Then it was hoka oneone again and now its just hoka. This is the new hoka rincon 3., its everything id hoped for in the latest of the rincon lineage, continuing on the tradition of building a low profile, cushioned and lightweight road trainer, while the new renkon may look the same as the second version. There are a handful of hearty updates that contribute to an overall improved shoe a redesigned sandwich. Mesh upper allows for improved breathability, complemented by a new, lighter and thinner tongue, a thinner heel, loop and reinforced lace holes. The squishy midsole is very similar, though feels maybe a little softer underfoot, but the addition of more outsole squares is a much needed improvement overall. The new rincon 3 keeps what worked in the previous two versions and improves upon them ever so slightly, but with a saturated market for cushioned road trainers and questionable durability, does the hoka rincon 3 hold up lets find out Music? What is up everybody ethan newberry, the ninja runner here for another ginger runner review now before we dive in, if youre a regular on the channel. You might have noticed that the background has changed a little bit thats because were making some improvements to studio 4.0. 4.5. 6. – i i dont even know what version were in now, but i am excited that everything behind me is going to continue to evolve and change and get better been doing this for 10 years. I thought it was about time to spice it up.

A little bit today were going to be talking about a new shoe from hoka, just hoka, no one, no one, one apparently theyve just gotten rid of that all together to make it simple, which is smart. The hoka rincon 3 a very exciting shoe that ive been wanting to talk about for some time. I just wanted to make sure i put the right miles in it. I have done so lets get started now before i get into the review of todays shoe. I do have to point out that these were provided for review by running warehouse im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative about the shoe. I am not financially compensated for anything. I do or say in this review and all opinions are my own youre. The first to see it, no one has to approve this review, or anything like that. So with that said its time to start talking about the rincon 3. As always, i like to talk about the things i like and dislike about every single product on this channel. Starting, as always with the things that i like lets, do this first, the cushioning it is super soft and extremely lightweight. It actually is very similar to the second version of the rincons midsole, but i do say it has a bit more squish underfoot, just literally wearing these on two different feet and kind of going for a run. Youll notice that you have a bit more give in the midsole here whether they redesigned it change the durometer.

It is a great midsole that is extremely comfortable and manages to keep the weight down the resilient, strong, the responsiveness there for those who need it, and ultimately the rincon 3 feels very similar to the original clifton. A shoe that i reviewed many many years ago and have probably talked about more on this channel than any other shoe just as sort of a model that i like to reference quite frequently. The ring con 3 feels very similar to that shoe. That is a good thing, really happy with the cushioning in the shoe it doesnt try to do too much. It does give you everything that you need does quite well wait. So the shoe continues the tradition of being cushioned, yet lightweight hoka claims its one of the best in the business. As far as that ratio coming in in my size, size 11, it is 233 grams or 8.2 ounces that is 10 grams, lighter than version 2, which puts it even lighter than version 1., because version 2 got a little bit heavier than version 1. uh. That is excellent for a shoe that provides hoka level cushioning. It does a great job of keeping the weight down. They have some magic formula that keeps this midsole super springy and lightweight its great its light. Those first two likes certainly go hand in hand improved. Now, if you remember my review of the rincon 2, one of the things i liked about it was that it was very similar to version one.

It was the same. This is not only the same but improved and thats all you can really ask for in a new version of a shoe, so im talking about the breathability of the upper is improved over version two, i dont think its nearly as good as version one, but i Do think it is a step in the right direction. I love just this little heel grab here that over what you get from version, two or version one, a much bigger, webbing, strap saves weight. Easy to grab. Does the job that its supposed to do theres. Just a lot of improvements, including one of my more favored updates, and that is the addition of some outsole potting compared to version two theres, just a little bit more outsole on version three. It is enough, and it is located in places that are higher, wear or higher contact. Ultimately, what that does is contributes to a higher sense of durability, which is good its not a lot of outsole, just very subtle updates and changes um in the right places and its that focus to detail and improvements of this new version that really do help. It stand out from the previous version and continue to make it a shoe that i enjoy that being said, its not all pumpkin, spice, lattes and halloween decorations. There are a couple of things that i dislike about the rincon 3 lets get to those now. First is one of those new design elements that they implemented in three, and that is the redesigned tongue.

I mentioned its thinner. It doesnt have nearly as much cushion as the second version, which saves on weight. Yes, it has some benefits to being thinner and a little bit more out of the way, but its new asymmetrical design and lower profile, thinner profile kind of allow the tongue to slip down a little too far. Some of these laces along the top two lace holes begin to go across your sock line as opposed to over the top of the tongue. That can be a problem. I think a lot of people will probably be able to ignore that fact. Theyll fit fine, theyll feel fine, but for me i did notice on days where i really needed to sort of lace the shoe down, or i was going for really long runs. There is added pressure here along the top of the foot up towards the top of the tongue, theres, something to be said about having a little extra protection that the tongue provides here. You just dont get a lot of that, and really my biggest dislike is a carryover from version one and two, and that is the shoes overall durability. I do wan na say that i put the shoe through the ringer. I probably have 80 to 85 miles in this shoe 20 of which, on one run, i decided to run a full fledged trail run in this shoe up mountains down slopes and everything, maybe a total of two miles on actual concrete or asphalt.

