I got something really exciting: ive got the brand new holy stone, hs 360, which is the best drone that holy stones ever put out. Theyve always been kind of a budget drone, but this is their first time to come out with the multiple access gimbal, which really changes everything in the way that the drone can take a video. And what do i mean by that? Well, on their other two most expensive drones, theyve got a one access gimbal, so the camera can go up and down and its got image stabilization. But if the wind blows it and causes the drone to roll left and right so does the horizon in your video. Its going to roll left and right so you can get great pictures with the 4k camera, but youre not going to get really good cinematic shots unless theres, absolutely no wind and youre a really good pilot, but with the hs360 its got a two axis gimbal. So the camera can go up and down, but as the wind blows, the drone and causes it to roll left and right, the camera can stay completely stable, which is really important when youre trying to get video now it doesnt have the third axis where it can Pan left and right, but you can only pan, left and right on really expensive drones and can control it like the inspire behind me because, but on foldable drones in smaller drones, the pan axis is so when you turn the drone, the camera can turn slower.

So you can control how fast you turn this drone, but you cant control the wind blowing and making the drone roll left and right which will ruin your shot. So this changes everything its also got 5g. So, even though its a wi fi drone its going to have longer range than any other drone that holy stones ever made also its got a new app that has a lot of new nice features. It comes with a nice new remote. Your phone goes here. Its got a led display. It comes with this great case that, as always with holy stone with a nice pleather handle. So how does she fly well were going to go, fly it outside and have a blast with that, but before we do, that lets go over the app and the features of the drone and how to get it up in the air and get everything calibrated. So it flies just perfect and then ill come back for my final review. All right lets see what she weighs in at. She weighs in right at 270 grams, which is beyond the 250 limit, so it has to be registered with the faa, which compares to 477 grams for the 720 e, so its almost double that so 277 grams is 9.5 ounces. So how much is 278 grams? 270 grams is the same weight as not one but two wonderfully delicious cans of sardines. All right guys inside the box, youre going to get a really nice case, its got a really nice pleather handle nice zipper.

I love the material that they make them out of youre, going to get extra props screws, handy dandy, screwdriver, the drone two two batteries and the remote theyre labeled a and b. So you got to make sure you replace them with the right ones. With have the angle of attack – or it wont, take off so i love the way its all packaged in here and inside here is where your props, in the instruction booklet, so on the batteries theres two of them. It says they take six hours to charge. Mine didnt take half that long, its important to get a really good charger, dont, just plug it into a usb on the wall. You want to go to at least like a 10 amp charger. You can get it from amazon, its a 2000 milliwatt amp battery. Very large batteries and the batteries slot in just like this so on the drone looks like this is an air inlet here when its flying, because it kind of has a mesh on it to come out here to help bend. The inside has really nice lights here and well go over that when were showing you how to set up the gyro and the compass. So your sd card goes in right here and on. The bottom. Is your optical flow sensor and heres, where you turn the drone on when you first push it, it seems like its turning on. You go like that. Youve got to hold it down for like a full three seconds so on the remote it does take.

Four aaa batteries. What i love about it is the phone slides in and attaches on the bottom. You got two antennas, i think theyre. Both real right here is where you turn it on up here is where you turn your gimbal up and down over. Here. Is your speed, switch high and low and a short press here takes a photo and a long press takes the video? You can also do it from the app what i love about this. So it shows you the high and low the distance youre, far away and the height if your gps is on or off the battery on the drone, the remote and how many satellites you have so this button you push this short to set to the gyro. You push it a long time to start the gyro calibration. Well, go over that in a minute, and you push this button to take on and off. This is the one you press if you want to turn off the gps and turn it on. So if youre flying indoors, you dont want to have gps. So you turn this and itll turn off the gps. So to download the app you go to page 17, you see ios. You turn on your camera im going to use my phone but im just using the ipad to show you open up the app its the hs fly app and you download it. Then you open it. So you want to get out of the app you turn the drone on Music.

So lots will be blinking green in the back right in the front you set it on a level surface, go back to your settings, open up your wi fi and you see holy stone, fpv, so its checked. Then you can go back and open up the app. So then you turn on the remote and you hear the two beeps that lets you know its connected. So how you set the gyros. Is you do a long press on this button right here, Music, then therell, be a flash blinking see that. So what you do you take the drone? You spin it three times this way until you hear two beeps hear that or one beat you spin it till you hear one beat, then you spin it until you hear it and beep again, then you hear two beeps. Then you set it down and theyre still blinking, so that set the compass but to set the gyros, you do a short press and youll see them blinking again: okay, so now its going to continue blinking until it tries to find a satellite. So if you turn it off, you can turn the gps off. Then theyll go solid because its not looking for a gps and you can eat and then you can pull it and start the props now. But if youre, if you want to fly in gps mode, which you should do, these are going to continue to blink until its found in the satellite but were on the inside.

