Let me show you some portable drone heres, the drum its a small little drum im going to take it out after i do this unboxing and do a review of it flying to have a test flight im going to check out the camera and see how small It is looks almost bigger than my thumb, its a neat little drum. I just got it in the mail, i got it from amazon and it comes with three batteries theres a battery in it right there, and now you guys are going to trip out. This is the controller heres, the phone mount on and off button. One key take off and landing um. Your trim buttons. Excuse me, the flip button is your great buttons got three rights to it, your camera and stop video. These are your trim, buttons right, heres. All your trim stop camera one key, take off and landing uh and the other two batteries you guys were gon na believe its right in here theres, the other two batteries im gon na. Do this little unboxing and im going to take it out for a flight review and heres what it comes with? It comes with a usb charging, cable, a screwdriver and an extra set of props and prop guards. It comes with your uh app to download and an instruction manual. It aint worth the crap. You cant hardly read it because the print is so tiny and blurry its not printed out right, but it came with a case and heres the case.

It came with its a nice little zip up case im going to tell you truth. You guys i paid 54 for this thats crazy, isnt it, but im gon na take it out for a test flight and im gon na run the camera on it and see how it operates. I hope you guys stick around for that. It will be here in a few im, getting ready to charge up the batteries and take it out for a test flight and see how the camera works.