This is the hs 280. Now this is just a little brush powered. You know, entry level drone, it doesnt have gps or optical flow, or anything fancy like that. So im just gon na do a quick overview of the drone here. Just use my head cam a little different than usual, while youre at table review, but i dont think this really warrants a table of view then well get outside and fly this guy and see how the footage looks now a little test here in my house and The camera looked really really good. It shoots in 1080p at 25 frames per second, but there was some really bad lag or latency in the app at times, especially oddly enough, if i was recording video, because this drone doesnt have a micro sd card, so youre recording over that wi fi feed in Your phone and, of course, thats less than ideal, but you see that a lot of times on these entry level drones. It shows you here on the side of the box, some of the uh info about it hd camera has a modular style. Battery has hand gestures in the app, which we probably wont test that out thats, really a flaky feature in all these drones and its hard to get it to work and a high and low speed. So you can see very limited features. So enough of that here is the drone. It is foldable. They probably should advertise that, because, even though thats pretty standard nowadays, it is nice because look how compact that is, in my hand its about the size of a like the mavic mini over there.

I have on the shelf or the femi x8 mini, but this is going to be well under uh 250 grams. In fact, if i grab my scale here, well just go ahead and weigh it because its not going to weigh much. Let me just grab my scale and ill put it on here. Youre, probably not going to be able to see this because of my head cam, but im going to put it down here and try to aim down its 154 grams so that doesnt show up my head. Cant take my word for it, its very, very lightweight! So you have to worry about any faa regulations in the united states. This wont require any identification on it, but you still have to abide by the rules of safe flight here in the united states. So enough of that lets go ahead and show you fold it out fold out the front arms first and then the rear and your battery is back here. You push this little tab and pull it out. I can get it. It has a led here in the rear which ill show you guys in a moment as well. This is a 1s lipo that is thirteen hundred milliamps its really hard to read that thirteen hundred, i believe, ill lower it down yeah thirteen hundred its hard to really find print right, but its three point: eight five volts. That means its actually a lithium, polymer or lipo high voltage battery says a little more oomph to it and thats kind of nice.

Now they give you two of these, which ill show you guys here in the packaging here in just a moment, you can actually see that blue the little lipo battery just sitting inside this little sort of proprietary battery. They give you another one of these, so you get two of these. Whenever you buy it, you also get a full set. I picked up three. Let me grab the fourth one. You get four full set of clockwise and counterclockwise. So two of each of extra propellers here is a charging cable for that battery. It will slide on like this, and then it fits into those little prongs and thats how you charge it like that and the light comes on and goes off whenever its fully charged. So you know that its all finished, but back to the drone, well turn it on here in a second, so you guys can see the lights the battery i have in here is fully charged. It has a field of view of 65 degrees, some information there about the camera, again, theres, no sd card slot, and inside of here you can see a spot where you could see where they might put a slot at some point its hard to see because of The glare there, but there isnt one in this drone, but probably the neatest thing about this drone – i probably should have mentioned it earlier in this uh overview – is this is a motorized camera? Maybe youll be able to hear here.

The air conditioner is going so its kind of going to wash the sound out but its kind of hard to hear but theres a little motorized servo in there, and you can control that with the controller, its going to be jerky its not as smooth its going To go up and down that means, if you take off of this drone fly out and say, i want to look down at the roof of my house or something you dont have to land it and then manually tilt the camera and take back off youre going To be able to tilt it down and back up and thats, really really really nice, you dont see motorized cameras on these toy grade drones very often, but keep in mind youre over wi fi theres going to be a lot of lag at times. I might film the lag was horrendous and other times the lag was not bad at all. It seemed like if i was recording video to the in the app you know it said thats, how you record the uh feed that it just was really laggy at times and at times the app would partially crash come back to the main screen you enter back In and then it doesnt know its recording or not, and then it gets mixed up and the lights be flashing, the app will say its, not recording and it gets really in when the app crashes and comes back in then it was a lot lot, less lag, Which is also really really strange, so im going to use screen recording that way.

