So um pretty much. This is a drone from the brand holy stone um. I know you know other brands uh that are even more expensive, but this is like their top um drone and im going to be testing it today so uh to see what this little toy here um brings to us right now. So lets do a quick unboxing to see what it comes in the box, so we can uh go ahead and have like a like a better understanding of what were getting and and what were paying for. This is the the holy stone um. Seven, two: zero g. This is the the 720 g uh drone and lets see what it brings in the box. Okay, im going to be opening it right now, uh im taking this tape off over here to see because im im really excited about actually im trying it so lets see what what comes in the box. You know im guessing pretty much the drone, maybe the remote control and stuff like that. You know pretty much. What any drone will actually bring um, and so let me okay, you show it to me right there you see boom. Let me open it. Okay, the box. Well, leave it here, so you can look cool for the video of course, and so you see the box right there right, okay, so now this is the oh. It comes with its own case in here. I love it.

I love stuff that come protected, especially if they come protected. Like this. How great looking is this case? You guys? Oh my gosh, like it looks amazing dont, you think, looks amazing. Look! Oh my gosh. It smells like like like brand new leather thats. Awesome like this is like pretty much leather stuff look, holly stone, um, it looks really cool and – and – and i like, like all the pattern and stuff like that, its like a little tie, dye, um type of uh, dark gray, and i love it. Let me unzip it, and this is what it brings in here. Okay, i dont know if you can see this, can you see this here? Can it be seen? Okay, there you go. This is what it brings thats, how it comes in there love it. So this is pretty much the remote control in here. Oh, like a joystick stuff right, there look, it has the the two, i guess antennas and maybe two holders or something like that: yeah the phone holders – and this is great look – oh, my goodness, i just like it like i like it. I like it. I, like. I like how it looks like the first impression right now: im im, giving you a 10 a 10 out of 10 okay right here. Okay, let me leave it back in here, and there then now lets see what what comes in this little box. I know that.

Okay, it comes with the remote control in here and then with the drone itself. Now lets see whats in the box. Okay, the box in here its a black holy stone box. It comes with three things. This is one. This is a screwdriver with a connection cable im, guessing pretty much the charging cables or yeah pretty much the its a type c cable to usb pretty much um to charge it. I guess and a screwdriver im guessing to do whatever you need to do for replacement and stuff like that. This is a replacement for the little stuff. I dont know how thats called um and, of course i have here these. Let me see on this little box. I have what oh this is the battery. Oh, my gosh, pretty um heavy. If you ask me, looks pretty like if it feels really like you know like like well built and stuff, so i like it boom boom boom, love, it love it love it. So now lets see what it does outside im im going to be cutting to the part where i fly. This drone lets have fun: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, hello, and if you like this video, please dont forget to subscribe to the channel. If you havent done so hit the like button, that will help me a lot and comment, and let me know what you would like to see.