This one is the 4s version and I'm also going to be giving this away on the channel. So if you would like to win this one, please do click like comment and subscribe. Make sure you leave a comment down below and also share the video on social media after you do those things you're gon na be entered into the drawing it's gon na be given away on January 1st, so we're gon na start out a new year with a New quad shipped to your door, the sector 5 is pretty sweet. I did fly it quite a few days in a row to test it out, for you guys and us. I did some crazy durability test crashing straight into the concrete upside down. It came back in one piece, so the giveaway he's still gon na happen. I didn't break anything on here so I'm, not sending you a broken quad, which is nice news, but we also have some Spitfire props on there as well and I'm flying my t16. With this, this is my new favorite transmitter, so beginners that are just getting into the Hobby, make sure you check out the jumper t16. I have the t16 Pro by the way, but without further ado go ahead and get entered into the contest down below. For January. 1St 2020 coming up and let's just go ahead and jump right into some of the flying with this quad I'll show you what it flies like after that.

We'Ll, come back into the studio and I'll do more of a full review on the quad after the flying break. Here we go so let's. Go ahead, get the sector 5 up in the air. This is the v2. By the way, I have the v2 version, with all of the great upgrades on here, 60 MPs sees dual f7 flight control around here with dual gyros, and one thing. I noticed right away that even though I'm flying it on 4s, it had a really nice punch out and you could do any of the freestyle moves that I wanted to. You can boost over top of trees view those nice rolls and dives whatever you'd like to do with it. It'Ll pretty much do anything on the 4s 1550 milliamp battery, and the nice thing is that, with the lower cord prop that I have on here. This is a racing style prop. You can get around four minutes of light time out of the 4s 1550 battery and that's a tattoo for s, 1550, 100 C battery nice and zippy around the field. Really nice tune on here as well, so that's the biggest thing about the f7 from HG RC. Is that it's really locked in and I'm, not using hyper smooth right here to smooth out this video and make it less jittery? This is just white you're, seeing shot when the stock GoPro setting. It is on the GoPro Hero 7, but this is again without hyper, smooth and doing really really nice.

I saw just a momentary, jitter and some of my really hard maneuvers but here's the punch out for you guys, that's the 4 s 1550 punch out it's, pretty impressive I'm, not mad at that really really nice and coming back down low I've got a 400 mil Allot VTX on here, so I can get out there pretty far for freestyle and back around late power loop into the ground. First durability test. I don't even know how I made it out of that, but somehow it did its crazy, and here I hit the tree and down into concrete the worst place ever to crash your quad into the concrete and that's. Just not good luck but that's how it goes. Some days and I was lucky – and I was able to get this quad back up in the air at it and break it. I can still give it away, which is great. My biggest worry out here today, though guys was all of the wet grass wet grass. Is like the beginners and the intermediate and the expert fliers worse than me when it starts to get cold and damp like this, is when you start to fry components, but the hdlr cf7 dole gyro flight controller does seem to have some conformal coating on it, which Is nice it has a light layer of it back around over these trees, nice loops with this quad. So thank God. Everything still worked in the quad seems to be a tank.

It is definitely a durable quad and the cool thing about this quad is. I have to mention to you guys, if you bought this one already good news to you, because if you have 60 MPs season here in that dull f7, you can upgrade it to a success rate anytime. You want just by buying some success motors. If you bought this version, so beginners start out on this version, I'd recommend that and then move up to some 6s motors there's gon na be lower kV motors, like the 1750 kV motors and r6 s rated by man, the single power loop all day, it'll do Just about anything you want with it, and this big power loop right here over the concrete and coming in late plenty of power to come back around so I'm, pretty happy with the performance out of it once for s generally, you know I'm the success guy, but Today I had fun on 4, so let's go ahead and bring it back home now guys let's go into the studio before I break it. There we go so this is a long body. Traditional frame design, we've seen it for years, but it has been modified top mount battery with a 3m pad on the top. It has 3k carbon fiber or Facebook, five millimeter arms. It has a two up stack in case. You want to put something front or back, which is nice. Nice strap TPU mount for the GoPro couch Carbon sidewalls and again it has pretty nice dampening on the flight controller and ESC SVT X in the back that's a dual f7 flight controller, guys from HD LRC I've flown these before they're nice and smooth 60fps seas and Again, there's a close look at that dampening it's, crazy dampened and on the back we have the HD RC FD v TX running 400, mil of the mm CX connector, which is nice and everything plugs in.

There is no solder to hook up to the flight controller and we have an Aurora, v2 1200 t VL camera, which initially I thought was a CAD X Ratelle, because it looks so good in the low level light that I was flying in kind of overcast winter Day that I was flying in and it did look great – the forward motors are on here and those are the 2306 24 50 kV motors. You can get the lower one if you want the 6s set up, but on this motor today I was running the Dow prop 5147 Spitfires these. I know why they call them. Spitfire super thin cord, nice, thin, tapered, tip and really really fast out in the field, and next we have a TPU mount in the back with the antenna posts there and my hammer sticking off the back right. There look how much flex it has right there it's not gon na break the antenna, which is nice it's, just gon na flex, in a crash, so let's get a dry weight and that means without the battery on board and I'm getting 365 grams that's, not bad. Now, with my 4 s, 1550 on, there gets us up to 543 grams and now, with the GoPro Hero 7 I'm, getting 654 grams total takeoff weight there, but overall I got ta say I think that they've kind of made this quad affordable for a lot of People – and it has some features on here – that are – is seemingly kind of standard in the industry, but then again, it's um it's nice to see it offered with a simple setup.

That'S easy to work on. There are eight bolts on the top plate, that's a two millimeter top plate, but then again it was really really tough. So I think high specs, high durability performance is good on 4s and it just seems to be super beasty. So I have to say it's like the ultimate beginner quad, and it has a nice tune. So when you, when you put your receiver on here and you bind it up to your radio, the the best thing about this quad is you're not going to be you're. Not gon na be doing a lot of tuning on it as a new guy you're, just gon na be able to fly it and I'm gon na recommend checking out those props down below for this setup in the 4s 1552. Get you that four minutes flight time on it and without a GoPro you might even be able to get more out of it than that, but this has been a fun one guys. I hope you do get entered in down below. Please do like subscribe and comment down below to get entered in on January 1st we're, giving this one away and I'm gon na send it to one lucky guys address down below so go ahead and get your comments in there guys take care Merry Christmas.