It was mostly gravel dirt technical trails. It was a choice i made on purpose, because i wanted to really put this through the ultimate test, not that anyone would be running trails in the shoe i just needed to see. Could the durability hold up youll notice that theres no holes in the upper theres, no rubber, outsole, peeling off of the midsole, or anything like that in that case, im actually pretty impressed with the overall durability? It comes down to how much this shoes dynamics changed as a result of that long run, and many of the long runs that i did in the shoe it doesnt feel quite as squishy it doesnt feel quite as resilient. It feels like i lived a lot of life in this shoe, so, while its not at the end of its life cycle ill certainly be able to get more miles out of it. It feels like i really pushed it and, of course i did on purpose where the midsole is exposed is really breaking down where the upper gets a lot more stretch is certainly stretched out. The squish of the shoe is gone. The responsiveness of the shoe is gone overall. The durability is a concern. I did certainly put this shoe through its paces as im talking through this as a dislike. Maybe the durability isnt as bad as i thought, and perhaps its holding up better just with the amount that i have thrown at it ill.

Let you be the judge of that regardless. I would like this shoe to last forever. I just think youre gon na probably be going through pairs quicker and sooner than you would hope that is it for dislikes. I do like to get to the breakdown where i get to analyze five different criteria that will help you determine whether or not this shoe is a fit. We talk about build quality, comfort, fit price and look starting with build quality um. Just what i mentioned there. The durability of the shoe youre gon na lose the squishiness youre gon na lose the responsiveness of this midsole, probably first before the shoe actually begins to break down so overall build quality. I think the materials they are using are good. The upper is good, its an improvement over two, its that midsole that i like, but its just gon na sort of dissipate, all those likes in a quicker amount of time, comfort. This shoe soars as far as cushion to weight ratio. It is an extremely comfortable shoe right out of the box, even now its just a bit different uh feeling than right out of the box, but still comfortable. You know it has a little bit of life left. I just really enjoy this shoe. It continues to be one of my favorite road trainers fit. It is going to fit a bit more narrow, youll, just notice right out of the box. The shoe doesnt have a super wide platform youre going to need to dial in the fit.

It is slightly accommodating upper, probably nowhere close to like a clifton not designed exactly the same. I fit fine in my size, size 11, but some of you might feel that the shoe is just a little too narrow price at 115. The shoe is actually a pretty affordable shoe at the lower end of the price point, especially when it comes to hoka shoes. So, for me, thats a thumbs up 115 is pretty damn good and finally looks id say this is not the best color that they have for the rinicon 3. They have a lot of really good. Looking colors lets be honest. Hoca is sort of on this trend. Right now, where theyre popping really bright, colors theyre, calling that some lines unicorn colors stuff, like that, a lot of fun theyre having a lot of fun with their design. This is probably the more subtle its not my favorite, its, not the boldest, but they have options for you. Bringing us to our conclusion. The rincon 3 is my favorite rincon. Yet it is a fantastic daily trainer when youre looking to add long mile short miles, you just need one shoe to sort of do it all. I really put it through its paces, the different types of trails and and conditions that i ran in certainly put this shoe through the ringer. I just really wanted to do that and it held up better than i could have imagined. Well, i think its biggest selling point is its cushion to weight ratio, its a lightweight shoe its got cushioning.

I think that cushioning does dissipate over time. Again. I really stress, tested this stuff and uh, i do say thats, probably its achilles heel. It wont have the snap or speed of a plated shoe. It wont feel quite as resilient or responsive as something like the clifton, but it has provided me with plenty of miles of endless joy and continues to be one of my favorite road trainers. Uh. I tend to grab it when im heading out the door, and i dont really want to think about how long, how far or how fast price is good. The looks are good. Damn its a good shoe, which brings us to our final criteria, is the hoka rincon. 3, a buy, try or a. Why ill make this really really simple dubai at 115 bucks, you got all this performance. You might end up having to buy a couple of pairs, thats sort of the caveat with something like the rincon 3.. I think many of you probably have expected that by this point, regardless it is a fun shoe and im excited to hear what you think of the rincon 3.. In the comments of this video, let me know: have you run into the rincon 3? Is it something that youre even considering or have you tried the other two previous versions, and what you think, if you want more information about the rincon 3, you want to get a pair for yourself. All you got to do is go to one of the links in the description it takes you over to running warehouse, its an affiliate link.

It costs you nothing, but it does help the channel out so consider that if you want to get your rincon 3s through that platform, otherwise thats it thanks so much for tuning in to todays review, my friends uh got lots of different places. You can follow us or support us, and we have this incredible community called the gr crew, where you can subscribe on patreon at, the gingerrunner. You get access to all this really cool behind the scenes stuff, including our daily, live stream. We go live every single day, we talk about life and all sorts of fun stuff, including running, and we even talk about shoes quite often so consider joining if you have not already its a great way to support and get some amazing perks on the back end. That i know that you will truly enjoy. We hope you are getting out there, training hard racing harder and partying the hardest. I know i am well see you guys.