented drones, the resolution is sort of stuck with what they advertise, but being that this has 4k is conceivable, you might be able to record in 1080p or maybe even 720, if thats not too likely – and here is the battery now, When i press this, you can see the lights light up here in the back, and i always power it up if i hold it down: theres, esc, music and its going to its gps search here, there is a flashing light here on the front of the arms.

I dont see any lights right off hand on the back arms and then, of course, you get the lights here. Im just going to hold it in power it off, but thats your battery meter see. If i did, i get it off. Oh its going back on yeah its turned off and to turn to pull it out. You just press in on these tabs on the sides and pull the battery out now. This is a high voltage lipo, its kind of odd that it rated at 7.7 volt, usually its called 7.6 for high voltage 7.4 for a standard lipo voltage, and this is a 1820 milliamp hour battery – believe the flight time when this was rated at like 22 or 23 minutes old confirm that when we get an instruction manual now the transmission range on this is supposed to be around um 1800. Some odd feet. You know a little less than half a mile. I think it was 600 meters, but thats just going to be your transmission range unobstructed when youre flying this guy with um the fpv. I think it was rated at maybe half that 300 again ill confirm that in the manual youre not going to get near the fpv range as you would. The transmission range on this guy so lets go ahead and look at the controller and then well look at the instruction manual last and the app and stuff like that and ill try to confirm those stats on the this statistics for the drone.

What it all can do in terms of flight time and distance heres another battery, so you get an extra battery with this. One lets look inside here: real quick whats in the bag. Before we look at the controller, you get some spare props in this bag and you have some charging cables, because the controller and the drone battery both will charge off these usb cables. So your controller ought to be pretty standard on what these buttons do. Ive used. This same holy stone controller quite a few times it looks sort of like a jjrc, but these hand grips swivel down and then heres your antennas and i cant tell i was looking the other day. If this is, if theres an antenna in here or not, usually theres a wire and its difficult to see, but i dont see one so, im leaning more towards these being fake, but i cant say for certain: usually if they are real, its just. The wire runs up in one of them. You got your lcd screen here. This is, i think, your power button is it and it may need to be charged because its not even coming on thats, not that uncommon. I think thats, your power button again ill. Look at the controller in fact lets just go ahead and get the instruction manual out. That way, i can excuse me, look over all that stuff and i can actually make sure that im not telling you guys any incorrect information in regards to the controller.

So there is the layout diagram, and this is your power switch, which i said and then youve got. This. Is your unlock and locking button to unlock and lock the props um? This is your return to home, and this one up top here is your auto takeoff and your auto landing button there. So you unlock the props and then you can auto take off or you can just give it throttle. Of course, you can see this altitude hold because its self centers and lets see over here. Of course, its just your roll and your. You know your pitch all that stuff over there and on top youve got your speed rates button right here and over on the other side. Here youve got your short press for photo long press for video, and this dial right here will pitch the camera angle up and down the other dial here. Doesnt move. This is fake, its just locked into place. It doesnt do anything on that side. So thats your dials in your buttons, your phone clip holder, comes out here on top and this lets you put your phone in there, so it works like that. Lets see if i can get it back in there there we go so pretty standard control these. These are not like, i said, ive used these before and theyre not bad at all, and this one looks like it does actually taste. Does it take batteries yeah it does so.

It only takes two double as so those those cables they give. You must be a charging cable for each battery if you want to charge them both up at the same time, so im thinking, because the battery should have a if i can pull it out. Theres, your its a usbc and its right here on the top, and i imagine the battery itself. I have this one charged already the lights here will let you know, whenever its fully charged so pretty easy to use and lets, look at those stats, real, quick and then well go look at the app last before we wrap up this video. So where were those stats here they are? They mention here, 240 grams, like so my scales, not off by 10 grams, but it should be okay, but its right at that weight right. That limit mentioned 7.7 volts um flight time 23 minutes. So i said i thought it was 23. that is per battery, so dont be fooled. Some of these will tell you 23 minutes and theyre, combining if you flew both batteries, if you did that this would supposedly fly 46 minutes, but i would think in 1718. Realistically, these are usually ideal if you just took it up in a windless environment hovered it you get 23 minutes and this being gps when it gets a low battery its going to return home and land itself where it took off. If it gets a low battery.

You can, of course you know, we can call it back if it gets out of range and it loses the controller signal it will fly back and land and lets take a look here. It mentions its 4k to 3840 by 21 2160 to tf card, so thats sd card, and it mentions thats also for the video so photo and video and to your mobile phone youre, going to see a 720p video feed, which is pretty common. If you take a photo, youll see it stored on the actual phone, so it will store a 720p copy, which is pretty common like a backup copy, and your your transmission in your app will probably be 720p as well. Itll be recording both of those so youll see 720p in your app and on your phone, but youll have an actual 4k version of the video on your sd card 120 degree field of view, and here is that max transmission uh distance for the camera is 300 Meters, so about half the controller distance thats under ideal, unobstructed 150 to 200 is more realistic. You dont get really far fpv range on these just wi fi based drones and the app for this. I know its called the if ophelia go ill put a screenshot of that up. I havent used that app before but um i dont know if i have it on my phone still. Sometimes i take these apps off when im done with some of these reviews.

Here is the qr code for the google play store and heres the ios, and it mentions this to gophilia. Oh ophelia go! Ah all right guys. I think that pretty much wraps us up on this table review on this guy, so im excited to get this out and see how it does its not stabilized. I dont see any mentions of eis. We know it. Doesnt have a mechanical gimbal, so its not going to have prop very stable video unless it has eis, which i dont think it has. So a figure count on the video being shaky its going to probably shake depending on the conditions flowing in, but this might make for a good photo drone. When you can take some photos, you know some people believe it or not, are just interested in getting photos of stuff they dont take video. This might be a good option for them. Considering the price of this drone, if they just need photos, you need video. You know im going to say right now: the odds are very low. This drone is going to satisfy your video needs, youre going to want to get something like a dji, mini sc or something more expensive. Thats got a gimbal that can actually stabilize your video. For you so keep that in mind, but it might be a good photo drone and thats something well at least test out when we do get it to the flight review which ill as soon as the weather, croppers ill get this drone in the air, and we Will get this guy a flight review done for it, so thats wrap up the uh table review for the holy stone, hs 710.

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