Holy Stone HS700 FPV GPS Drone Review – Best Drone for Beginners?!

The assessment and pattern footage of the Holy Stone HS700 Quadcopter. Discover it on Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2wh3ULL or Aliexpress: http://ali.ski/sdaSTX …


  1. I have a hard time seeing every angle in the video, but it looks like the foam pad wasn’t installed on the camera mount. I was having shaky video and Holy Stone said people commonly forget the foam behind the camera. It made a huge difference in stabilization

  2. What kind of after-market battery charger are you using? Please share 🙂

  3. Does anyone know if a gimbal can be added to this drone?

  4. Hi can I mount my GoPro hero 5 black onto it please reply soon 😀

  5. Thanks for the excellent review

  6. Great video Sir. Very informative.

  7. Will the FPV sync to your phone if you swap out the stock camera on the drone with a GoPro Hero 6 or 7? I understand these cameras cost as much or more than the drone, but they have image stabilization that would help considerably with video capture, and there is plenty of use for these GoPro cameras when not equipped to the drone.

  8. you're the best reviewer ever

  9. Nice video, man. Can you link the battery charger you talked about that charges the battery in 1.5 hours? Thank you.

  10. Many thanks for your review! Can i buy spare batteries for it and what fast chargers can i buy for it please!

  11. Hi. Is this a good buy or is dji spark fly much better? Trying to decide between the two. For beginner use only.

  12. Video unstable – bad. No camera or video stability.

  13. buy gopro 7 black edition for good stabilization

  14. Fantastico 😎 se i nostri video ti piacciono iscriviti al canale

  15. I just bought the HS700. I currently own the HS100… how do you adjust the speed of the HS700? I wanna go fast! – Ricky Bobby

  16. why is he faking his accent? its pretty bad.

  17. An over priced re designed mjx bugs 3 pro

  18. Great short review! Yeah, it needs the gimbal, but at the price…not too bad.

  19. just got this yesterday, i will say that this is probably the best gps drone under $350. It is really outstanding how this company can build a drone that handles and flies so beautiful for less than half of other expensive drones. I will be reviewing it soon just because of how good my 2 flights have been lol. Please everyone, dont spend $1000 on a drone, this is amazing.

  20. man, if that had any kind of gimbal it would be an instant buy…great video anyway

  21. My oldest grandson is only 9 but I know something like this would be a lot of fun for him . My youngest son (his father) flew RC planes for a time so he should be pretty comfortable learning these .

    BTW , the new Xiaomi Poco F1 phone that's getting a lot of great reviews right now , looks like they ( finally) put all the goodness together in one phone !! I haven't found a source to purchase one , have you found anything ? Cheers !!

  22. Plenty of good options out there like this if you don’t have $1500 for a new DJI. Wish it had a better gimbal though.

  23. Amazing over review keep it up as always Alex

  24. Bro I'm thinking whether to buy xiaomi MI 8 or honor 10 or wait for other phones around that price range

  25. Looks like a decent drone Alex! Great video dude!

  26. All these features but no gimbal?… It even comes with its own action cam!

  27. Nice drone! Good ol Utube puts 4 minute ad on a six minute video. 🙂

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