I just want to get some more hours on it because, starting to think it's, a really good little quad so watch the review, see what you think, but i'm gon na do a bit of a fly: first: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music. There we go! The only reason i landed was starting to rain now spitting and i got water on the lens and yeah it's um it's cold it's, not that pleasant, but that was about my third fourth flight, with this quad i'm, getting up to six and a half minutes out Of a battery so that's a 650 milliamp full cell and i'm going to now take you through the review, remembering i did this several days earlier before it had the extra flights and before i started to really fall in love with this thing. But i have to say before we get to the review i'm going to summarize before i even get to the review, how about that? This is quite a fun little quad for flying around areas like this in playground, where you want something small light nimble, not necessarily overly powerful, because you don't need the power in a little environment like this and if you're flying what i the way i like to Fly which is proximity – you know, close proximity without the flips rolls and all the other fancy stuff that the good flies. Do you just want a little quad that'll as nimble and gets through the gaps and just makes you feel confident, even though it's in a really bad state of june? This thing is not bad, i've got to say so.

Um yeah i'm, going to do some more flying with this i'll. Do a follow up review because i'm going to tune it to make it fly like it should not like it is, and then you can make your mind up after that, but in the meantime, let's get on with the review remembering this was filmed before. I really fell in love with this thing, so take it as you see it g'day and welcome back to icy model reviews. My apologies, if you can hear a noise in the background that is my heater it's freezing cold it's winter here in the southern hemisphere. So i'm not getting cold for anybody. I'M. A softie i've got the heater on anyway, today, i'm going to review another cine quad and i love cinnamon. Sunny quads are a fantastic concept, they're very safe because they have prop guards they're fun to fly. They'Re relatively simple to fly, you can get some fantastic footage out of them things. You can't footage. You can't get out of something like a mavic or a or a phantom 4, and so that they really are a whole new experience in quad flying. I really really like them, and today i've got one from hglrc. I don't know why they have a dinosaur, because this is a new aspect of the hobby, not an old one, but anyway this is the quad. This is the. Let me move the box out of the way we don't need the box here we go, this is it, this is the hglrc and it is.

If we look at the box, it is the sector132hd, and this is the cadex vista version. So it's got the cadx vista dji type air unit on there. You can see it in there and over there there it is lurking inside which means it's, lightweight and obviously we've got prop guards on here. It'S got the traditional flight controller, esc there's, the cameras it's. Really there's not a lot to see it's the unibody construction we've got carbon frame, i mean it's got tiny little motors it's got the 1106, is it 1107 i'm, not sure, but really really small motors, because there seems to be two schools of thought when it comes To cinequotes now one school of thought says: you have great big motors and plenty of load carrying capability and you can run a larger size battery pack and the other one says: we've got tiny, tiny motors to keep the battery consumption down, keep the whole thing. As light as possible, now uh the holy bro uh cine, i can't forget what it was sunny pro and the sydney pro i recently reviewed from get rc. They tend to be the larger motor cine quads, which you know will carry a 1300 battery, but once you've got them all loaded up, they're getting up 300 400 grams they're getting quite heavy, maybe more than 400 in some cases. So not a lot of difference between them and a 5 inch quad, and this is the other end of the spectrum.

This is the super tiny small motor super lightweight effect, let's, take a look and see how much this thing weighs let's go to the scales that don't show the blood, and here we are. This comes in at only 160 grams without a battery throw on a four cell 650 battery, which is what they recommend and you are still comfortably under the 250 gram limit. So this is a sub 250. You won't need to register it. If you live in many countries makes it a whole different category of fish to something like the um, the gipps city queen or the holy bro copis sunni quad uh. It is the lightweight category it's, somewhat akin to the uh cinequeen 4k from gepar c. So it is a really nice little lightweight quad. Now the problem with these are super lightweight. Quads is if you're going digital. I don't actually see the point because, as i mentioned before, these dji ear units and then the cadx – the camera on here – it's not good enough to get cinema quality footage, it's, it's hd, but it's it's, not good enough for cinema quality. It'S 720p in the goggles, and because these don't have a recording card on them with the or the ability to have a dvr with the vista unit, you're only going to get 720p and that's, not cinema in anybody's book, so you're going to have to add another Camera and they do provide you with a camera mounted camera platform for your gopro or your gopro session or whatever, but then you're adding some real weight.

