So this is a three inch. Toothpick type of micro um comes with a three millimeter bottom plate here with braces and not individual arms. As a single on one plate. You have 1202.5 motors on here. These are their new als series, a 12 or 2.5 5600 tv. You have the zeus: 13, all in one flight controller board, 13 amp, uh, bles, esc’s, f4 flight controller, and you have a uh zeus: 350 million milliamp hour or sorry, a milliwatt, a video transmitter, analog video transmitter, the cadx ant camera. And then you have the uh shortened hammer antenna from hdrc um capacitor there in the end and xd30. This particular version is the crossfire uh nano version you can get it with um new receiver or other receivers are also available and you get the vibrated gem fan. 3018 propellers so um. This is a well i’ve had this for a quite a while now, and they have several versions of this – that you could choose from so they’re calling this one, the 3s version – and i flew with a 3s 450 milliamp hour battery. They also have a 1 to 2s version, also with a 1202.5 motor different kv’s for one two s um. If you want to just carry around a one or two s battery and obviously for something a little bit lighter, they have a four to six s version. I think that’s also with the 120 2.5 motors, and i believe the flight controller is different.

I’Ll link, those other ones down below you can check those specs out. I can’t really say anything much about them other than the fact that they exist, because i haven’t flown them there’s a pro version of this as well with a 1404 motor, and i believe all of these have the same base frame. The same three inch frame and propellers, just the motors and flight controllers are, you know basically esds are a little bit different between the different variations depending upon what you want to go for. So you know if you want to go basically from 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s or 6s. You have a variety of choices to choose from with the sort of toothpick style here. So, as i said um i have had this for a while. The canopy is not this color, it is a black colored canopy now, so this obviously prototype, and they did not take into my suggestion to cut this little lip off here, because if you have too much camera angle on this area, the this lip here gets in The way of the camera uh the view of the camera, so it gets in your view, and you can’t see anything above that and it looks like they haven’t corrected, at least from the photos i’ve seen from the actual versions, you do have the option of using The rubber bands or a battery strap, i actually elected to use rubber bands and i’m using the rubber bands from the forward to backward position here instead of the left to right.

So i can put my back with my battery. Sideways would have been nice if there were hooks here for the front and back positions but um. I found that it didn’t really matter because it it’s enough there that it doesn’t come off where the battery doesn’t often crash. So it should be fine um and they do get you you get some spares. These batteries are sort of the rubber bands, as well, of course, having a little extra hook here. Just make sure that the rubber band stays on in case of a really bad crash. But this is the way i wanted to have fly mine, as i typically find my toothpicks with the battery sideways. And if you compare this to some, you know basically the um, i guess the gold standard of the toothpick here. This is the original kabob toothpick here with all the expect parts and when you compare it it’s um quite a bit heavier for a 120 2.5 motor. You would expect it to be lighter and i’ll explain why there’s a weight difference just first. Let me show you the weights, okay, so it’s, coming in at 67.2 grams for the hdrc version, and this is the one i built from a while back and this one’s coming in at 62.3 grams, so it’s about a 5 gram difference between the hglrc version and The sort of the classic toothpick here so yes, basically new, braces here on this on the toothpick version, you don’t, you have individual arms for this one, so you can replace arms if you break anything 1303 motors here different kv, so the motors are bigger and you Have bigger props they’re three related problems instead of two bladed props more power overall here with this motor setup and it’s also lighter, so the power to rate ratio is a lot higher.

Uh flight controllers are fairly similar. This is a 10 amp uh flight controller, uh, analog 200 milliwatt video transmitter and run cam, nano camera and um yeah. So the five gram difference, i think, is the bigger canopy um. You know basically more bracing a thicker carbon plate at three millimeters, which i think is kind of unnecessary for this one by thinking that they just want to get with one play for every version that’s out there. This one does have the crossfire receiver, with the bigger antenna, so that’s also additional weight as well. Now you know the um motors should be lighter because they’re 120 2.5 they’re smaller motors. So you would expect that something like this with the smaller motor should be less weight, but it actually turns out it’s and that’s, actually more weight and that’s a little bit of an issue. So it feels a little bit underpowered on 3s at 5600 kv for this motor size, so you basically have um. The width of the motor is one millimeter less than the stator and and it’s a half a millimeter shorter in the height. So basically, the overall volume of the motor is smaller than the 1303, the kiwi’s a little bit higher to kind of make up the top end, but you’d lose basically. Overall, the the power is just not as good as on the one. You could build yourself flight time’s, pretty pretty decent like for the 450. You get like four or five minutes it’s.

