But while i was editing this video, i did find out that theyre less than half price on ebay. If you buy one theyre 44 dollars, but if you buy three theyre under 40., that makes it a really good deal and ive always said that holy stone has the best beginner mini drone to learn how to fly with and thats the hs210 thats a beginner mini Drone, but these are budget drones and why is it important to start with a beginner mini drone or a budget drone? Well, because most people they look on the internet, they try to figure out whats the best drone and before they know how to fly a drone and know the orientation of the controls. They come home with something like this and they think drones arent for them. So this, so this is a great way to start. This drone reminds me a lot of the holy stone 200, because these dont have modular batteries, and both of these have been around for a while and up next im going to compare it to the h181 by holy stone, because all these are about the same price. Point just under 100 and its got some pretty stuff competition, because i really like the 110d at this price point. This thing flies really good, and then they have the two foldable drones, which is the holy stone 240 and the newest release of all of these. The hs260 and i have reviews on all these drones, but next week, im going to compare all the holy stone drones and compare which ones best for you, including the 720 g, which is the upgraded version of the 720e and uh.

This one wont be released until the end of march, so look forward to this review coming out. So can the 140 hold its own against all these other drones at holy stones price point just under 100, well, im gon na take it outside lets, go fly it and find then ill come back inside and ill show you how to use the app and the Functions of the drone and then ill come back for my final review, so lets go put her up in the air, hey guys. This is actually the second time i have flown it. The first time i flew it. I put it up in the air, but i put it up too high and even in speed, two um it was going away. So i had to kill the motors to try and have it come down and then go over and get it and take back off. So as im flying it im kind of keeping it behind my house because its really windy, so it doesnt, have nearly as much speed as like the 110d or that f81 that i just reviewed um. It flies really good and goes you dont need it to go. Really fast, unless theres a lot of wind, so if you start outside be sure and go straight to speed, two youll seem to get about 10 to 12 minutes out of this little battery, which is really pretty good for as small as it is.

It comes with two of them and theyre very inexpensive if you want to buy more on ebay because the way they plug in the cameras in the front, so that kind of helps, you know which way ways the front and the back, because if without that itd Be kind of hard to see if youre going forward or backwards unless youre looking at the camera on your phone, but in the beginning, dont look at the camera on your phone. I wouldnt even use the app. I would just use line of sight until you get the orientation down on the controls and be sure and have your prop guards on these are brushed motors. So if you have it off and you hit something theres gears in there, its not two magnets spinning around theres gear, so if you hit something it can strip out those gears and then its just too much trouble so heres, a video that i took uh with The drone all right, heres, some video i took with the drone – you can see the legs in it, but if you turn the camera down a little bit, you wont see those i think theyre kind of neat, sometimes to see them. The video is not very good. Its kind of shaky the photos are a little bit better. The color saturation is good. Um takes good photos, but the video you know youre not going to get a really high quality video out of this camera at this price point.

But at this price point budget drones are really good to teach you how to get a drone to operate, how to get the gyros calibrated the remote connected to the drone, but, more importantly, it teaches the orientation of the drone. At first, it seemed a little bit intimidating, but its kind of driving a car. As soon as you learn how to drive a car, you dont have to think about it. The same thing with this once you get those controls in your hand after a while, the orientation of the drone and moving the joysticks around becomes second nature, and your subconscious takes over. So its a lot better to start with the under 100 of a drone and go out and spend an expensive drone. Also dont just fly it around aimlessly try to have some kind of agenda. Uh try to do figure. Eights, try to like here try to have it spin around you looking at. You then have a spin around you looking away from you work on your skill set and try to improve. It makes it a lot more fun than just aimlessly flying the drone around also theres, no on and off switch. It turns on when you plug the battery in so when you bring it in after youre flying it be sure and unplug it its not good to leave the battery and plugged in and let it completely drain all the way down. So when it lands itself its.

