First, look at this the other day on my channel. So if you want to see what all comes with this and accessories in a closer look at the drone and be sure to check back to that previous video – and you can see all that – but today were just going to get up in the air – see how The optical flow works and how the camera works. Now this does have a 1080p camera. I mentioned the 720p. I thought in the unboxing because the box says just hd and that usually refers to 720p, but it actually is 1080p actually to confirm that and the listing on amazon says it, and so is the instruction manual that is 1080p. So we are connected to the app and you can see we have a live feed here now i did while ago i was starting to film in in the video froze and thats on the good side. I can see theres. Definitely some lag but again were just recording over the wi fi feed, so unfortunately thats going to be part of it uh. You know you have a lot of lag, but hopefully it doesnt freeze and we get some decent video because it looked like the video was pretty good on this guy. So lets go ahead and lets take him up and fly it around and see how this guy flies, so the app ill link a screen shot to the holy stone, app that you use here its also.

I mentioned it in the table review. They do a gyro calibration, its both sticks down to the right and im, not sure you know its its really bright outside there. I can see the rear light flashing, so it did do it looks like were pretty level on the helipad lets, go ahead and unlock the props actually lets start recording video, and that is a top outside bumper here and now were recording, and we should have a Counter going, though, im not well now it looks like the app crashed all right. Well lets lets see if we can figure out what happened there, because im not sure what exactly happened ill be right back guys, all right guys, so the drone powered itself off. I had it on so long and jibber jabbering that it powered itself off so thats why it turned off right when i got ready to take off, so we should be connected now and lets get it up in there just be mindful. If you let it sit too long, all these drones will power off at some point uh, just because theyre sitting there too long to save the battery power, so lets go ahead and press that outer bumper and now i can see the counter and it makes a Little, your phone makes a sound, let you know it started, recording both sticks down and in i think it was there we go, and then you can do an auto takeoff lets see how that optical flow works.

Obviously, its sort of optical flow is sort of like a budget poor, mans gps. It looks like its holding position pretty good, now its not going to work as good as gps, but it should be looking at the ground there, thats. Why? I just want to hover for a moment thats not too bad theres a bit of drift, but its not bad. Now the higher up you get, you know the less accurate will be and if youre too close to the ground, its probably not going to work really well, either thats, not bad at all, now theres very little uh roll pitch in the lowest rate on this guy Lets just bring im going to do some testing here lets see how the the yall is thats, actually not a bad yaw. Now lets go to the next rate. Lets see how many theres only two rates lets see how the the pitch is certainly better and higher rate as wed expect, but its not a ton lets see. The yaw change looks like the yaw is the same, no matter. If youre on the highest or the lowest rate, this is not going to be a good drone to fly in much wind theres. A little cross breeze today from right to left, but because it doesnt have a ton of pitch in the highest rate, lets confirm yeah. We are, in the highest rate um its not going to be able to fight a lot of wind, especially being that its also you know its brushed motor powered looks like our video feed is frozen.

This happened while ago when i was testing. I dont know, if were probably, if were recording a frozen frame. We probably are so what im going to do is im going to go over and and land it here and well see if we can sink it back up here to an auto landing these these wi fi flyers. This is not like entirely unexpected that they do. This, though its not like super common, but i do see it from time to time these drones – they just they stop uh they freeze up so were gon na do, is lets, go exit the app and go back, and as long as its connected to the wi Fi last time it yeah see. Now we got the video feed back, so lets go ahead and start recording, but i have a feeling this is gon na, be a common problem with this, at least on my phone and thats. Not good lets go ahead and unlock the profs again and do another auto takeoff, but we should still be in the highest rate, and we are lets test that uh and we still got video feed this time. Lets turn it around here and bring it forward. Yeah. The lag is pretty bad lets. Take it up lets tilt the the camera does tilt, you guys should see here and there it is boy that lag is pretty bad. There were tilting guys. Hopefully this shows up. Video feed is still active.

