Hs110D drone. It is made by hollystone lets open this box today. Music, so here is the drone which comes with the four blades theres one camera on the front, and this is the remote Music. There are four additional blades just in case. If something is damaged, they give some replacement parts, and these are the ones where it will protect the drone. You can put it on the side of the drone so that, if it hits anything, then the dont be protected. This is the one that will protect your drone from the cover, its actually a cover of your drone. This is a small screw. They give you to the stove and fit the batteries, and here you have an additional battery. So one comes with inside the drone, and this is the additional one, because the charge only stays for up to like 20 minutes or so so. You have to keep the spare one charge fully charged if youre going uh for outing and then taking some videos or photos. You can take out this battery and then replace the fully charged one Music. There are two bases on which it lands and the side is a camera. The camera side is called a head, so whenever you are syncing your remote with this one just remember, there is a head button there on the remote. If it is headless, then it does not matter, but if it is with head, then you have to keep it in the same direction.

On the left hand, side you have, it goes up and down. On the right hand, side, the joystick goes left and right, and there are a couple of buttons there. One is the for the start, one is for syncing. This is the engine start. This is a sync engine on the left and then speed control also there, on the left hand, side Music. There are four batteries, its a double a battery. You need alkaline batteries, double a that does not come with the remote it have to purchase separately. So after you switch it on, you need to pair it with your drone. There is a button underneath the drone which you need to turn it on before you can pair it. So this is the button im pressing it so now the drone is on the battery. Is on but its not impaired, so you see that red light blinking. That means its not paired Music. On the left hand side, you have the joystick that goes up and down. You have to move it up and down to pair it Music after it pairs the light changes, it becomes a kind of purple and then blinking light and the front side. It has a like a white light and then this is the start. Button see the fan started now, if you press that up and down button, the drone will go up. So this is the holder, the phone holder. You can actually fit it in your remote so that whenever the drone is flying, you can actually view uh the drones view in your camera.

If you sync it with your phone, then you can see it in your phone. This is a charger. They give you a usb cable uh. You just put this one end in the drone itself, the other side in any usb charging port or maybe in the laptop as well. So it doesnt matter Music. You can use any usb plug and then that would be sufficient for this to charge and it usually take like 45 minutes to one hour to fully charge it, and that holds for, like 10 to 20 minutes or 15 to 20 minutes of flying time. So today i am going to give a demo of it is flying so see. The stability is not that great. When it is on the air, you have to continuously adjust the positions of it. There is an option to sync it and then place it in a stable height and positions, but if it is little windy, it is very, very difficult. The drone is very light. The winds pull it away to the other side, and this is the top view from the drone. As you can see, the quality is not that great, but a drone below dollar hundred you cannot expect actually not much more than that, so it is okay.