We can see the video from this that you will see the app icons and such in the battery meter and that that way we can be assured. As long as i have the app open into the video feed it doesnt crash back to the main menu i dont notice, it then well be able to see the video feed not to worry about the app messing up and then my recording getting lost and we Dont, have any footage and lets look at the uh lets. Look at the controller here. It comes with this little cardboard insert and here well, pull out that has all your buttons labeled. You have your video record, your photo, and this is your camera up and your camera down, which im sure ill get mixed up with when im outside, which ones which and of course your basic controls here does have altitude hold your power button. Then you flip this up. You can pull this piece out, but this is where you have your take off and landing auto take off and landing thats, also in the app it has that feature as well. Your speed switch, which i assume theres its as high and low but theres, just two speeds and headless mode. If you need to fly without needing to know orientation, get your little handle grips that pull out and, of course, your phone goes right here. Theres also a few little screws in here. In case you lose your screws to the propellers and they give you a phillips screwdriver, since this is really small to be able to do that stuff and the app which i keep mentioning is the holy stone, fpv vf4 ill put a screenshot from the apps on The google play store same name if you get it from the ios for the app store for apple, so its a holy stone or hs fpv v4.

I guess that means version 4 for this little drone, so thats pretty much it theres not a whole lot to uh to cover, besides that, the power buttons right here it kind of just pushes in this whole panel and then it lights up, lets go and power. So i can show you guys, those leds green in the rear, and this is flashing now it looks like white. I think it could be a hint of blue on the front, so thats for orientation. Of course, in the daytime, those little leds are going to be sort of hard to see but thats important whenever youre flying, especially if you dont have the video feed connected to be able to see which way youre facing all right guys thats enough here of the Uh blabbing about the overview of this drum lets, get outside down, fly this drone and see how how it performs so ill be right back. Okay, guys, as you can see, i got the drone here just barely into my garage, because i wanted a level surface. So i could do that gyro calibration now the gyro calibration i didnt mention the table review portion earlier. It both sticks down to the right. You have to kind of get it just in the right spot on your uh controller and there you can see it flashing. That means that gyro calibration is complete. Weve set it to level that way it shouldnt drift as much, except for just the little drift that gets with the wind and lets go ahead and do the auto takeoff and lets see how this go ahead and takes off.

If we have to unlock the props. Lets press auto take off and thats not doing anything so lets go ahead and unlock the props. Both sticks down and in now lets press auto take off there we go. Sometimes they will unlock the prop, but sometimes these drones. You have to actually do the unlock. First thats the lowest rate, and you can see even the light breeze. The 150 grams. It is struggling a little bit at times, lets go ahead and whoa lets go ahead and get it up into a higher rate. So im going to press the middle button and now we should have more uh pitch and be able to fight that breeze. More lets make sure theres, not three rates. No one and one two i can see we still got the video feed going there and it doesnt seem to be as laggy so thats something you might want to consider when youre doing this is, you might want to just do a screen recording if the apps Giving you a lot of lag issues and such it is not windy today at all, but a little bit of breeze. It does fight the breeze a little bit its struggling it with it a little bit Music there. We go just wanted to get out here and i want to just keep we dont want to watch me just sit there and float around uh in one spot. I want to actually get it out and open it up its pretty its pretty sporty.

You can hear the brushed motors theyre um, you know theyre geared so theres a bit of noise, as you expect, unless its direct driven some of the small drones will have the props sitting right on top of the motors and those are really efficient and very uh. Quiet, but they only you know they cant do that on just any drone. It depends on how the rpms and such that they need, so the app is still doing good if we do end up getting a point here where the app with some reason go back to that main screen like it was doing to me. I was testing earlier. Then ill, you know apologize that we end up with just a uh main menu screen there, but im glancing down there, because you cant really fly these drones by fpv. If youre not looking at the drone youre going to crash it because of the lag. So, even though they say youre flying first person view youre, just basically um using that to frame a shot or something. Because, even though im filming video now, we could probably try to take a photo since im doing a screen, recording and because photos are going to be what this drone is going to be a little more realistic about now lets test that camera tilt we dont want To miss doing that so lets see if we can do it was uh lets see. Is this go down? Lets lets get it here and be still you can do down and i think thats down yeah now were looking at the road see lets turn it back and see all right flip it around here.

So we dont crash into the house were filming down at the ground. Now lets go back up, theres a bit of lag as im, pressing that front waiting for it to show up again now were looking forward, but since it doesnt have gps or any even optical flow, you know its trying to frame a shot is not easy. So im backing it up here and see if we can bring it over and i just want to see if i can lower the camera a little bit here, Music, there we go see, i have to come back up a little bit. I mean its difficult because the drone is just drifting with the breeze im going to take it back here. There you go, you guys can see me so lets see if we can get the drone back up the camera back up. Yeah, the motorized tilt is a nice feature. If youre just looking to get a beginners drone, you might be able to get some photos or something lets. Try that lets take it up here, make sure were looking out. Lets just take a uh, a photo make sure. I get the right button, wait for it to get still thats a nice thing with the screen recording going. You can then get a photo and not have to worry about stopping recording. Even though the the manual mentions the photos are also just 1080p, so they are just essentially a video still theyre, not a higher resolution image than what the video camera is recording to keep that in mind.

