With this thing the description says: 300 meters on amazon, but in the app it says, a max of 500 meters lets see how far it goes. All right lets take it up guys all right Music, pretty steady, not that windy out lights are flashing, because i have the video recording on okay lets. Take it out guys all right some power lines ahead, make sure i go above those i am how how high am i up. I cant see 40 meters up all right lets. Take it out, let me go a bit higher all right hold on. Let me point the camera up a bit a little bit more okay. I could still see it okay, so what are we at 80 meters out? 90, 100 meters out 113, 125, 53 meters up so im at 170 out 200 meters out 241, so going 240? 240. Okay, its coming back home, i guess its had enough. You point the camera down a bit. It comes back backwards. Okay, i think it was like 240 meters. Let me see if i can turn the drone facing this way. Nope, no control! Well, the description did say. 300 meters, even though the remote had a max of five, its coming back and point the camera up, it can look better all right. There we go guys return home was about 10 meters off, just like my other uh return to home test, all right, so thats it guys max range.

I got was around 240 meters away.