This is the bondi x, a new experiment from hoka that blends two of their standout technologies into one large inflated package combining their thick, eva, cushioning and breakout x, carbon plate. This shoe is designed for those athletes who preferred hokas max stack and felt alienated by the carbon x, so starting with a soft mesh upper and comfortable gusseted tongue. The bond ix is impossible not to notice courtesy of that quintessential max midsole and new hoka elf, like heel. Those familiar with the standard bondi will feel right at home in the shape and feel of the new bond ix, but the more responsive ride may be more than they bargained for. This is surely an interesting road kick and experiment from hoka. That im sure will have many runners divided. Can one of the brands most popular cushion shoes blend with its racing counterparts? Does the addition of the carbon plate do the bondi any good, or is it just too much, hopefully well find out todays review lets dive in Music? What is up everybody ethan newberry, the ginger runner here for another ginger runner review its marathon season. I hope you are enjoying the coverage of all the big marathons that are coming up. Uh, its an exciting time for runners across the world and today were gon na, be talking about a road shoe from hoka were gon na talk about the bondi x, their new max cushioned carbon plated racer recovery shoe well figure it out now before we dive into The review of the bond x, i have to point out that this shoe was provided for review by hookah im under no obligation to say anything, positive or negative about the shoe im not financially compensated in any way.

For the review of this shoe uh and all opinions are my own. You are the first to see them. No one has to approve them with that said, lets dive in talking about always the things i like and dislike, starting with the things that i like the carbon plate. Lets just be honest. I like what has been doing with their carbon plates ive run on a number of their carbon plated shoes and i think theyre really fun and really dynamic. So if you are used to the bondi experience very cushioned a lot, you know real high stack height, adding the carbon plate to the shoe certainly changes those dynamics. One thing i really like is just the follow through in your step. It does want to propel you forward which is sort of the intention of the carbon plate. So, overall, i think the addition of the plate contributes to a more dynamic feel underfoot a very responsive ride. If that is something that youre going for, so it will make many of you happy if that is what you enjoy fit. So, despite the shoe size, its massive uh, the fit through the midfoot and the upper is really nice. I think these mesh upper materials, the gusseted tongue, the lacing system and the overall ankle lock just makes the shoe fit on your foot really really well and for a shoe that sits you higher off the ground and you dont get a lot of ground feel and Stuff like that, having that trust in the shoe being and feeling attached to your foot is highly important and i think the fit through this is better than i anticipated and better than other bandais ive experienced in the past.

Wait so my size size 11. This shoe weighs 346 grams or 12.2 ounces, which, for its size and girth, is exciting. I cant believe that they managed to get so much shoe in such a light package. I dont want to say 12.2 ounces is light or featherweight, but for something this big and massive its a surprise and a welcome one, so overall weight being as low as it is for something of this size. That is a perk. It is a plus i like it that being said, its not all gingerbread, crisps and eggnog with brandy. There are a couple of things that i dislike about. The bondi x lets get to those now stiff. Yes, i talked about how i liked the carbon plate. I like what hook is doing with carbon plates. However, i have to point out that this shoe is extremely stiff. It is extremely responsive almost to a detriment. The bandai in recent versions, in my opinion, has sort of suffered from that midsole becoming more and more responsive. Less really soft and cloud and pillowy what we get is that more responsive, eva mixed with the carbon plate, and it makes for an extremely stiff ride that just separates you from the ground, so it doesnt give you quite that snappy feel that you would hope. Out of a carbon plated shoe or a race ready shoe, it just gets you a really stiff package. I wish i could just delete that if you were a fan of the bondi, if you were a fan of responsive shoes, this may be something youd like.

However, for me, i always kind of lean into the bondi as a recovery day shoe or a really long effort shoe where youre not planning on going really fast. So when you start to add that real stiff factor underfoot, it makes it less appealing its not close. To the carbonx or other carbon plate issues from other manufacturers that i really enjoy that do feature cushioning. It is just kind of in its own realm of of stiffness. How many times can the ginger say stiff price at 200? It is certainly on the more expensive end of things, however, comparing it to other carbon plated shoes that price point isnt completely outrageous or out of the question. It is a question, though, of whether that 200 is worth it for the experience that you get underfoot. I will say that for 50 less, if you are into a max cushion shoe – and you really like something like the bondi. That might be the shoe that you just want to stick with, because those shoes are leaning more responsive these days and almost to the point where they feel better underfoot than adding a carbon plate and that max cushioning bondi x style here so 200 bucks. I think its a pretty high price point to pay for something quite like this size. Yes, it is lightweight. However, it is enormous. It is not quite as large as the hokas 10 9 experiment, but i will say the extra length, the extra width in the shoe when looking down it, feels like youre, just wearing giant marshmallows on your feet and uh.

