I am so impressed i’ve done a lot of reviews on many drones before holy. Stone really has the market wrapped up on many drones. If you’ve seen my reviews on the holy stone hs 210, i review this one as the best mini drone you can buy to learn. The orientation of a drone on hs450 is a really good drone with a lot of good features, also, but guys this drone’s gon na change everything uh for 50 grams. It really flew pretty well in the wind. The camera reception is really pretty good um, but the amazing thing is the price, and let me put that into perspective when the 2020 corvette came out. I sold my other corvette because i had to have it but then covet hit and i decided not to not to get one and i’m glad. I did because that thing was going to be 80 something thousand dollars. So i bought this little 2002 miata for 2500. By the time i fixed it up a little bit. I had about 3 500 in it so that’s 1 20th of the price i was going to have in the new corvette well i’m driving this miata and i’m. Having a blast i’m having so much fun in this thing – and i know that i’m into it way cheaper than i would have been in the corvette – well that’s kind of the way i feel about this thing when i’m flying it for 55 dollars guys.

This thing is a blast. It really is. It turns really well um. You know they came out with the telo and this thing cost a hundred dollars. It came with one battery, but you know it kind of really turns really slow and if you just touch something it falls out of the sky, the battery pops out, you got to put it back in hook it back up to your wi fi. It does have a good camera on it, but this thing’s 100 with one battery, does not come with the remote. You got to buy the remote separately, that’s 40 or 50 dollars. Then you got to buy the case and by the time you got another battery. You’Re. 200 into it now guys you can find a really good deal on a drone for 200. This wing, this one’s 55 dollars, comes with the remote and two batteries and flies amazing uh. This could be the drone that some people just will that’s. This is all they want uh, but this is the best drone to start out to learn how to fly a drone to get the orientation of it. And i go over this on all my videos and we’re gon na get into the review and how to fly it here in a little bit. But let me explain something most people they go when they buy. You know really nice drone because they got on the internet, they read all the tech and they thought this is the drone that i want.

But you know what happens: they go out and fly the drone and they come home with something like this. You know why, because they don’t know the orientation of it. What i mean by that and this drone’s going to fly just like the other ones, it’s going to pitch forward and back it’s, going to roll left and right it’s going to yaw left and right and it’s going to go up and down. So the controller. For this drone, these things move all around just like this to control it, it flies just like the big drone. So if you learn how to fly this drone first, with this controller, then you’re going to feel really good when you get the big ones in your hand, but really this drone may be all some people want. So i got the dji fpv about three weeks ago and i felt like a little kid at christmas when this thing came in the middle. This is an amazing drone, but with all the things added to it, this thing was 2, 300, so but i’m having a blast the whole time. I fly it well, it’s the same way with this one i’m having a blast the whole time. I fly this thing and it’s 55 guys i’ve got a lot of drones and i love flying all of them, but there’s something very comforting. Knowing you have 55 in your hand, when you’re flying around taking pictures it’s a great way to learn how to fly a drone, so let’s dive into some of the features of this drone before we put it up in the air.

So the drone comes with an extra set of props and they’re put on by these little bitty screws right here, one screw each and it comes with a handy dandy screwdriver to do that with it’s, going to come with one charging cable that connects to a usb And actually it came with two didn’t it and then it they plug into the batteries right here and the light will be red and after about 10 minutes, it’ll go off, and this slides into the back of the drone right here make sure that snapped in the Camera’S in the front, i got the prop guards on it. Now they actually they just pop in and out real, pretty pretty easy. They just slide into these two little holes, so the camera is a fixed camera, it’s, a 720p and when you’re watching the video. Through your phone it’s at 25 frames per second, so the remote is the same as the one that came with the hs450 it’s the same remote and so on. The top of the remote this slides in there and snaps in, but before you can do that. It has this little piece that needs to be bent and come out and you can’t get it. So what what i did is i took a pair of pliers and i gripped onto it. Push down that thing and then slide it out like this, so let’s go over the controller. You power it on right here and you power on the drone by pushing the top button.

Here you see how it’s blinking really fast now slow down. What you do is you push up and down on this, and now it quit blinking, and now it is paired with the remote, but to set the gyros on it. You pull down and to the left on both of them now it’s blinking, again and it’s ready to fly. This is your take off button when you push that it’ll take off this. Is your camera button? You press it once for a a picture and hold down to start your video on the top here. You’Ve got your three speeds. It’Ll start out in slow speed. You push it once you’ll hear two beeps and then it’ll go into medium speed. You press it again and it’ll go into its third and fastest speed, which you really need to use if you’re flying out in the wind at all, it’ll want to drift on you if you’re down in the low speed. This is your flip button. It doesn’t work unless the battery is fully charged, but you push the button in whichever direction you push the controller it’s going to flip in that direction. So there’s two ways to take off: you can either push down on the take off and this button that also lands it when you want to land it. But if you want an emergency, stop you push on both of these buttons at the same time and it’ll stop the rotors and fall out of the air, but you can also once you get it paired, you can set it in your hand and then you just Toss it up in the air and it takes off so when you’re flying the drone, if it seems to be drifting to the left or to the right or forward or back it needs to set the trim.