Usually down to about 15 or something like that, itll harm these batteries to bring them down to zero, so lets go inside and lets go over how to connect the app and all the functions of the drone and how to get it up in the air. All right lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 167 grams, which compared to like the 440 weighs 178 grams. So how much is 161 grams? Well, 161 grams is about the same weight as a medium sized banana. Oh wait whoops, but you didnt know youre supposed to peel a banana from this side for two reasons: one you can get this little ugly thing out of there. You dont have to eat that because if you try to peel it from this side, it doesnt work. You ruin it peel it peel. It like a monkey does was the same way. It was a banana what to bite out of it so on the drone heres, the camera, it you slide it in easier from the back it slides in from the back and its got image stabilization. It comes with these four little screws to put on the landing gear, but im telling you what the screwdriver it comes with. Doesnt really fit this. So you got to use like an eyeglass screwdriver, also its easier to do with the camera off, because you cant hardly get your fingers in there to put that in there.

The prop guards go right on and, like i said, these are brushed motors. They arent brushless motors, so you got to fly with the prop guards because, if youre flying it and if something happens – and one of these motor stops spinning itll strip that little gear out in there and if you do replace one of these props, all you do Is you pop this top off and then theres a little screw that holds it on so inside the bag youre gon na get extra props two chargers, two batteries theyre, not modular batteries, but i tell you what they do fit in here. Pretty easy you just you plug it in and it slides in real easy. So, even though its not modular, they do go in really easy, which is much easier than like the hs210, which, when you try to hook all this in there and get this back on, it was really a pain. So, even though theyre not modular batteries, they are really easy to install theres no lights except on the bottom and that and then theres no on off switch. The only way you turn it on and off is when you pull the battery in and out. I wish it had an on off switch and i wish it had a light somewhere. So when you plug it in theres, only lights on the bottom, see how theyre blinking really fast so on the remote when you turn it on itll to get it to bind youve got to go up and down on the left side and to set the gyros Thats down into the right and theyll blink again, then theyll stop and on the remote.

These are your trim switches, so if it seems to be sliding to the left or to the right push these in the opposite direction of the way its going. These are left and right, and these are up and down. It takes a little bit of practice, but youll get the hang of it over here. This is to start the props, and then you hold it down for him to start. This is for headless mode. Dont use that that changes, the orientation of the drone. This is for high and low theres, only two speeds and its not very fast, as you saw outside. So if youre flying you cant fly it in the wind and then this makes it do the flips. So, to get the camera to work, you got to use the app. I flew it with my phone, but im going to use the app to show you. So you go to the qr code, open up your camera itll. Take you to the app and its the ophelia fpv app, so you open it up, but before you can make this work, youve got its a wi fi drone, its good, so go to your wi fi hit holy stone then go back to the app it takes. A minute there, it is all right now you see Music. Now you see the camera, the cameras working its about the average as the 200 and the 181, the 110d. They all have about the same camera on them.

Camera on them. Push this one and take a picture this one to start a video. You see the video going. This is to take you back to look at it. Theres theres some pictures it took outside. Then this takes on it off now, theres, no, unfortunately, theres no way to take pictures or videos with the remote. You have to use the app and then theres your speeds, or you can use the button right here. All right so lets go back for our final review, hey guys thanks so much for watching my review of the holy stone hs140. If you bought this drone and youre watching this video to get instructions on it, hopefully you got something out of it, but if youre watching it to see, if i like it or what my review on it is, i think holy stones got much better drones at This price point, if you saw i reviewed this 181 yesterday, because this one doesnt come with the case, and this 181 comes with a really nice case and thats real important on these drones for storage and not losing all the props and the parts and everything theres. No on and off switch to turn it on and off. It only is when you plug the batteries in theres, only two speeds and its to me. It seems to be way underpowered a little bit of latency in the controls when you turn it. I just think you know four years ago.

This is probably one of the best drones out there for under 100, but theres just so many more better options. Now i really like the 110d thats this price on amazon right now and this 181 is this price, so its a cool, looking drone kind of looks like a sports car because holy stone. They send me these drones, but i can say whatever i want about them, because uh and ill give you my honest opinion. So my honest opinion is on this one id pass.