It is a bit off putting for me. The overall size of the shoe is big im sure you can clearly see just how big it is its not quite as big as my head, but it is quite large and my final dislike is more of a question. Who is the bondi x for so thats sort of? Ultimately, what i kept asking myself when i was running in the shoe. It is extremely responsive and stiff. So those who, like that max cushion bondi experience, theyre not really getting that same experience and those who, like the snappiness of a carbon plated, shoe arent, really getting that either because theres so much more going along with this shoe. So it really kind of comes down to a question of who is it for it doesnt feel like a fast shoe. It doesnt give you that uh excitement underfoot. So it really just leaves me scratching my head. It does a lot. It just doesnt. Do a lot of what hoca is known for really well um, so its kind of a surprise kind of came out of left field. I was excited by it, but now im, just sort of left scratching, my head, that is it for dislikes, so lets get to the breakdown where we break down five different categories of the shoe, build quality, comfort, fit price and look starting with build quality. I do think the materials theyre using are highly durable. Youve got plenty of miles out of the shoe.

I have well over a hundred miles in the bon diax at this point and its still holding up really well theres some upper snags and stuff, but nothing no blowouts, no real issues going on with build quality, its just sort of again the combination of the ingredients That has me questioning like what is this. Who is it for comfort? I would say that thats, probably the weakest point of the shoe, i dont think its a super comfortable, shoe uh, those who do prefer a more responsive ride. That is where the shoe is certainly catered towards, um, but its just i dont know it just doesnt provide me with that comfort underfoot. I feel like im. Fighting the shoe quite often and longer runs 10 plus miles in the shoe is really fatiguing im just surprised at the lack of comfort in it, especially in the bondi line, which is notorious for being comfortable for those long slower efforts, especially recovery days and stuff. Like that fit, this is the shoes strongest aspect. I do think that the upper and the materials that theyre using here provide a pretty good lockdown across the midfoot and throughout the foot. I never really ran into any hot spots or issues whatsoever. I think this is where the shoe really does do a great job price at 200. Its at that steeper end. I think there are other shoes in that price range. You know im talking about the rc elite that are carbon plated, cushion shoe.

That provides you with a different experience overall and are probably gon na. Be worth your money. However, if you are a bondi fan – and you do like those previous versions of the shoe just stick with the bondi 150 box – 50 savings compared to the shoe – and it still gives you that responsive yet cushioned ride that you might be seeking. If you do want a carbon plate, if youre, just desperate for a carbon plated shoe hoka has other ones that do really well like the carbon x2 uh stuff. Like that and finally looks, i will say that the bondi x is probably my favorite looking bondi uh. It is bick and this little flared, heel and stuff like that. Add to that bigness on your foot, but i do think just the design of it is one of the better looking bond eyes in the line. Uh, the regular bandais, the traditional bondis, tend not to be really aesthetically pleasing to me, but this sort of does a better job of that and im excited to see that hoka just continues to kind of redesign their shoes and make them more appealing. From a wide perspective, bringing us to our conclusion, so the bondi x to me is kind of a tough sell, just because i dont necessarily know who exactly its designed for. I do really like the bandai. I think its a great recovery shoe long distance shoes ive mentioned in this review, having a carbon plated version of that sort of defeats.

The purpose of the cushioning, but also doesnt, give you the carbon experience that you get from other hoca shoes. So while i do really like that, hoka is experimenting and trying new things trying to innovate, im wondering if theyre pulling data from this shoe and sort of seeing trends and things that people like for perhaps future versions of different shoes. I do appreciate it when a brand takes a chance. I think this is clearly taking a chance uh. I just dont think it does anything particularly well. They have other shoes in their line that do those things well, so, while the bondi x certainly pushes the boundaries, i think the experiment falls flat or in this case too stiff bringing us to our final criteria. Is the bondix a buy, try or a? Why? I will say its a bit of a why, just because again, i dont necessarily know who this is for for those runners who are running in the bandai who might be questioning like? Am i good enough to run in a carbon x? Yes, everyone is, i hate the idea that brands market shoes just for fast or elite people uh. I think all shoes can work for all people in different ways. So if you feel alienated from carbon plated shoes, because youre just used to more traditional cushioned style shoes, dont worry about it, experiment try them out, because i guarantee you there will be something for everybody here in this shoe uh.

It is just a bit of a challenge to find who is it for um. However, i love being corrected so that wraps up todays review. If you have tried the bondix in the comments of this video, please let me know what you think im curious. If anyone out there is like man, this shoe is awesome. This is what i want to run in. This is what i love its marathon season, and this is what im, training and racing it uh use the comments below in this video. Let me know what youre thinking of this shoe. If you want any more information or you want to get a pair for yourself. Of course, we have affiliate links in the description. You can use them to get this pair of shoes or you can use them to buy any running gear whatsoever. They cost you nothing, but they do help the channel out and we really appreciate it so consider using those uh if you havent in the past social media links and, of course, The ginger runner is how you can also contribute and support this channel. I do have to say that uh joining patreon is not just hey im gon na support, ginger runner, you actually get to join a really cool community. We have uh runners from around the world participating in our daily live streams and our ongoing events, including the upcoming ginger, miss and stuff, like that. So please consider joining the crew.

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