Now, theres, no theres, no um 360 flips on this drone. Some people, like those for me, a camera drone that does 360 flips, is kind of pointless because you dont he wants to record a flip if youre trying to get some photography, you know lets take it up this way and see if we can get a photo Up this way, Music im just going to try to back it over im, just kind of trying to let it kind of float with the breeze, and that way we dont have to give it as much pitch and make thatll make the the picture tilted. So it could its still tilted because you know theres, no stabilization. You have to keep that in mind guys that this this drone has no image stabilization, not even eis, which is electronic image stabilization, so its gon na rock and its gon na tilt and its gon na look like youre filming it on a boat on the ocean. On a choppy day, but thats just what youre gon na get with this, but it flies great. It flies really really good and it seems like were getting a pretty good flight time so far. I dont know you know its gon na be hard to see. It looks like we got half battery on the app, so the telemetry data tells you what the drones battery is and thats nice very smooth flyer. I really like how this flies pretty impressed.

With i mean in terms of the camera i mean were not gon na. We cant expect much from that, but the drone itself, the way it flies, is really good. Now we are back to the main screen, so you see that guys right there in the video the app did sort of halfway crash. Now we went quite a long time before that happened. Lets go back in and there i didnt wait for the noise a lot of car noise, but yeah. The nice thing is at least it doesnt crash completely, and you end up having to reset everything you just press enter and back youre in youre in but thats a problem with your recording that may become confused and then not know if youre recording video or not The time and that end up causing you to possibly lose your video well thats pretty sporty. The wind is sort of coming towards me right now, but there must be a bit of a breeze in the back because see its going slow, thats full pitch there. In the highest rate, but watch whenever i at least while i go when, if i go this way, but look at look at that, its zipping along very smooth flyer, really like where this flies just keep in mind. The app at times at least on android. And it may not do it on your particular version of android. It might do it on an iphone at all.

Within this, at times, crash partially crashed back into the main screen, the app itself doesnt completely crash, so thats, a good thing. Ive had many apps over the years and ive been doing this six years. It will uh crash completely and then, when you get back into the app, the video feed wont re establish and you have to essentially land the drone, sometimes recycle the power to the drone and then reconnect to the wi fi and then open the app sometimes even Restart your phone, its a real dilemma. This ones not done that to me. It will just go back to that main screen, as you see its just done at once, thats, why i suggested the screen recording of course, youve got to catch it either way and enter back in see continue that video feed. But this way at least if the lag doesnt seem as bad um, because you know for some reason, when im recording with the app itself, whatever its doing its, creating a lot more lag in the feed. Your phones doing more. But my phones doing the same right. Now recording uh screen recording, but it seems like its just. The app itself is doing that and its just streaming. It struggles at times so thats, where i got my orientation mixed up and almost flew into the neighbors house that i was facing towards me. I was facing away a little trick. You learn as you uh fly as many years as me.

As you know the size of the drone, as you go away or towards you, will obviously increase and decrease. You can sometimes indeterminate your orientation, because the wi fi feed is very difficult to see in the glare the midday summer. Sun and those leds are impossible to see that far away. I can see them up to about right there, Music and my brightness on my phone is not all the way max id say its about 90 percent, but the phone gets very warm when you do this screen recording and max brightness my phone and its doing it Right now, its shutting down my phone got too hot. Hopefully we got the video there guys from the screen recording im, hoping because my phones gotten too warm it shut itself down all right guys. We got a flashing light. That means that the uh that the drone is a low battery. But since we dont have any more screen recording uh, going, which i was worried that my phone might use im standing out in a blazing hot sun im, recording the screen, recording thats using processing power and the brightness was up considerable. Its funny that i said that, right when the phone did that i couldnt see the warning, but there was obviously a warm temperature warning on my on my screen, but hopefully that stream recording did not corrupt and if so well put that on the in this video Of course, if not, then i wont be showing this video to you.

I dont have to re film it all right, guys that wraps up the review for this little holy stone. Overall, i really like it. It flies great apps, a little flaky at times and if youre out in the middle of a hot day like me, where its in the 90s, your phone may just overheat, but thats unrelated to holy stone. If youre interested in this, i have a product link to it. If i have any coupons ill include that they usually have a clippable coupon on amazons site, they may or may not lots of times. They will give me a separate coupon that i will include and if so ill put, that down in a video description and in the pinned comment, if youre new to the channel please consider subscribing while youre at it click that bell that way, youre notified every time.