Okay. So i got everything started the apps open im hooked up to the wi fi um. I am gon na do the gyro calibration. I just did that camera seems to be working. I am going to start a screen recording in three two one screen recording so now, um everything is calibrated. You can see my battery was i charged it last night. It was a full charge and its only showing two bars on this battery um and i havent flown this battery yet uh that was a full charge, so i dont know whats going on with that. Maybe when i take off well see if the battery goes up, but i am going to stop my motors first so its down and in and then you hit that automatic takeoff button. Im gon na do everything by the controller um, and this does have the optical flow, so well see how that works so down and in starts my motors im gon na do a automatic takeoff right off the bat, a drift drifted. It seems to be sitting in good hover lets. Do a walk around. I am gon na stop my recording, so i should be recording im gon na gimble down hows the camera. Look, that is the optical flow um. If you can see that uh, so it seems to be working pretty good hows, the camera look thats, the walk around seems to be good hovering. Nice im gon na put this in uh high speed, two speeds, my batterys still showing two bars so im, not sure whats up with that, but it seems to be holding it hover, pretty good on that optical flow, so were going to go straight out.

Im going to zip this around thats in the high speeds, let off the stick, see how it sits when you left the stick, its drifting it, the optical flow doesnt seem to be working. Its moving all around lets, bring it back towards us. Let off the stick and its moving im, not touching the controls, its very hard to fly um. So when you take off it seems to be fine but im, not touching the sticks and its all around. I did do the gyro calibration. So once you left the stick, it doesnt stay uh. It keeps the tower, but it doesnt it does move around. So you got ta always keep an eye on this. I would not fly this fpv because you will lose it um, its just out of control, so it is, it is a fun flyer, but it just doesnt stop Music youre it around ill. Come back to me see when i come back, it doesnt move its not coming back to me. Now there is no wind. I did take a uav forecast, um and i will put it in the shot, but when i go backwards on the stick, its not even moving backwards, so thats, not good, you got ta come back forwards. It seems even that very slow um. What im gon na do is you can hear a jittering im gon na take this in for a land im gon na have to just land this on the grass, but im full stick back and its barely coming back and i have no wind.

Then you let off it just goes forward, so i dont know whats up with that, its very uncontrollable. So i would keep this close like im doing here, i am there. I let off the stick, its just moving im, not touching that yikes. It seems like its going straight fine as soon as you let off it just goes crazy, so i am going to land this and do another gyro calibration and im sure itll do the same thing, but i can at least show the picture quality on the camera. Let me try this uh emergency stop button because it doesnt want to come back. Lets. Try this emergency stop button. I can let off the stick. Well, stick down all right, so im gon na start, my recording. Now i was filming for four minutes all right, so i cant it wouldnt. Let me do it from the sticks: um its blinking. I think thats lvc. I only have two. You can see it. Blinking theres only two dots. This was a full battery im gon na gimble up im gon na do another gyro. It should be gyro and stop. My motors take back up its going to keep it like this im going to take a picture, so i took a picture, so the drone seems to be blinking thats, probably its lvc, which i did not get a full charge on this drone im still showing two Bars so i dont know whats up with that, but hows the picture quality.

So when you first take off it sits nice, its its real nice just stays right where it is um that gimbal its not really a gimbal its the camera, the camera tilts down ill. Take another picture: another picture there um so yeah its just once you start flying this thing. It just goes haywire, so i dont know whats up with that um. I know i flown holy stone before and uh. It never seems to be like that um. But mostly i have the uh, the gps drone, so im gon na start the recording again all right. So it shows me recording, as it look seems to be good on the phone, but i wasnt really flying it. Um fpv. I was flying this line of sight because of look as soon as you youre it. It moves. It moved a little and now its sitting pick that camera up im recording again youre it around again get a yard very slow and she just drifts um. So i would say this is more like a selfie drone um, but for the price point with this, i think it was like 90 dollars, um, maybe a little more than that im, not even sure im gon na link it down below in the description box. Uh. You can just probably pick up a tello for that price, um, so thats that were going to take this for a nut. Look as soon as you youre it it drifts.

She just moves now. I dont know why the battery it was a brand new battery. I dont know why it didnt hold its charge um, so i might contact holy stone uh see if i can get a new battery with this guy uh because they are usually pretty good. Their customer services is really good. I got to give it that um. They do have good customer service um when you call they, they do help you out so in that aspect of it its really good, but i think im gon na end this video here, because this was really uncontrollable and i didnt get a good battery life on It its still showing two bars, so i dont know whats going on with that uh but, like i said i yawned it and shes taking her off on me, shes doing a dronie. She just did a droney on me and then i hit the stick forward. Its coming towards me, so i dont know whats up with that shes just taking off and now shes. She stayed still so lets yours around again. You got to go really easy on the sticks. With this one yeah jitter jitters a little now i am in the shade, so maybe theres not enough light with the camera. That could be the issue. I doubt it, but that could be the issue so im going to go forward on the stick, let go. It seemed to keep its hover its coming nope.

It seems to keep coming hover forward pitch forward. Let the stick go and its doing its job im gon na youre. As soon as you youre it. If you can see it there in the distance it drifts, it seems to be holding its its hover im going to go up a little higher see how that works. We are recording, seems to be coming towards me and im not moving. My sticks, im going to pitch forward. Let go seems to be all right, but as soon as you do that youre you got ta, go very easy: it drifts let go and then its finding its spot is. The camera lets go higher. I go to too high with this, because i dont really trust it, but well go up higher check out that optical flow seems to be moving all around so the height. I think it lost its optical flow, but its not a fast flyer. I am facing towards the sun im gon na gimble, this down camera down. Sorry keep saying gimbal its, not a gimbal, its just the camera. You can see it just moving youre it does the work for you, youre gon na have to move the sticks. Look at the area im at the baseball fields and gimbal up so not a bad drone. You just got to be very easy with it um. I think ive been filming for about 10 minutes now. So im not sure the flight time on this, but my hands are off it and its its drifting sideways.

So i am probably too high with that camera um its just drifting, so you got to keep you got to keep your eye on this drone facing the sun camera down, but once you get the hang of it, its not bad just takes a little while to Get used to you got ta just take your time with it. Um there i am, it did have lag there well and its just moving its just going forward. I am not touching the sticks and there is like no wind out here, at least where im standing now its going backwards. So when youre gon na fly this drone now the battery must be dying because its coming down its landing itself. So im going to stop the recording um, so thats the holy stone, its the holy stone um hs 260., like i said that wasnt really a full battery, so i dont know whats going on with that. Im gon na have to contact holy stone. Probably um, like i said. The customer service is pretty good, so its good to know that when the battery is is low, itll land itself, so thats thats a good thing um.