How you set. The trim is you’re going to hold down on the take off button for two seconds and then you’re going to push the direction of the controller, the opposite of the way that it’s going. So, if it’s drifting to the left a little bit. What you’re going to do is press down on this for two seconds and then push this in the opposite direction until you get the altitude hold right where you want it. Also, if you hold down on the speed switch for three seconds, it’ll it’ll go into a high speed. Rotation start spinning, very fast, and if you hold down on this one for three seconds, it’ll do large oval rotations and a circle which would be really cool. If you’re filming something in the middle, so once you get the bird in the air, if you press down on the right hand, controller you hear that beat and it’ll start beeping, that puts it into headless mode and what that does is whichever direction the drone is Pointed it will go towards the direction that you push. It you’ll hear that continuous beeping, while it’s doing it to let you know it’s in headless mode and you press it again to take it out of it, but don’t ever use headless mode. The whole point of learning to fly a beginner drone is to learn the orientation of it. To start with, and you’ll hear that continuing beeping here my dog hears that she wants to go chase.

It so let’s see what she weighs she weighs in at uh 50 grams compared to 83 for the tello. This eachine 58 weighs quite a bit more at 93, but it’s less than what the simrex 300 is at 41. and then the holy stone 450 is 34.. So 50 grams for the 340 is about the same amount as seven girl scout thin, mint cookies. I keep eating these, but i ain’t getting any thinner so let’s put this up in the air and see how she flies. So what you want to do is turn the drone on. You see the light blinking. Then you go to your wi fi settings on your phone and you look for holy stone. Fpv. You wait for the light to for the check to come on now. It’S checked in so it’s tied into that. So now you go to the app and it’s the fhs fpv app and you open it up and it takes a minute for the camera to connect, but that’s average, with all drones. Turn on your remote slide. Your phone in then, once your camera comes on, you can see it then you’ll see the camera come on on the drone. You see the clarity of it. It’S really good it’s, coming in at 25 frames per second, so she’s ready to fly so it’s up down both down to the left. There we go so this is it in the spinning mode. When you push the button to the left and hold it down for three seconds, it’ll spin really fast, it makes me dizzy even watching it so it’s a lot windier out here than it was yesterday.

When i flew it, but let’s see how she does. I mean you can tell by the pond how windy it is so on a calm day. It would be a lot funner like it was yesterday, but i forgot i didn’t i just recorded with the drone. I wasn’t really recording with you so here’s some footage. I took yesterday from the drone. It was a lot less windy you can tell by the pond. It looks a lot flatter. This is me trying to be cinematic with it. Uh i mean the picture is not fantastic, but you know for a toy drone or a beginner drone being 55. This is pretty amazing. Uh be a good way to practice with the drone for uh filming and things like that, and then i landed here trying to be slow and then i tried to go just a little bit faster on the next flight. But overall, when it’s not windy, i mean you see how good it flies. So i got a full uh, 10 minutes. I think it was 10 minutes and 13 seconds of flight time and that’s with the prop guards on i’m, not going to bore you with a full 10 minutes, but i just kind of wanted to show you me flying it around a little bit: it’s a 300 Milliamp, what per hour battery um again guys remember? This is 55 and you’re having a blast and it’s really not even meant to fly outside.

I don’t think that much so right here i slow it down and uh. The main reason i wanted to slow it down is just so. You see i’m smiling when it goes by, because i have a big smile on my face, it’s just so much fun, it’s hard to believe that they could make something like this for 55. I sure wish they had something like this when i was a kid and we were playing with marbles so um. Another thing, too, is always remember to make a pre start checklist, especially with wi fi drones, and another thing i forgot to mention was to put it in airplane mode, because the outside interference of either getting a text or a phone call i’ll hear i’m doing some Flips but see that that’s a flip. So anyway, if make a pre start checklist, make sure you’re in wi fi it doesn’t matter. If you’re wi fi in your house you’re just using the wi fi from your phone it’s, not using wi fi like internet connectivity, so uh that’s, why it’s important to put any wi fi drone into airplane mode? Make yourself a pre start checklist check your props. Every time make sure your batteries are charged up, make sure it’s snapped in real good uh make sure you got an opening um. Also remember the controls pushed down both of them. So if that thing started flying towards the water – and i tried to make it turn around and the wind was catching it, uh i’d probably lose it so, and it did once it started flying towards the pond when the wind caught it so i’d.

Push down on both of them and that kills the motor you don’t want to try to hit the land button when it’s getting away from you. You want to push both the top buttons that kills the motors here. It is i’m, smiling all right. I know i’m. Probably born you to death, but um i just want to get. You have an idea of how much fun this is. So thanks. So much for watching my review of the holy stone. Hs 340.. I can’t get over how much i’m pleased with this and, if you’re thinking about buying it, don’t, buy two and give one away, because then they’ll people will like you more because this thing is so much fun. Holy stones always had the best toy drone. Now they’ve got the best beginner drone and i wish i’d have started with this drone before i bought this hs 700 years ago, because i had to climb a tree so many times to get that out, because i didn’t do a pre start checklist. We’Ll go over that later on about pre, start checklist and all the things that work in the app. This was more of a first time review and next i’ll be doing the holy stone hs175. So please like and subscribe i’ve got a lot of really good content. Coming up i’m about three weeks into the dji fpv uh, this thing goes like 93 miles an hour in acro mode, but i’m, not ready for full manual left.

I am practicing on the simulator a lot but i’m having a blast in sport mode, but this thing’s intimidating. It really is.