So this thing has circle mode: altitude hold three rates: emergency turn off button obstacle avoidance, um, auto land, auto takeoff. This thing is sick guys. This is one of my favorite for sure i did uh top 10 micro drones back in the day, and this would have been definitely top tour three. This is the eachine e010, and this is the 3b f36. Remember those days guys. Well, these things have got a lot more advanced. This has crazy crazy features. Man all right, stick around guys. Music. First thing i notice is the built in propeller guards, which is good. You know you can bump into anything. You don’t have to worry about it. All right has a front light right here, or is this the back, not sure and a sensor for the obstacle avoidance another sensor on the other side, sensors all around all right and check out this guys, some dji style battery check it out boom. Look at that man comes with three batteries, guys three. How many times have you been flying, one of these little micros and it just dies on you all right, three batteries that is good check it out, just pop it right in there and you’re done and the bottom. You got the power button right here, it’s one quick press and ready to go. It also has a sensor on the bottom, too, pretty sharp looking man, you know i have all kinds of drones, all kinds of big brushless drones that go 10, kilometers and stuff.

You know sometimes i just want to chill chill in the house chill in the backyard. Just have some, you know just low profile, fun there’s, a remote feels good in the hand. Not too tiny i’ve got some of these micro drones. When it’s super tiny, you can’t even hold them. This is pretty good there’s. Your left stick it’s your altitude hold here’s. Your um take off and land button right there. This is your headless mode and your calibration button power button right there, all right and here’s. Your right stick sticks feel pretty good too guys. It doesn’t feel cheap on the top. Here you got your flip button right. There and you got your rate button there’s three rates, which is really cool all right and it takes three aaa batteries cool see what else came in the box. All right, you got your other two. Other batteries got your screwdriver here and some tape. Here. I guess i don’t know what that’s for two extra propellers four extra propellers like that and your charging cable all right got the manual and check out the box, all right, very cool, all right, i’m gon na take this thing up in here in the man cave, Then i’m gon na take it outside see how well this thing flies. All right, let’s hit the automatic take off button there. We go. Take a look at this thing. I like it guys check that out very smooth and then first rate fly around a bit very smooth.

Second rate top left shoulder button. A little faster, oh yeah still got my skills. Man check that out guys all right all right third rate, you got the beeps, you tell the difference in speed, guys that’s, pretty quick man. I got ta watch it. Oh yeah, all right, let’s, try a flip! Now, okay, right shoulder button check that out guys all right all right, one more front: flip there we go loses a bit of altitude comes back let’s! Try that circle function, you hold down the right, uh shoulder button and it should just circle around let’s, see it just circles around i’m, not doing anything check it out, it’s a pretty cool feature, all right, so let’s try that obstacle avoidance thing. So you long press the speed button. Okay, let’s see whoa yeah it’s. Avoiding me alright come here check that out guys don’t have much space in here, but uh let’s. Take it outside all right guys, see you in a minute all right! Let’S! Do it guys here we go and third rate right now a lot more room to fly around slight breeze, not very fast, actually, it’s, not bad! This thing is awesome, guys, i’m back guys. This is one of my favorite toy grade drones.