I guess there’s a good word budget friendly yeah. So today we’re going to look at the ho m. I steady q it’s, the new upgrade of the selfie stick yeah coming up Music, all right, my friends. So just so you guys can see. This is the box here. Hoem it’s small, like here’s my hand right it’s, a tiny little box make the moment enjoy it. You guys can see that right there bring that down there. It is for you guys, you know bunch of stuff on the back. What does it say? Single axis gimbal so just be aware, but it’s i’ll talk about the price in a minute single axis: gimbal, okay, extendable selfie, stick! So if you’re, just using a standard, selfie stick for your your camera or sorry your phone, because i believe this is for your phone. This could be a maybe a better option: 360 rotation and tracking selfie sticks normally can’t. Do that integrated tripod wireless remote, one click inception mode, one click moment mode, quick, roll switch, all kinds, all kinds of coolness. You know all right, we’ll put this back here and this is it on kickstarter. So you can kind of see here. New upgrade of the selfie stick very cool because we’ve seen a lot of those. I want to say – and i and i use one like right here right – this is like a little selfie stick and, and this that probably cost i don’t know 20 30 or something like that and that’s all it does.

It just holds holds my my camera there, but this bunch of different things there this here, as you can see in this little video it’s, got some like gimbal features to it single axis, but things like object or face tracking. So it can figure out where you are, has a little tripod mode uh, you know, especially if you’re setting it up on the table and you’re kind of moving around a little bit it’ll be able to center. You it’s got the inception mode, very, very cool. Little thing right: keep your shooting stable. You know, especially if you add this, i would think to a camera that or to a phone that already has decent uh stabilization already. That single axis is just going to help now it’s not going to be the same as a three axis, but hey you get no access with your standard. You know selfie stick so that’s all right, smarter than you can imagine here’s that filmmaking right, spinning around very cool there’s that dolly zoom, i love use gestures to control, face tracking, perfect for travel, etc, etc. Oh, i like this too, see this detachable bluetooth, remote yeah, because how many times you set it up, you know far enough so that you can’t really reach it and be able to have a little remote in your pocket, your hand or whatever that’s, very cool compatible With android and iphone yep and uh blah blah blah, okay, so right now this is uh a thousand backers, that’s good thousand backers and depending right super early bird.

I don’t know if you can still get this, maybe you can right thirty dollars, uh fifty nine dollars for oh that’s up for two of them? Well, all kinds of funkiness. Why is this not moving there? We go 116. I think that’s, four of them and 29 bucks this. These are some of the all gone ones, but you get you get an idea. It starts in around 29 depending and will go up, but uh we’re gon na take a look here. It is okay, so here’s the box. You saw it already a little bit crack that open satisfying so satisfying all right. First, you get a little tiny, like accordion manual, with the overview of it. Handheld use, desktop use cool. Is that all in english uh phone mounting powering on single press i’ll probably have to go over this read this a little bit right there you go english on one side and english on the other, so this is where you can get your qr code. You guys can see that maybe right there qr code is to download the actual hoem app uh connect the i steady queue with your phone bluetooth cool, how to do it and uh et cetera, et cetera. You know what it’s it’s it’s a it’s, a manual it’s it’s, going to show you how to use it and that’s that’s good big enough to read. Would i like to have seen it bigger? I pretty much i like to see all manuals a little bigger, but whatever okay and then here we get maybe a bag.

Oh it’s, soft. I like soft. Here we go ready. Oh, that is nice, and you can tell by this how small that is. This is going to be tiny and i don’t know if it only comes in this color, but this is it’s kind of a beigey creamy color. Did they have it? Just in this beijing creamy color looks it looks: oh no there’s a there’s, a gray one beige cream, well, that’s that’s. It beijing cream. Put that right. There look how tiny that is hand, hand hoem. What is this called the m hoem? I steady q yeah. Okay, nice folds kind of into itself right. Then you just kind of pop and pop – and this is the you guys – can see that there. This is the remote which you can take out. I guess: did you push this or something or do you just so many questions? Oh no there. It is let’s, see that right there i’ll try to bring this up for you guys center myself try to center myself there. It is there’s a little remote that’s. All right, small don’t don’t lose it right and then that just slides in there guys a nice little click, though so it’s not going to pop out right little click like that. There looks like your. What is this well, this is your tripod legs right, okay and this let’s see. Does this pop so right off the bat you guys get to see that that’s pretty much your standard selfie stick length that you see on most of them, but if you can get this at 29 you’re getting all the extra stuff that you normally wouldn’t get right.

