Um, really fantastic box. I’Ve got some other holy stones, i’ve really liked them so far and after contacting them look at this. This is next on the list i’m about to go, buy some remote batteries and fly that little, but uh yeah let’s dig into this. This is the little camera flashlight fold up thing. This is the remote i’ve already pulled it out. I got it charging because i’m excited let’s turn old bot grinder down from there he’s teaching us we’re gon na have our uh freestyle quad here tomorrow. So i’m really excited about that all right. This is the hs161 it’s got two batteries it comes with. I got one on the charger. They got a little usb spot kind of slim kind of light kind of cool. I want to guess this is a 2s battery. It’S two of these little single cells stuck together here is the drone it’s pretty slick, uh it’s got some uh features. You can make it blink. Of course, uh we’ve got lights on it, let’s see here. Oh, i don’t have the battery in let’s get this battery out as much as i love ziploc bags and all right now ain’t the time for it? Okay, so it snaps in like so about a boom and when you turn it on it’s gon na flash that’s. What it’s gon na do when you’re flying it? So you can see the oh and actually it’s blinking to let us know that it needs to pair with the controller and whatnot so that’s part of its features.

We’Ve got a flashlight down here. Oh excuse me: smoking! A lot of weed and i’ve got cotton. Mouth it’s got a really uh bright flashlight, so this would be cool to carry around and you’ll. Have your flashlight with you, you can charge your cell phone off of it and if you want to take a picture of video, you can literally just click it here and she’ll start recording, so it’s super nifty uh in this box here we’ve also got some some Brush or what are they prop guards, so you don’t your props up uh, i don’t use them this thing’s, so lightweight. I don’t really think that i want to add any weight to it. It was probably designed for optimal flight without the guards on there. This does not have gps, so it actually has to be flown that’s. Why i’m interested in it? Because i want to build my flying skills because i’m going to be doing the fpv and while you can make those gps people fly them. You have to have your skill, you got to get used to the tilt and everything we’re not going to be self correcting. I want to learn to fly in acro mode, but this is what it looks like really. Uh super duper duper duper very light. The holy stones aren’t doing bad, they hold up to a crash, pretty well super nice bright light. There, though i like that let’s see if we can shut it off where’s the button there we go.

These props uh. These look like they’re gon na, be it comes with an extra set of props they’re, not very aggressive, so the tips on them aren’t they aren’t real aggressive. So these aren’t meant to dash or anything it’s, just a floater. I get. We got a uh camera on the front and it’s adjustable with your finger, at least so you can adjust your if you’re going to be cruising really fast and you want to fly with the camera. Then you’re going to put a high angle. You know actually you’d want to tip up. Can it tip up? No, it doesn’t, but if you’re cruising really slow and you want to catch pictures below you, you’ll tilt it down for a high angle, me i’m going to be pretty much straight forward. I’M going to fly this around and just try to catch views like this. I really want to fly it around. Our riverside area. We’Ve got another one coming tomorrow, so hopefully my buddy will do some flying he. He does pretty good to freestyle. He just uh. He lets it go and he does pretty well. My drone skills are still being worked on. I just i’m, not that great with it yet, but i hope to be oh look. We don’t even have to take the battery out. I could have just stuck the usb in there and charged it like that: i’m. 99 sure so, i’ll put a battery in here.

That means i can actually charge a battery. I can charge the remote and i can charge the other battery in the unit. At the same time, so you you can have this thing ready to go pretty quick. So i really like it we’ll do some flight videos really really soon, but as far as the first look and initial unboxing on this, this drone, which is about 70 dollars to the house, it’s pretty freaking cool and it has trim and everything on here. So while it doesn’t have gps, if you’ve got a heavy wind or something that’s steady, you can adjust for it or if it’s flying up uh let’s see what what buttons do we have do. We have a flip button here. I don’t even know what the where these buttons are. I see a trim button. I see takeoff and i see land. I see camera and record. I i almost think it does. Flips i’m gon na have to look at and see see where the green button is. This thing’s fully charged – oh, oh man, it’s, actually ready to fly. Oh let’s, see what else are we charging? As my little, i got the little cam look at this sucker. This is an hd and i got some tape. I want to be starting sticking them on here, it’s for my freestyle drone, so that’s really what this is for freestyle drone does it comes with the camera but that’s your first person view, and it is a real, weird, ass type of view and it doesn’t record.

Well, so you have to put another camera on if you’re wanting to capture high quality video that’s it for the hs 161 for now we’re going to get back into a flight here real soon, so uh, please plug the battery something something when installing battery. Yes, sir. Yes, ma’am, we shall it’s been great guys, we’ll catch you on the next one, we’re gon na review about a thousand drones, so come on like subscribe check it out. We also got 3d printers loads of them. Oh man, how could you not like that or if you don’t like that we got cnc machines that’s on the list too it’s coming like and subscribe hit all the buttons. If you don’t, the chihuahua will get upset and if you upset the chihuahua, then you upset the husqvarna.