The thing happens. Is these video feed that im looking at here on my phone is the same thing that the app is recording if it freezes many times itll freeze in the video too, though, not always sometimes its just the app its not displaying the video? So i stopped it there and landed it just to be safe now its starting to record again. It could be its set to record clips of like two minutes or something i dont know that was weird. I didnt stop. It ive never seen an app do that before just going to make editing more fun because im going to have to put all the clips together, but its recording again, i just got a new timer. That makes a little harder if i want to get a flight time, because a lot of times i use the uh, the timer, but yeah were frozen again. So i dont know, if were even getting video right now, im going to leave it recording but im not going to mess with landing. So if the video is frozen here, im just gon na end it if its not uh, if it still goes obviously ill include it. The timer is still active in the app, so the app is not frozen. In fact, what i can do is just back out and then go back in and see. Does it now i got now its going, but of course it says, im not recording now so yeah.

This is not good. In terms of my, i have a pixel 4a. Its not like, i have a hunk of junk phone and its just the app is not its freezing on me and the lag is really bad. The drone flies good, though, and i thought that the video looked pretty good in terms of when i got it. But again i dont know if im getting video right now or not im going to go ahead and start stop see. If we get any video here again, maybe ill try to take a photo lets, go ahead and stop it again again, theres not going to be a lot of video with this guys. This is just because this drone is not cooperating with the uh. When i got the camera slightly tilted down, lets see its holding position pretty good. There lets do a lets back it up here. It did start to move there. I mean optical flow on these. Drones are not going to be the greatest, but right now its not really holding this position as well as id like, of course again, its theres a height on these whoa lets, move it over. Here i want to try to get a photo. Usually around that height is when they work the best lets. Take it up a little higher take a photo, and now the app is frozen Laughter. Hopefully we got some photos on there im going to go ahead and go back in and once you exit that and go back in then the video feed comes back but thats, not good that the app is freezing.

And again, i cant tell you how much video i even got. I really like to get some video, because i thought the camera looked pretty decent for a toy, but man its making it tough lets, bring it over here and im going to try to land it and then see if i can just take it up and try To get a little more video one more time, you know auto landing there, yeah its just freezing a lot like i said: ive been reviewing drones for five years now, and these wi fi flyers are nothing new, and this is not like. This is not something ive. Never seen before i have its just not like you, dont see it all the time you see it from time to time so lets go ahead and start recording video lets, unlock the props and well just do a manual takeoff this time. So just give it a throttle, you dont need to do the auto takeoff unless youre really lazy, just give it throttle. So lets see how long we get video. I mean im not flying far from me, so its not like im losing the wi fi connection, thats, causing it to freeze, and there are some dropped frames too, but its mostly just a matter of the app is just freezing for some reason, and i dont know If im get the video still recording in the background or not, and if i exit the app its pretty slow to move up, this is altitude hole drone.

So those are usually slow to go up and go down, but i think it looks pretty good its not it doesnt look like its a bunch of jello im just going to let gently let it go with the wind and actually now were frozen again, so ill. Keep letting it go, the counter is still going, but i dont know if the video feeds frozen or not. I just theres no way. I can confirm that right now. Well, obviously, you know when you guys are watching this and the counter is going over a minute. I think, like i said it seemed like it started. A new video clip lets see if it does that again, so i apologize guys theres, not a lot of video with this um on board video, its its simply out of my control and its gon na make it tough for me to recommend this drone. Based on my experience, just because of the way the app is freezing on me, so i dont know if my recordings working the recording works, still then im going to make it a little bit better, which means youre going to be sort of flying blind unless you Exit the app and come back, but then you lose your counter and i assume its still recording, but then i dont know i mean this is all basically software based. So again i dont know how much video i even will have. It flies nice, though boy its being brushed and motored, and not a ton of pitch just keep in mind.

It is not going to be able to fight much wind were past. Two minutes lets see if it does try to start another clip at some point. Maybe three minutes yeah, it flies, it flies fine. I have no gripes for the way it flies again, just keep in mind that its not gon na be able to fight much wind because its just doesnt have a ton of pitch and those brushed motors. Just dont have the power and the drone is pretty lightweight too so. Just gon na get blown around quite easily. Oh almost banged into my fence lets see here yeah its lets see if itll just hover, because i dont see any way of turning the optical flow off and on, and it does mention it in instructions now were coming in on three minutes lets see. Does it continue or does it make a new clip? Oh gon na crash, i dont know it started a new clip early, at least according to the software, but its still going so im, not sure what caused that a little crash here lets push the arms back in place. You know it seemed like that optical optical flow – if i could say it right, was working okay when i first took it up, but im not so sure it works that well at all, because im all over the place right now and theres no options or anything To turn that stuff, uh on and off that, i can see im gon na go ahead and stop recording just in case we did get anything lets just take it up.