And then these little motors are going to be really text and so now you've gone from a really lightweight quad. To one that's going to be over 250 and it's going to be struggling to carry all that extra camera weight, even if it's, just the the the 50 or 60 grams of a of a maybe a run, cam five, so yeah it's kind of a it's, a Difficult situation now, this craft is available with the cadex tarzia, which makes it very similar to the get cinequeen 4k, because that's, allegedly a 4k camera which we know it isn't it. It i'm pretty sure it upscales from a low resolution and again it's, not super cinema quality it's, not the sort of stuff you'd want to watch on your 65 inch. 4K television. It will not look 4k trust me, so this is an in between product it's, a bit of a i don't know where to put these products, if you just want to have a really good experience flying around with the hd digital system, then hey. These are great and they are safe and they're lightweight. So i don't know that i'd call it a sunni quad in this configuration but they're aware of that, because they give you another set of props, slightly larger props that you can use without these prop guards to make it into just a small quad. No longer a cinequad, just a small quad and i think that's, where this machine should really be considered, and if you want to know why i don't think this is really a particularly good cinequad as such, then take a look at this.

This is the footage i took this morning from this quad in this configuration with these prop guards, and these small props and look at the jello it is. You could not use this seriously for anything remotely cinematic. The jello is terrible and i i had a feeling that this was going to be a jello quad, because when i was putting these propellers on even the screws that hold the propellers on the heads are slightly eccentric. It just doesn't have the the quality, the quality you need to get a smooth non jello experience so yeah i'm. Sorry as a cine quad. Certainly it doesn't doesn't come up to standard it's, not a scenic quote. So what i'm going to do now, though, is i'm going to take the prop guards off i'm, going to take these little three bladers off i'm, going to put on the the alternative props that they do provide and turn it into just a three inch: digital sport. Quad because i think that's, where it will fly a whole lot better and hey there's, nothing wrong with that now i'm, just going to open the box here, give us a bit of a look inside because we don't unbox things, but we do look at what's in The box – this is the pack you get. These are the bigger props that are to be used without the prop guards they are. If i look at it, they're three by three by three so they're, quite a bit bigger because the other ones are two and a half, i think so.

A lot more prop area should make it a perkier quad because you're getting more grip on the air. What also did we get? We got some screws lots of screws because to change the prop guards. You'Ve got to use different length, screws, it's, it's, a major job to switch from having prop guards to not having prop guards that's a bit of a faff. You know really it's, not that good and here are some more screws. I don't know you get so many damn screws, but there's no instructions. I could. There is an instruction manual online for the 4k version of this, the tarzia equipped one but there's no instruction manual. Yet for the cadex vista version so that's something to consider this is not a quad for first time users, because you really left out in the dark as to what to do so. You really need to be aware of that. It'S it's a bind and fly, but it's not an easy to use, bind and fly in that regard. They do give you the cadx vista instructions, as does everyone else. You get some stickers, you get a couple of battery straps, um yep and you get some camera mounts. As i say, you've got a camera mount here for a little ramp. You can use for a gopro session and there's this other tpu. I don't know anyway there's these bits of plastic here for mounting a camera, but essay once you start mounting a a external hd recording camera you're, adding the weight, significantly big load on those little motors.

I don't know if they're up to it um, but we'll. Try and find out so that's, basically what you get in the box um. The thing is that i find quite annoying: well, not annoying, but put it this way. I would really have liked to have seen two sets of props if you're going to run without the guards. Why not? These are so cheap and holy bro they're all doing it. Everyone is saying we're not going to give you a space set of props. Why not? Because it must be so soul destroying for someone who buys one of these goes out flies, it breaks a prop and then they've got to order new props they're going to wait for weeks. Certainly, current time of crisis may take weeks before they get some replacement. Props that's not good enough for the sake of a buck, a dollar. Why not turn it into a great experience where you provide a spare set of propellers, so you can have at least two crashes before you end up having to order new ones seriously. People come on, come on it's, not a big thing, but it makes a big difference to the perception of a product. The other thing is lots and lots of little screws. You have to change to do things, but they don't even include a suitably sized allen, key or hex wrench, which is kind of a shortcoming. I know the the gip rc. They include the tools so why can't, um hglrc would be so much good that this is my screwdriver.