So once we go outside and ill show you, this will be full size. So it says waiting for gps signal. This is how you take off. This is your return to home. You slide that over there and it will return heres your map, so it shows you where youre at you can expand this to see to set your way points. So right here is where you push to take a picture, and then you press this button to go switch over to video. So when youre flying and you take a picture, its going to freeze the screen for a couple seconds which is kind of bothersome and then it saved the picture but to go to video – you go up here and then you can start. Your video and itll count down so right now, its saving, the video to the sd card and to the app both and right here is. Where you see the picture, we just took its really good photos, so right, heres, your waypoints, so right here, itll follow an image right here. Itll follow the remote the one i like the most is the circle mode. So you see right here. You slide this over and itll circle around you and then you go up to your settings. This is really important, its going to be preset to beginner mode. So if you try to fly it and it doesnt want to fly very far and its flying very slow its because its preset to beginner mode, you can turn that off your flight distance, its going to beep at you and stop when it goes past 30 meters.

So you can change that your flight altitude, of course, you cant you cant, go over 400 feet, so its not going to let you do that, but heres the most important thing, your return altitude, its pre set at 30 meters. Well, you want to go higher than that if youve had trees, so when it returns to home to you, it doesnt hit something and heres the mistake i made, as i got out of this right. Well, when i went to go fly it, i didnt know what was going on because i did not hit save so when you turn things on and you change the settings you got ta hit save then it saves it in your settings. So this is also the track. How far itll go your max speed, your max altitude and then this is where you can change your photo qualities and stuff. Then you go back up here and you can change it from metric to to imperial right here. It says waiting for gps because were inside and heres your zoom right here. Its got a i dont know what the zoom is: its probably 8. 10. You know its a digital zoom, its not an optical zoom and heres. Where you do your fine tuning of the gimbal, so lets go put her up in the air and see how she flies: Music, wow, its pretty steady Music, a little windy so im in speed, low im gon na go high speed.

I dont know what that beep is. Oh, i think it all right guys that beeping is because i didnt hit save when i took it out of beginner mode um. You can change how high itll go and how far itll go and i think how fast itll go. This is literally the first time i flew, it flies really good. I mean the response is really good. Also, i didnt even realize i couldnt go into speed two in beginner mode, so once i came back in and figure out what i did and put it into speed two, it was a lot more receptive and it flew a lot faster and a lot farther um. I never didnt test the range on this one ill test the range later right here you can see im moving the gimbal up and down you can watch it go down that worked really good. Then it goes back up its kind of loud its not as quiet as some of the other mini drones, but it doesnt really matter if youre flying it outside its really not an indoor drone, all right. So what i typically do is i put the video from the camera up in the top left corner, but more than once, yall have asked me to show what it looks like full screen. So here it is full screen. This is when i first took off from the drone uh. The video is pretty steady. Unless you turn then itll get some jello because it doesnt have that pan access, but the as far as the picture picture is really pretty, and it takes some really good photos.

Ill do another video on this drone and show the follow me. The circle mode and ill do a range test and a speed test. But the thing that i was most impressed about this drone was the battery life man. It really lasted about a good 20 minutes and thats some hard flying. You see right there when i spin it around. It gets a little bit of that jello because it doesnt have that pan axis. So the cameras trying to catch back up to the footage and here im taking off if youre wondering in the beginning in some of my videos, how do i get that view from the top? Well, i attach an instant 360 go on top of the drone. On top of a mount, and actually this one, i had to tape it because the mini two mount that i used it wouldnt quite fit around it. This ones a little bit thicker and, of course it weighs a little bit more than the mini too also. So if youre wondering how i get the shots with that, then thats how i get this shot. Its uh only weighs 9 grams, so its pretty uh real light camera lots of fun and, as with any wi fi drone, you want to make a pre start checklist because it has a few more steps kind of like when the dji spark first came out. It was a wi fi drone. You got theres a difference between setting the gyros and calibrating the drone when youre calibrating the drone youre spinning around, but when youre setting the gyro make sure its on a good flat surface, if youre trying to do it outside and its in the grass when it Takes off its going to be a skew and fly away, and i read so much about flyaways but its user error, so you just saw me hand launch it, make sure youre comfortable with the drone before you start stepping up and doing things for your first time Start out low and slow make sure youre comfortable with the drone dont be nervous.

I mean youre the one thats in control of it. So thanks very much for watching my review of the holy stone. Hs 360.. As always, if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, so what i think about this drone, i think it flies really good. Is it the best mini drone on the market? No, but the other ones cost a lot more, and this one will sit on a shelf just as good as a 2 dollar drone. What do i mean by that? Well, some people go spend three thousand dollars on a treadmill when they about a three hundred dollar treadmill, because because all theyre gon na just do is fold their clothes over it anyway. Well, this will sit on a shelf just as good as a two thousand dollar drone. So to see, if you really like drones, you can buy this one to see if your drones are really for you. Should this be your first drone? No, i still think you get the hs210, because the orientation of the joysticks on both of these is the same, so learn how to fly a drone before you get something like this and put it up in the air, and if you like it, then you can Move up, but this is a really good starting point: its a good price point, its a safe flying drone, its foldable easy to carry around good flight time, good camera, multiple access, gimbal and a lot of fun to fly.

So if you get one leave the comments below – and let me know what you think and also on december 15th me and my beautiful wife will be giving away five drones for christmas. So watch the next video and ill give you information on how to register.