One more time now were not obviously gon na worry about any video lets see if we can calibrate the gyro anything after that crash lets see there. We go its always a good idea to calibrate the gyro after a crash like that thats why it was flashing. You know it detected a crash so that thats holding pretty good right now, but it just doesnt always seem to work too, and obviously you have to let the sticks and let it settle down. It was really getting. As i was getting aggressive with the flying. It was kind of all over the place im gon na go back into the app now now i got a live feed that thats holding position nice but boy it doesnt. It cant fight the wind much so it ends up moving around. So i do think the optical flow does work, but again, if youre, too close to the ground or too high up the camera is going to have difficulty. And oddly enough instruction manual mentions optical flow and its funny. It mentions that it is an option for indoor flying when theres no gps, and this drone doesnt have gps. It was like they left that in from another drone, and that could be a bit of a confusion for somebody who buys something. Oh, this drone is gps. No, it doesnt have gps, it has the poor, mans optical flow, and it does work its just dont expect it dont.

Take it out of ways camp it out there loiter out there and expect the drone to just sit there. It may for a while, but any wind comes along its kind of trouble holding that position, and you need to be at the right height somewhere around 10 to 12 feet where i am seems to be a pretty good sweet spot for it im gon na. Take it up and see if we can get one more photo off in the distance here. I dont want to get too far, because then you can see what its really im gon na have to bring it down its its its lets, see. If we can there, we go full pitch its really struggling against the wind guys. Hopefully it comes back were frozen again. If we catch a break in the wind, we should be able to come back, and here we are, i wanted to when some gust of wind comes up, but you have to keep it full pitch or its its going to blow away on. You were frozen again. I want to try to take another photo, but that obviously didnt work. So hopefully we have some photo, but if we dont well its because of this app, the battery meter shows us getting pretty low. So we got weve gotten a good and long flight time. I dont know how long its been if i even remember ill, try to calculate that, but i usually like to try to use the video counter and obviously thats not going to work with this because it restarted once and then it froze a bunch of times.

So im gon na go ahead and land it and it went ahead and detected. It was on the ground and it did kill the props. The moment that i did land, that is nice, but were certainly at low voltage um. It appears to be were flashing but its hard to see these leds in the daytime. You just have you know theres white lights here in the front that are very difficult to see and a little easier to see the green one thats actually on the battery. But boy its not easy to see this, so you know for beginner drone. This thing flies good as long as its calm, but the issues im having with the app and the frozen feed. Even if the video did save and record okay, you make sure, where youre not able to depend on the fpv, and you got ta back out of that back and then is the video gon na keep recording. I i cant tell you that right now, until i actually go inside and put this on my computer and test it out, so i got ta, i got ta say pass on this its just. The video is too flaky. The app is too flaky. The drone flies good if you wanted just a little beginner brush droning, you dont care about the camera, and you get this at the right price and it probably wouldnt be a bad idea. But if youre wanting something at least get some video and you want to depend on the app working right, at least on android im, just having too many issues to recommend this guy so kind of unfortunate, because holy stones drones are usually pretty darn good.

This is not like this is a design flaw or something. This is obviously going to be happening to every one of these, at least to my pixel phone. So i got a pass on this one guys unfortunate, but i got some more holy stones coming up, but this is the second holy stone in a row that i cant recommend thats again thats a bummer because theyre one of the more reliable brands, but the last One wasnt any good, and this one i just cant – recommend it again its just too many issues with the app, so i have a brushless gps, drone from them ill be reviewing soon. I have a faith that ones gon na, be pretty good. Um itd be odd to have three in a row from holy stone that arent any good all right, guys that wraps up the review of the holy stone, hs 260, if youre new to the channel, please consider subscribing and while youre at it click the bell.