Camera drone to take a look at its this little guy right here. Im going to tell you everything that you need to know about it and then were going to try to fly this thing all right, so ive been dealing with these drones for quite some time right. So i know when somethings good – and i know when somethings not so good – this one comes with a little baggie that has some little extra tools in it. It has the propeller guards and things like that, if thats something that you need comes with an instruction book, thats, always nice. All of these drones. You have to go through a certain procedure when you set them up and you get ready to fly them. You have to do a certain order of operations to get the drone ready to go and ready to fly, and this one is no different ill demonstrate that in just a minute it comes with a usb charger, but it does not come with the wall plug. So youll have to source that on your own, it does come with three batteries. One two three so thats an actually really nice thing to have youre gon na get a decent amount of flight time out of this one with those three batteries, but ive not run through all three of them. So im, not i cant, say exactly how long thats gon na be. I would estimate its probably going to be about 15 minutes.

The controller is a standard type of drone controller right, just a double joystick, with a thing at the top for your your camera. To use because this is an fpv drone right, however, this is a note 8, with an otterbox on it and it does not fit. That is a little disappointing um and something that you might want to keep in mind. If youre going to use this for its fpv capabilities, you might want to measure that and compare it to a samsung note 8 and add about half an inch for an otterbox. I think most phones would fit, but my phone is kind of big and it doesnt fit. Now. I might could modify this a little bit and make it work, but as it comes stock thats not going to be the case, it does have a low and high switch which is going to allow you to fly it at a higher rate of speed or at A slower like crawl and thats all fine and good, so lets get this thing paired and lets see how it flies. All right so were out back of my house now and im ready to get this thing going. Ive powered on the drone and ive got the controller here, ready to go so its going to be a long press to power it on right, and then you have to calibrate everything. So the first thing you do is go up down and you hear it went beep beep.

Now you go down to the right in both directions: move it around a little bit there you go it beeped again and then you go together and down like that, and i dont know if you can see that. But the propellers are spinning now and were going to go ahead and auto, take off and try to fly this thing there. We go all right, so look thats, hands off right out of the gate, thats, actually not real bad thats thats, pretty good right. So i am no or i am familiar with flying a good bit of these drones, so were going to take it out into the yard and uh do a little flying around now. This is on low speed. This is about all youre going to get on low speed right, so thats kind of what youre looking at it is nice and slow Music. There we go. I just hit the wall with it on purpose, not really but uh yeah, so its fine, its still flying everythings good lets, switch it up to high and see how she goes. Okay, so yeah its quite a bit faster on high its actually a little easier.