Let me get my coffee down out of the way, so i don’t spill it. My name is doug the bearded outdoorsman welcome to another video. If you enjoy beard product reviews, gear reviews, drone videos, then you have come to the right place. Please consider hitting that subscribe button if you haven’t already okay, so today, we’re going to be talking about the holy stone, hs 210 mini drone. Now i picked this up. Just really to do a review for you guys and i absolutely love this little drone, so we’re going to talk about it. So this is the box that it comes in i’ll, go ahead and say they do come in three different colors. They come in the red. They come with a blue or you can get a green i’ll have links to all three of those in the description below and you can check them out. We’Ll get to price in just a minute. You see on the box, it says ages, 14 and up we’re going to talk about that too. So let’s just dig in i don’t have the plastic packaging that it came in. But there is our remote let’s see here is our charger. It actually comes with three batteries and they just slide in like that to charge it’ll charge two at one time and it doesn’t come with a brick, but you can plug this into a computer. Anything that’ll accept that usb and it’ll charge charge. Time is really not bad and flight time man – i can fly this thing for anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes per battery, so you get three batteries, so you’re talking almost 30 minutes of flight time anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes of flight time.

So comes with this bag with your instruction manual, this is where your batteries come in. I’Ve just got one in there. It comes with extra propellers four extra propellers, two red two black screwdriver and a little tool for the propellers to remove them. If you break one, but i can tell you, it has got to be extremely difficult to break a propeller on this drone see this. It comes with built in prop guards they are built in. You cannot remove them and you see how small this thing is, so it has no camera there’s, no camera on it. This is just really for fun, and i will also tell you this is not made to fly outside. This is made to fly only indoors uh. The slightest little breeze, you will lose this drone. Now you can fly it inside i’ve, run it into the wall just to test. It ran it into the wall and it just sits there and bumps the wall. It won’t even fall most of the time unless it hits it at the right angle, so it gives you a chance to kind of redirect and get it where it needs to go so with your battery. This is just your battery it’s, just a small battery and your connection port. The battery can only plug in one way there’s a little groove on it. So what you do is you slide your battery in easier said than done? Sometimes you just slide your battery in this little holder, this little housing here and then the battery.

If you can see there’s a little ridge facing the camera, that little ridge goes facing away from the drone and it just slides in and once your battery is hooked up, you have a little flashing light. That just means that you are powered there’s, no on off switch for the drone, which is good and bad, but it makes it a whole lot simpler, so here’s your controller. So, of course you have your up down um turning and your directional joystick. Here on the top. You have a flip button. It will do flips and that’s your speed. It has three speed modes: um, your flips, you, you press that button and then you move this joystick whichever direction excuse me, you push this and you push this joystick, whichever direction and that’s the way it will do a full flip right back over to where it Started from that’s your one key land and take off, and then this is your headless mode and your power switch is on the bottom, so really basic, simple remote. You turn it on it. Beeps you go up down and now you are connected and there you have a green light and a red light, and then you calibrate the gyro in this. If you don’t it, will it potentially can drift one way or the other if you don’t calibrate so to calibrate, you pull both joysticks to the left and you hold them Music and it’ll be like that and you are calibrated now.

It is very windy out here today, but i’m gon na do this for the sake of the video. So all you have to do to take off. Is you press the take off button? You see the propeller started and then you just push the up joystick and it will go and let’s see if we can get it back and we’re not going to be able to get it back the wind’s too much for it all right, let’s, just land anyway. Let’S, go get that in a minute all right, so we’ll go get that in a minute. I knew the wind was too much, but anyway, it also has a toss to fly. So as soon as you have it connected to your remote, you do not engage the propellers, you hold it like this and you just toss it, it will engage the propellers and it will take off and get up and hover it does hover. This thing is a blast to fly indoors. I can’t say that enough. It is so much fun and, like i said a minute ago, the box says ages 14 and up my six year old daughter can fly this thing almost as good as i can in the house. It is unbelievable. She loves to make it do flips and stuff, but she can still fly it land it she’ll catch it in her hand, so it’s an amazing drone. Let me get back to my cheat sheet, see if i missed anything um three speed modes.

Now i can tell you that she only flies it. My daughter only flies it on the low speed, but that high speed, it is super fast. You better have some room to maneuver it because it is very, very fast, but it is easy to fly. It’S got that one key takeoff and one key land. You just push that button, and here it comes landing so easy to fly um. Now we didn’t talk about price price. For that little bird is about 30 bucks, little less than 30 bucks and that’s all three colors. You can pick one of the three colors and they’re all the same price, so right around 30 bucks. In my opinion, it is a perfect drone for somebody who is wanting to kind of get the feel for a drone and learn how to fly uh, not outdoors, of course, but getting the feel inside not worrying about messing up a whole lot or losing a drone Or anything like that, it is amazing if you’ve got a kid who’s interested in drones and wants to get started say you have a really nice drone and you don’t want to let them fly. This is a good one for them to start on so that’s. My opinion i purchased this drone from amazon and yeah so love it i’m. Probably gon na be buying another one for my daughter for her birthday and uh yeah, so that’s all i’ve got for today, guys if you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that thumbs up button make sure to hit that subscribe button.