You might say james youve, already reviewed the holy stone 110. Well, that was the holy stone 110d and even though they look very similar, theyre really two complete drones, theyre both brushed motors and they come in the same package in the same battery. Same props, lights, everythings same camera, but this one is not a gps drone, and this one is what does gps mean? Well, thats, the global positioning system and well go over that in a minute. So the 110g is this price on amazon right now and the 110d is on this price on amazon right now. So, besides gps, what else do you get for that extra cost? Well, you get a really nice carrying case and a much better controller, so the 110d uses the old controller like on the hs210 and these kind of feel toy like, whereas the controller on the 110 g is very much professional because it has to have a better Linking system to the drone for the gps, you might say james, i like the little foldable drone, because i have to carry around this little bitty bag instead of this big old bag. Well, as a beginner, these arms can break off really easy when you crash it because theyre flexible, where this is a much more solid frame that it flies on. But as a true beginner, i always say until you learn the orientation of the drone and the controls and how to fly. It always start with the best mini drone out and thats a holy stone hs210, but this ones went up so much in price right now.

I think the best beginner mini drone out there right now for the value is the sand rock u61. This thing they both can be flown indoors and thats, where you need to learn to fly before you go outdoors and start flying a drone. So what does gps mean? Well its the global positioning system and what that is? It started about 43 years ago with a cost of 15 billion dollars and it cost 750 million dollars a year to keep those 33 satellites working. But you get it for free. Just like you do on your car when youre driving around and shes telling you how to turn well thats what this drone uses the same gps, global positioning system, to keep it in the air and keep it in the same position so even ill. Show you outside ill take this drone and ill grab it with the gps. Is hooked up and ill pull it and itll go right back to where it was um, so when youre flying it around, if you have a panic situation, even its a little bit of wind, you can let go of it and itll itll hold its position where The 110d will fly away in the wind if you dont know how to have the skill set to get it back. Also with gps. You have return to home, so it starts getting away from you. You start panicking, or anything situation comes up. You can hit return to home and the drone will go up to the altitude that youve set it at and come back and land very close to where it took off at so lets, go outside and see if she flies as good as the 110 d, because I really enjoyed flying that drone and then ill come back and ill show you how to use the app the difference between the gyro calibration in a compass calibration and all the features and aspects of the drone and then ill.

Give you my final review. So lets. Go put her up in the air Music really windy out today holds really good, my goodness look at that, so its fighting the wind. So let me show you what a gps drone does a gps drone means if you grab this and i take it its going to keep wanting to go back. So what its going to do. Music is, if i grab it and pull it back over here. No matter which direction i go its going to go right back to where it needs to go. Oh, i have it in speed one so now its in speed two turn around its doing really good against the wind go up. I should be recording this now see on the remote its telling me that its itll beep at you the whole time its taking a video all right so heres. What the video looks like from the camera on the drone, its really shaky today, because its really windy. So if its not windy, thatll be a lot smoother, so its pretty good and its 1080p, and actually this is only 720, because this is what it recorded to my phone and heres the picture uh. Of course, the horizon is tilted where its fighting the wind, but the color saturation on its really pretty good. I definitely want to go straight to speed. Two lets see the wind its doing great man. The winds, really you see the pond.

Its really windy lets go up. You know it decelerates. A lot faster than a lot of other drones turns really good. All right lets test the yaw yalls really good. I mean its. You got to be brave in this wind to send a budget drone this high. So one thing i want to point out is theres no latency in the controls. What i mean by that is some budget drones when you push them left or right or up or down theres like a second or two delay. This one has no latency its spot on, which is really important when youre flying outside that it responds as quickly as you input it. So let me show you what would happen if i turn gps off so then youll see what will happen all right, so its facing me Music, so im going to turn the gps off and its going to go, go up a little bit, bring it towards me. So im going to turn gps up watch this see its just going away. So, if youre, not a good drone pilot so right now the gps is off see when i go up im gon na see if itll hold position, nope see thats, just the wind taking it see how fast its going away whoa the winds got it bring it Back so you turn gps back on and then you can control it again Music. So it takes about an hour to charge the batteries and you usually get about 12 minutes.

But when youre fighting this wind, like this, its only going to get eight or nine minutes uh, this is what the app looks like so its 720 back to your phone, its really good. It looks pretty steady as in the pictures in the videos you can see the props and theres no way to tilt the camera down, so thats always going to be there, but on a budget drone thats to be expected. So if it ever gets away from you and instead of hitting return to home, you can look at your phone and try to learn how to get the drone back by looking at the camera. So lets go back inside and lets go over the app and the features of the drone and the final review. All right lets see what he weighs in at he weighs in at 187 grams, which compared to the 110 d, is 157 grams. So how much is 188 grams 188 grams is about the weight of a medium sized banana. We got to give it to holy stone. This one comes with a really nice case, its a pretty big, its got a nice pouch in here you open it up comes with the drone, an extra set of legs, two batteries, the remote extra set of props and a handy dandy, screwdriver to change out the Props and a nice instruction manual and a charging cable for the batteries and the batteries are, and they are a thousand milliwatt amp battery like i said it does come with extra screws in the screwdriver because on these props, if you look, this is how you change The props, by changing this little screw right here and they are labeled a and b so make sure you get the right ones on for the angle of attack or it wont take off and on the drone, underneath you can actually pop this.

