Today. Today we got a sick video from hdrc uh. They sent us this tiny little race, flip 25. theres a little bit of a pain to build um just because its all uh just one duck system. So, basically, you have all your ducks just as one piece because its an ejection mold now, instead of the tpu version of the race whoop 30, where um the ducks were like just really soft, and you know you could break them easily. These are actually solid. Molded plastic, this time so apparently its indestructible were going to take it out today were going to do some freestyle were going to race. It were going to crash test. It uh give a full review on it, see if its worth buying, you know, maybe its. Maybe its for you, maybe its not but uh from from what i can see so far is uh looks like a pretty solid, build um. They did send us. The 1800 kv motors for 6s uh theyre, very, very nice motors uh. The color scheme on them is uh beautiful, so they did a good job on those um overall, really solid, build uh. The only thing that i really would complain about is uh is the mounting. Uh is the mounting of everything? Oh my god. Oh my god. Basically, you have to set everything up on the bottom board and then solder it in pretty much from the top. So it is a little bit in a pain in the butt that way honestly im pretty impressed with these ducks theyre theyre really solid, like nothing.

Nothing at all so lets get it out there onto the field crash it into some walls and uh, see how it actually uh flies because uh from what i heard it its its really good so uh ill see you out there guys Music. All right guys were here today at the field gon na fly the race walk. I let my buddy nolan uh, the cameraman today uh fly at first and uh. He wasnt too impressed so were gon na see uh. We see what happens and uh lets lets. Send it to me and its raining by the way, so it all right. So i mean you got to be on the freaking throttle like so like. Oh yeah, like about 80, throttle the whole flight pretty much um and my camera angle is probably like 50 degrees right now, honestly and for 6s, like i really did, expect it to uh, be a little bit faster Music, but i thought on success. It wouldnt be as sluggish, but its still sluggish. Do you agree yeah its very sluggish on six ass like like you can fly, you just have to have your hand on the throttle at like 100, the whole time, a little bit of a crash test today. Lets see if this thing power loops, Music, well its power loops, Music, thats full throttle like its its, not very fast um at all, well, its probably for mainly made for cinematic stuff, so well its like youre, not supposed to call it the race wob! Oh really.

Okay yeah, so this is the race whip 25 like this, and this is some cinematic uh, some cinematic, you know cinema. I thought it was or something, but i mean it is only a two and a half inch, its just uh, better um, its cold out. Here. My hands are freezing yeah its like 10 degrees or something it sounds like god. It picks up, though it does pick up like Music yeah youre like out of 150 full throttle youre at like a 50 degree tilt. Oh, i thought you went down for a second, but looking at that from like line of sight. Thats, like a 50 degree tilt and thats like what my racing setups are degrees, just cruising like youre cruising right now and thats, probably because youre up tilt but like being on that throttle, is insane Music, its all right, i mean it could definitely be better. I dont like how it orbits the tune the tune on it is just a basic tune, like you know its not tuned, or anything like that um. So maybe thats my fault user fault for not tuning my quad first, but um well like if you wanted all right. Oh that was weird all right guys so were going to bando. Today, instead of just a normal field, see how this thing flies its actually probably not too bad right now, to be honest, its way better, this way than the field thats for sure, Music, better proximity than uh than in an open area.

This quad definitely flies way better in this area. If i can power loot this, oh my god, the throttle is so janky. We need to change this battery, but we we officially power loop that so its coming in there were gon na go through this building here. Until we hit a branch, perfect Music, great all right, guys, thats gon na conclude it for todays video um overall, i believe the product is good, for you know enclosed spots like a racing track inside or you know a bando something like that. It flies great in that you know that sense, um, but in an open area with you know a little bit of wind and stuff like that. Um not not that great, but i am going to keep it in my collection because i im going to use it inside bandos and uh, like the house and stuff like that. So, if thats, what youre interested in for bando basher cause this thing cant break at all, i would definitely buy it and if not, you fly more open areas and stuff like that, then uh i would suggest not uh but anyways.