So there you go, you got that standing up like so on the desk. You guys can see that right, different heights. You know you want it right at like head level, you’d be like right. There perfect i like that, and then this i think, there’s some kind of weird magic. This thing this thing rotates, maybe so i’m just playing with it. It says it does. Is there a lock or something nope? Oh oh see there it snaps and now now we’re in like desktop mode right. So now this these open up and you can get your phone in there – just kind of place it in there. Okay. So what we’re gon na do? What we’re gon na do? Uh i’m going to play with i’m gon na move that over to the side, what i’m going to do is i’m going to play with this for a little bit, because i kind of like it so far. I kind of like it um i’m, going to play with it for a little bit, give it a charge, because i think you kind of need to and then and then we’ll talk about it all right, coming up, stay tuned, don’t go anywhere, i’ll, be right! Back all right guys, we are back had a chance to go outside and play with this uh. Actually pretty cool, pretty cool little thing, you’ll see. I have it right now in desktop mode, but, like i like, i said, uh super easy just to swivel it.

So all you’re going to do is just kind of take it and you turn it and it locks up and down right, just get it in spot very nice, a few things it does work with a case when it’s in like gimbal mode. I guess selfie stick mode when it’s in uh desktop mode. So this mode right here with this here, it’s it’s a little depending on your case. You might be able to get it in there, but i had to take it out of the case. It is desktop mode. Is it a big issue not really but good length for the selfie stick, at least with my camera? You could get it out plenty far, so that uh, you know you get a nice wide shot of yourself, a good up and down you guys can see it here. You’Ll see i’ll hear here’s a little video here you go now. Some of the other cool little features, of course, in this uh. They have. These really neat little uh moment shots, so things like uh panorama, so you can see that right here, as well as you’ll, have uh a vertigo vertigo move. You know that one where the background kind of shifts, uh the one thing to remember at first i was like i don’t, really understand what i’m doing but it’s you set a closeness like a zoom, and you set a second zoom point and what happens is you Want yourself to kind of fill up the same amount of the frame as when it’s at both positions, so you kind of be like okay, so point a here good point b, here: i’m gon na zoom it in which it does in the app so that you Are framed the same and then you bring it back here, hit the start button and then you slowly just kind of push through it.

You stay the same size in frame right and it does all the magic afterwards but cool right, very good again. The stabilizer on here single axis so i’m not going to talk too much about it. Is it a little shaky? Well, it can be because it’s it’s single access, it literally it’s, just trying to keep the camera the horizon straight that’s kind of what it’s trying to do right so it’s got a it’s got a axis that spins kind of this way there’s nothing for for this Movement there’s, nothing for right; it is what it is. So if you have a good uh electronic stabilizer on your phone, then those can work really well together. If you don’t, then that may be a little bit of an issue. Now, a few of the uh moment, i think they’re called uh features require it to be in desktop mode, so for it to work properly. For, like the panorama, uh panorama had to be in desktop mode, so you have to have your phone sitting like this right. So a few of them are like that, but it tells you when you go into it, hey just so, you know, switch your phone to panorama mode, and it knows i didn’t have to do anything i was like. Am i gon na have to do something in the app to let the app know that i’m in panorama mode? No, it just knew um the face, checking fantastic face tracking.

It was flawless again here you go, take a take, a look so yeah, so the face tracking super good and you can do face tracking and you can do object tracking, but i’ve seen a lot of, i want to say, inexpensive or even some fairly expensive cell Phone gimbals that when they use the selfie camera or the front facing camera, the camera that points toward you, the uh, object, tracking or the face tracking isn’t as good, because the camera is not as good, but this did a fantastic job right uh. So i was stepping back. I was moving around actually here’s another little shot. I had it turned on well, my daughter’s, probably gon na hate me she was eating, but i got her just to turn, so it lost lost the track of her her face because she turned away from the camera and the moment she kind of came back into Shot, it was right on her again, so really really good. I was very pleased with that. Um. You know it’s it’s a cool little device. I love the fact that they were smart enough to even think a little bit about this remote being like let’s, be able to remove it so that someone can take it away. Uh very simple: you know that remote allows you just kind of move back and forth. Depending on your phone. Uh up and down can be used for zoom uh. If you, i think, it’s double click or triple click on the button, i think double double click will switch it between photo and video modes.

Triple click is uh switching between front and rear cameras. I believe um, but it’s, all in the manual all laid out really cool. You know if you can get this for 29 bucks u.s, even even 50 ish bucks u.s instead of buying just a little selfie stick. This could be a much better and more useful option. So usbc charging very good and when it folds up right, that’s the key when it folds up it folds up like really small. So i i i’m a fan all right. My friends, uh i’m gon na i’m gon na leave you guys there. This is the ho ho aim: hoem hoem, i steady q very neat right very neat. I like it all right. My friends, i’m gon na leave, links to their kickstarter page and uh. You guys can go order, one if you’re interested yeah like comment share, subscribe, hit that little notification bell we’ll, have more cool little gadgets and gizmos coming up.