Hs 440 drone. So what im gon na do in this video is im gon na unbox it im gon na charge it up were gon na. Take it out were gon na fly. It then im gon na, come back and give you a review with a doug score from one to five and let you know how much i like – or maybe i dont like this particular drone, but thats what were going to do today. So what do you say? We start by unboxing it reviewing what comes with well kind of talk about some of the features. While we are doing that, lets get in here. Take a look at it. Im very excited. This drone is a entry level drone with a very competitive starting point. In terms of the cost, lets take a look and see what it oh, it comes with a case. I did not even realize it came with the case. Oh look at that. That is a really nice case, so this is a 2.4 gigahertz drone with a 1080p camera. Oh look at how cool this thing is. This thing is so small, its 166 grams, so you are below the weight that requires that you register with the faa, which is nice. You can fly it anywhere. You dont have to start messing with that. Stuff comes with two batteries. These are the batteries they each give you a flight time of about 20 minutes so between the two.

You could have 40 minutes of flight time right out of the box with everything it comes with. Here are those two batteries. How cool is that? So it comes with heres the controller. With the controller, you have a button for the take a picture. If you hold it down, it starts the camera. This is the head control mode. If you put this on, the drone wont change its orientation. It will stay fixed in that orientation as you move around it has a low or a high speed. So you also need to know that this button here, if you press it once you theres a high speed rotation, the drone, just like, does a complete 360.. If you press it and hold it for a longer period of time, itll give you a beep and then itll do like a long sweeping circle, which is a really cool function. So, as i was saying, this camera is only a single access gimbal. So the video, unless youre, not moving around, could be a little little little motion inducing there. But um the photos should be great as long as youre, steady and careful about what youre doing in terms of video. The video should be fine at a 1080p, its nice, that it does gimbal so that you can move it. So maybe you can take the blades out of the image if thats what you want. So it comes with a screwdriver, so you can change the blades if you needed to comes with four extra blades um.

These are the chargers for the usb chargers for the batteries. I just cannot believe how small and light that is. I think that is so. Super cool lets put it down here. Obviously, it comes with an instruction manual, which is key, especially if youre new to drones. You need to read this carefully. Make sure you understand what youre doing its going to teach you how to operate it? Its also going to tell you how to download the app here are the codes to download the app which i will be doing and yeah. So those are the basics of what you need to know. What do you say we charge it up, put it up in the air and see how it works while were flying around lets talk about some of the cool features that it does come with. It does come with that 1080p camera, which we discussed, which at this price point, i think the camera was like outstanding for what it is. It has a gravity sensor, so its fairly easy to fly its fpv, so you can see where youre flying as you fly, and i will say i downloaded the app and the app worked perfectly very first shot, which was a big thumbs up for me. It has gesture control, it has tap fly and obviously 40 minutes of fly. Time is a long time with the two batteries that come with it. I was thrilled with this. I have to give this a strong five out of five on the doug squirtle four rotors out of four rotors.