Lets go. Music Applause, Music – all right were in the field, were going to test this little baby out. It is a new holy stone. Hs175D. We are going to test this out, see how it flies its gps. All the good things we like first things. First lets take this baby up in the air, see what it does now. One thing it is a little bit windy today, so im gon na have to be careful uh the flag is blowing a little bit so im gon na. Take it up, maybe not go too high, because its so small, i have a feeling its going to fight the wind a little bit as always any of these smaller models thats. What they do so were going to take it low a little bit. First, now were going to take it out a little bit deeper, just to see what we can do, push it a little bit, but we dont want to get and take it away with the wind and get lost on us. That would be bad dont want to do that so lets just take it out, be a little careful see how this baby flies right out of the box. Just going to run in the app here were going to do with our calibration and all that kind of stuff. First get the gyro set up. Okay, vertical calibration completed one more time. Lets try this ahead to the window a little bit to see what it does see if its a little bit better this time, Music, Music, not bad, not bad! Okay, all right so lets just take this around here low see what happens: Applause, Music, uh its a little more squirrely than i like honestly.

I am able to control it, but ive got to be watching quite a bit here because it is pretty squirrely again im trying to hold it in position here manually, but lets take it around here, a little bit more and see if it flies well. I got ta see its a its pretty darn spunky. You got ta, give it that for sure pretty darn spunky uh its a little loose a little more loosen id like, but its pretty spunky, i got ta say: okay lets. Do a little video see what it looks like were gon na raise this up Music. Now the coast is a little bit long. For me, it does kind of really take a long time. So if youre getting close to things and you take some risks like i do and get close to other things, youre going to run into something but lets try the return home and just see what happens here: Music, Applause, Applause, Music, all righty uh. So one thing to note is that it came down way over here uh, compared to over there, thats got to be a good six seven feet off uh, which isnt great with gps. You notice it came down. It was a pretty hard landing. I expected uh theres a sensor on the bottom here. I expected it to be a little more cushioned than controlled landing. I wasnt to be so bottom line. Did it fly? Yes, it flew. I did a control thats, always a big one.

It seemed to control. I was able to control it, bring it home when i needed to. Is it right for you for the price ill? Let you decide uh if the functions and the features that this has is good for you all right. So just an addendum im going to try this amongst the trees a little bit theres no wind in here. I just want to make sure that some of the squirrely issues that ive had how this flew was not related to being a little bit too windy for it. If thats the case, uh well find out and lets see so im going to just do a quick little flight around here see what happens with were completely surrounded by trees. The wind has died down to about four miles an hour so, but even in these trees theres like nothing so im going to try it here and see how that goes. You can actually see the camera going through everything views good on here, but it just says optical mode, no gps signal. I will try again and see if i can get disconnect, i was able to get it into gps mode. So, im going to take this for a quick fly and uh see how this does, but as far as the flights im going to do this, while i have the chance here, quick, so im going to take off just see if the responsiveness is a little better. So here we go Music Applause, Music, so it is flying here and it is pretty stable with no wind at all, not too bad.

Here it is uh wavering, a little bit kind of circling im going to come up here in the trees. A little bit uh see how it works and kind of just uh just see what it looks like here. So all right so lets give this a little flight, no wind. Here the trees are just a barely little wrinkle in the leaves and see what it looks like Music. So i was really hoping that it would have some electronic stabilization for a couple hundred dollars. So this isnt the low end, you know 30 kind of a drone, so i was hoping it would have a little better than that, but overall it is uh. It is taking some video here so were just going to snap. A couple of pictures. Quick were right. Now at 150 ish feet or so and were about 170 feet out so im going to run just a little bit more and see what our signal does here. I did hit the return to home and it did actually come back here. Its above me. So im going to bring it down not taking any more chances to uh. Have this go anywhere else: Music, all righty. So that is enough for me. So lets talk about some of the good things with this drone. First, it comes in on 169 dollars based price for the entire kit, which includes the drone, a rechargeable controller, two batteries, two battery chargers, a cable for charging, the remote spare props and a really really nice case.

And you know me in cases that is a really big deal when its got a nice fitted case for it and, of course, ill put the link in the description. So you can find out where this is for 169 and holy stone was nice enough. To give me an additional 10 discount, which i will also put in the description so if youre interested in this make sure you go and check that out, because of course that puts it around 150 bucks. So a well featured drone like this for 150 bucks is not too bad. Another thing i really did like is: it was pretty quiet. I was surprised when i took off, but it actually was pretty quiet for the size. Sometimes they have a really nasty high pitch hum, and this was actually pretty good. It did a pretty nice job as far as being quiet. Also, of course it does have gps and for me, thats a baseline. I typically dont want to cross anymore. Ive had too many drones that flew away because they didnt have gps, they lost signal and they just keep going with gps. It stops turns around and comes back to home if it loses signal, which is my next good point, which is indeed the return to home function. Did work well, dried it a couple times and each time it did come down, wasnt perfect on spot, but it certainly was good enough to get it back to you without getting it lost.

Next thing i liked is that the battery life did come in at just over 20 minutes now, thats, pretty darn good with the drone this size for this price range. It did come with two of them, so you can get 40 minutes worth of flight time, and that was with a little bit of wind that we had today not a lot, but just a little bit of wind, so thats pretty decent and, as i mentioned earlier, It does come in at 212 grams. Quite light gets it underneath that pesky regulation in the us for registration, if thats something thats important to you and of course that always makes it nice as well. Just because, if youre lugging it around its a lot lighter to carry also the pictures that came out of this were truly 4k and they looked really clean and sharp, and the color was quite good. I was really surprised when i saw some of the foliage how nice those pictures actually looked coming out of this drone. Lastly, also the drone does come with an sd card on board for storing all your footage thats something thats, not that common as well. In this level of drone a lot of times it just transmits back to your phone receiver and, of course, if you get a little static or distortion or something it actually shows up in your picture. So this is really nice that its stored on board to keep you a really decent clean picture, even if you lose connection a little bit while youre flying so of course, some of the things that are a little drawback, it is really light at 212 grams.

Of course, so the wind will push it around so youre going to want to take it out when its calmer. If you go out in a lot of wind, its really going to push it around a lot. So, of course, thats typical with any of these drones that are that light, but you keep in mind when youre flying it, and you should be good with that now, of course, the video out of this is not stabilized for that price range. You dont get a full gimbal or anything like that, so we did expect that it wasnt going to be a stabilized picture coming out of there, but again its not too bad. If you dont have a ton of wind, its, not bad. If youre trying to see something – but it is one of the drawbacks of a drone without a gimbal – will be a little shakier. Lastly, i did have a little struggle getting the gps to connect uh when i was doing my kind of my second chance flight, but it is in the trees a little bit here, even though its open to the sky, perhaps theres the satellites that are a little Bit below the tree line or something so its possible if you went in the open area like i did the first time, which it connect right away, no problem multiple times that that was probably something that i should have done differently is go into an open area To catch the gps first so other than that this is a dandy little drone it did fly pretty decent its a nice looking little drone.

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