Well, my rod my driver, this didn't come in the kit, so it's a bit disappointing that they go 80 of the way and they don't really follow through and give you everything you need for the good experience so, as i say, i've only flown it with the Prop guards on it is a major. It is image, there's a lot, a lot of bolts, because i have to undo every one of those motor bolts so that's for that 16 bolts. We have to undo. I got to replace those with shorter bolts and then, of course, i've got to undo the two screws per prop so there's another eight screws and put in the other props it's going to take me a while i'll do that now so um we'll pause, the video Momentarily and we'll come back and we'll see what it flows like with out the shrouds and with the other props on okay. So here we go. We have removed the prop guys, let's see what difference it's made to the weight and yeah it's lighter. Now, in fact, if i throw that battery back on there what's our total all up flying weight, it is yeah 230 grams. So this is going to be a much lighter quad in its freestyle sport variant rather than the sunni quad variant. Of course, these props then, are more exposed to being damaged and, of course, the motors also get a bit more exposure to damage, and these remember these tiny little quads that have really really small shafts in these motors, so they bend very easily or they break.

If you have an impact, the arm design is quite good, though it does provide a level of protection for the motor bell, but obviously any shock through the prop will be transferred through to the motor and the smaller the motor, the less resilient. They are to these kind of things, but it is very, very light. So what i'm going to do now is i'm going to take this to the local park on the way home and fly it like. I stole it. A sport quad see if it's any better. Now i i still am concerned there may be some jello because, as i say, these screws, they just seem to be eccentric, that they wobble as you're putting them in and and it just i don't know, i'm it's really really cheap screws, and that may be the Downfall of this thing, if it still has a lot of jello, i will go through my assortment. Screws find some quality screws and see if they improve things, but that'll be in a follow up. Video, because i'm heading home now stop off at the park. Have a thrash and then i'll give you my final thoughts after i get back to the studio, have a look at the footage and review it. So let's go flying Music! Well talk about chalk and cheese! This machine is a little beast without those prop guards and with the larger props, it flies really quickly. You can see, i mean i'm, no speed demon but i'm having a ball here and there doesn't seem to be any balance induced vibration.

But there is, there definitely is some high pitched high speed vibrations caused by the tune, the tune just isn't quite right and at certain throttle settings certain power settings we're, getting a really really quite noticeable shake. In fact, the frequency of the shake is so high. It shows up on the on the recording here as a blurring of the image it just shakes so badly, there's, no jello, but it blurs the entire image. That'S, not good that's, a waste of power, that's not a good tune. I think hglrc needs to address the tune of this quad. I was using the recommended battery for cell eight for four cells – 650 milliamps, so it should have flown better than it did. But having said that, um, if you spend the time to tune this quad, i think you're going to love it i'm loving it. I really enjoyed this flight despite the shakes once i get those shakes out of it. This will be right up there with the the copis mini, perhaps not quite the same performance level, but certainly as much fun level, and so i think what hdl rc need to do is to revisit how they've classified the squad. It is not a cinematic drone. There'S. No way you'll use this for cinematic footage, but what you use this for is having a ball down the local park at less than 250 grams, and i got i had over a three minute flight and i still had 50 of a battery left.

So you look at a five minute flight it's, easy as and i mean let's face it – i'm, not doodling around here i'm honking along not doing too many flips and rolls and things but i've got a fair amount of throttle on just seeing how it speeds, along And trying to see where those vibrations occurred, so i just i like this quad for what it really is, which is a fantastic little freestyler now for the local part, brilliant and the price i've seen on the website. It looks pretty reasonably priced, so i'll put a link to that website in the description this was sent to me for review, but i make no money if you buy it. There'S no affiliate links it's entirely up to you, but i don't think you'd be too far upset it's, not a beginner's quad, because you do need to be able to work things out for yourself, but it is a fun machine, totally fun machine anyway.