Let’S see how the uh video looks. In the end, we got a lot of video interference, probably reflections off the building Music – oh it’s, really windy. Actually, getting close to the building is better for the for staying away from the wind it’s a little jittery in the fpv feed once getting hit by the wind, but overall not bad for these conditions. I’M running a forest 1300 milliamp hour battery uh i’ve no plans of running it all the way down, i’m sure it’s, going to get probably four or five minutes of flight time. You can run a lighter battery. You want, if you want, and get a less fly time or a heavier battery if you want to get more flight time much windier up here, but still not doing too bad Music Music, oh okay, this wind is uh getting worse, not even sure. If it’s going to show up in the gopro footage at all after you process it with a real estate ego, but you can see it in the fpv feed anyway, 14.4 volts three and a half minutes of flight time pretty decent. Let me know what you guys think all right, so this is the updated veyron for 2021, the veyron 30 cr. They have a two and a half inch version as well: the veyron 25 cr. I believe i don’t have that one didn’t fly it um, of course, has the 1404 motors, like all the 25 inch ones have these days i don’t believe there was a two and a half inch v run last year, so that’s new, but it’s all you know The 200 inch looks like this as well: um it’s been about a year, maybe a little over a year since the original veyron came out and um.

You know it looked like a traditional three inch cinema back then this one fairly much the same. Obviously, they’ve done all the updates they’ve put in the new f7 stack with the 28 amp esc’s. They moved the usb port here, up top so it’s more accessible and no need for any right angle, adapters, so yeah f7 flight controller, 28 psds, 350 million milliwatt milliwatt video transmitter. This is the analog version, of course, in the catex retail camera and, of course, the biggest update is the motors they’ve gone from the 1408s to these 2004 3000 kv motors? This is the 4s version. There is a 6s version. I think i think they have a 1700 kv motors now in terms of the weight it’s. About the same, i think the original was around Music 258 grams. If i remember right – and this is around 255 grams – so as you see here without the battery of course, uh says an xm plus receiver hammer antenna here in the back for the vtx um. The construction is a little bit different in terms of the frame, so they have this carbon bottom plate. I believe it is um two and a half millimeters thick and there used to be a carbon top plate, which is now gone, which one actually i’m sorry the carbon top plate. That went all around the ducks that’s gone now, and then these have this carbon top right here for the battery area and the camera, and these ducts here are not 3d printed.

You might think they were. I thought they were but they’re, not they’re, injection, molded plastic and you can see the little. I don’t know what these are called, but those are from the mold so yeah. These are fairly tough uh. This could take some abuse. I think and of course, the way that they’ve got this engineered uh with these little bumpers. Here these also act as landing feet. You know a few things over here in this corner um. It should be able to survive some fairly uh good crashes. Of course, not. Obviously, not intentional abuse like running over this thing, with a truck uh, it’ll, probably break but for sure, and then they’ve designed uh these little plastic ducts here or prop guards to hold the foam, which is these little pieces here. They just basically slide in to the side like so, of course, when you have the foam guards on if you’re flying indoors, it’s going to be louder than when the foam guards off um and the engine, all these 5 bladed gem fan props are pretty loud anyway. These prop guard ducks do have a little bit of a lip here so i’m, not exactly sure how much that helps in terms of efficiency, noise or power, because there are these nice big gaps here so um, maybe a little bit in terms of noise reduction. For that but uh again, i didn’t do any scientific testing on that, but yeah it’s, a updated design, basically updated, electronics and updated motors, and you know i’m glad that they’re finally moving to the basically the fatter motors with the lower stators for these um cine whips.

Because uh putting racing motors on a three inch cinema up is kind of you know not really uh ideal for the kind of flying you’re doing because you know they’re, basically taking inch racers, which we’re running 1407s, 1408s 1507 motors and then putting them in cinemas and That’S a different kind of flying, so you need a different kind of motor and now they’re, starting to catch up it’s a bit a little bit late to the game. I think a lot of people that have been doing diys have already been moving to the 2004 motors or something similar. You know, basically, a lower stator and a wider stator and that’s that’s been the trend for a while. Now i think now the uh, the binding flight manufacturers are finally catching up, but yeah. This is this, is it you saw the flight footage already uh pretty decent uh. It doesn’t fly good in the wind of course, like any cinema, and i again lately it’s been very windy. So you see you’re, seeing the gopro footage here, stabilized of course, the real estate ago, because that’s what most people will do with a cinema so that’s. Why it’s stabilized? If you want to see uh what it flies like in the wind? You can watch the fpv footage which is going to be in the corner. You know which you saw already and um. You know it gets bounced around the wind. You know it’s not that’s, nothing surprising at all.

Now your flight time is going to vary now. I have flown it with a smaller battery um i flirt with an 850 and it’s this tune is, is meant for a bigger battery, so i can also flow with a 1300 flies better um in terms of uh the way it feels with the 1300. Of course, even with this bigger battery in the wind, it just gets pushed around too much. So if you do have to flies in the wind, maybe even go to a bigger battery like an 1800 4s. This will carry it for sure that the 204 motors have plenty of power, so i wouldn’t be worried about that. You get a lot more flight time as well. The bigger battery goes so smaller battery less flight time, bigger battery more flight time. If you guys are wondering what the flight time is, it’s just gon na totally depend on the battery. You use how you fly it and the conditions you fly it in so there’s. No set rule, if you go so let’s say on the super low end, the lightest battery um. You know not the most ideal conditions, maybe you’re going to get three minutes, uh on the biggest heaviest battery and under the most ideal conditions and the best flying conditions and the best flying style. Maybe you’ll get up to 10 minutes, so that’s going to vary. I know you get the question all the time on flight time.

It really just depends on a lot of other variables, all right, that’s going to do it for this video um. If you are interested in this model, there’s links down below in the video description there’s a promotion right now on uh this model until the 25th. I believe, i think, it’s like 15 off or something like that, um. Of course, this is the analog version. I think it’s for the analog version – i’m, not 100, to check the link. There is a dji version as well for both of these 30 and 25 um and of course i haven’t flown this. So i really have nothing much to say about the dji versions of the fact that they’re going to be a little bit heavier. So keep that in mind. That does affect a lot of things.