This camera off. I dont know why youd want to and heres where you charge the drone uh you just it comes with the cable. You just put it in here and then itll stay red until the battery is charged heres, where you turn on the drone and then back here is where you put in your sd card, so it it does send uh 1080p pictures to your phone, but only 720p Youve got to take the card out to get the 1080p video, but honestly i just use what what the app charges it to it to 720p theres. Not that much difference, because this takes good pictures, but your video without having to act a multiple access gimbal on it, its going to be hard to take good video with it anyway, so theyre, blinking, red and white, because its not connected to the chart to the Remote so heres the remote, which is a lot nicer, remote than comes with the 110d. This is kind of the old remote that come with the with the hs200. So on the remote has a nice holder to put your phone on. You turn the remote on its blinking to get it to connect. I always do this and go up and down it. Doesnt even say that in the instructions so now theyre, blinking, blue and white, so theres a big difference between a compass calibration and a gyro calibration. When youre making your pre start checklist to do your compass calibrations, you push them up and in until they blink real fast like that and stop, and now you spin it until these are solid and then you turn it up, and then you spin it until theyre.

Both solid see how theyre both solid now now the compass calibration is finished. So what you put it back down, but now its telling you, then you got to push out and up and theyll blink again. Theyll blink again see how theyre blinking really fast and then theyll blink slowly so now its going to do this until it looks for the satellites once the satellites are hooked up, these will quit blinking theyll stay solid, but right now were inside so were not going To get a cup were not going to get any satellites so on the remote. This is your return to home feature. This is your headless mode, dont ever use that or you can turn the gps off. If you want to fly it indoors and then right here, you use your takeoff and landing button. It does tell you right here also these buttons. I tell you if its recording a video, your speed, you see that little blue light right here. You can turn your speed up now, its blinking so youre in speed, two thats it and you do that right here, speed up and down – and you take a photo here and you take a video here and itll. Tell you or you can do that on the app um im, not sure if these antennas are real and it does charge with the usb so thats nice, you dont, have to put any batteries in it. Oh see, im recording the video now, so i need to stop it.

Itll itll beep at you when youre in headless mode or youre recording a video and this right here, even though it says angle, the the uh battery the camera doesnt go up and down. So this is actually called a null. What that does is it uh turns into it, makes it attack aliens? So if you want to attack the aliens you move this up and down and right here is where you charge it so now im going to use the app on my ipad, even though im going to use my phone to fly it, so you go to page 13 itll open up the app store its the hs gps. V1. You download the app is this: is the wi fi drones, so you have to go back to your wi fi, be sure and do this on your pre start checklist, go to wi fi, see holy stone. Fpv got ta hit that until the check mark comes on then go back to the app then, once its done, you can open up the app. Oh, you know what i didnt. Do i tell you what you know what i didnt do that i did on my phone too see right here, this 110d, you got to click 110g. I missed that last time too. So to go back to your controls. It says waiting for gps signal. Then now your camera comes on pretty good camera. You know its like. I said its really good for pictures, so you go to controls to open up all your controls.

It still says waiting for gps because were inside and to take a picture. You can hit the picture and it takes a picture and saves it to the gallery or you can start a video and we start the video itll beep at you. So up here under settings, you see its on beginner. If you want to keep it in beginner, you can but its pretty its not going to its going to fly really slow because youre not going to be able to put it in speed. Two. So turn that off and then you can set your flight distance here so 400 uh, 400 meters, 120 meters and then return altitude is real important because this needs to be higher than any obstacles around you. So if you set it at 60 meters, that means, if theres any trees any higher than to you and it returns to the gps. It doesnt have obstacle avoidance and its going to run into it. Then you hit save over here. If you open this up. This is a follow me and itll or itll follow the gps return to home, which works really good and then take off and landing which didnt work very well. I just used the uh, the remote control, and then you can take make those go away and down here it tells you your distance, your height and your speed and uh how much battery the remote has on it. How much battery the quadcopter has on it and when this gets down they will these lights on? Here will turn red and theyll start blinking at you, and once it does that these you cant use the different features, except for the return to home.

Now, to turn the gps off again, if youre inside is to you push this button, all right, so lets go back for the you saw how she fly so now. Lets go in for the final review. Hey guys thanks so much for watching my review of the holy stone, 110 g. So is it worth the extra money over the 110d? Well thats up to you, you get a much better bag, a better controller and gps. So, if youre flying both these outside and theres, absolutely no wind and return to home to you isnt important, then this might be the drone for you, but with all those other added features as a beginner, its really important to have gps, because so many people they Go out, they look on the internet and they try to figure out what to buy. They spend thousands of dollars and they come home with something like this and they think drones are stupid and they get rid of them and they really miss out of all the fun they could have had with drones. So are the little foldable ones nice, but i really like the sturdy body of this one and i really like the way it flies. The return to home is really important. The main thing is having confidence that, if you get in a panic situation, you can just let go of your sticks and its going to stay right in its position in light to moderate wind.