You know it’s it’s, a it’s, a little um low power motor, so it’s not really drawing a ton of amps. So but i mean in terms of like you know the ability to do all the kind of tricks and stuff that you would want to do. It’S just a little bit underpowered compared to the 1303 motor and so kind of question as to why they went with this motor instead of like the 1303.5, or i think that would have been much better in here. I think, of course, the weight would have gone up as well, because you could increasing the the size and weight of each motor, but i think that would have been a better choice for this one. Instead of the 12 volt 2.5, i don’t know maybe i’ll change that later, but um. If you’re running 3s, i think a 13 or 3 or 13 or 3.5 would be a better motor choice than the 12 volt 2.5. So, if you’re thinking – oh, this is going to be good for 3s, you know comparing it to the 1303 motor, you know. Do it yourself version uh. You may be a little bit disappointed in terms of the power it still flies decently. You see in the flight footage here, but not as good as the 1303 motor. Now again, you know in terms of how this would flock compared to the other versions out there. I have no idea so i’m sure people are going to be wondering about that.

It’S really going to depend because i think the 1404 motor on 4s and that three same three inch prop. You know it’s significantly heavier. If you look at the specs but it’s a much bigger motor as well so uh power to weight ratio is gon na be way different from this one. I would say that if you’re going for more power and just like the ability to do lots of like full full speed, punch outs and a lot of tricks and after that kind of stuff, i would probably go for the 1404 forest version over this 3s version. With the smaller motor – and i think that the 4 to 6s version with a smaller motor – you know – i, you know this tiny motor carrying even a bigger and heavier battery. You know from going from 3s to 4s to 6s you’re, just carrying around more deadweight. Basically, you’re probably going to get more flight time on those motors, if you’re that, if that’s, what you’re looking for. But if, in terms of like raw performance, i would probably go for the pro version that 1404 version 1404 motor version over this one. Here this one here is kind of like a i don’t, know, sort of a lesser powerful version of the 1303 murder version that’s running on 3s. So if you want to stick to sort of a lighter setup on 3s, probably this would be the way to go, and now the 2s version might be interesting.

I don’t i don’t know i don’t remember the k the kv that motor off that’s going to be the same 1202.5 higher kv button to us so you’re carrying around a smaller battery in that one, but your flight timers are going to be shorter as well. So because higher kv, plus, you know less battery overall to us from 3s. So you know it really kind of depends on what you’re kind and going for so maybe if you want to maybe ask me what you’re looking for leave me some questions as to what you’re looking for and then i can maybe point you in the right direction. As to which version might be the best for you, but if you’re just looking for raw performance, i think the pro version of 1404 and with the 144 motor is probably the one you’re going to want to go for anyway. That’S going to do it for this one, let me know if any questions and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one it’s a quite windy again, and you can hear something rubbing that needs one of the power cables. I can’t tell Applause Music, not a ton of power. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from these 1202.5 motors 3s. 520 yeah. I can hear something rubbing. I got ta land this and check that out, and that was the balance lead of the battery. I took that away, so it says: doesn’t have a ton of power.

Applause i’m, not gon na, be doing a lot of vacuum. With this one Applause, it’s, probably gon na, be better for, like a racing. Type of flying do a little bit of background, but nothing too crazy with that wind Music, it’s kind of swirling around too probably can’t hear it on the mic inside the mic inside my jacket, doesn’t actually come out too much in the video either. We can feel it it’s very floaty, a whole lot of battery sag, not too bad Applause. Applause, yes, yeah towards the end of the battery here, it’s, definitely losing a little power so that’s. Why? I think these um toothpick style quads. I think this one needs to be a little bit lighter and it needs 1303 motors. You can make these on 1202.5 motors if you just want to cruise around that’s fine, if you’re pushing it you’re going to have more fun with the 1303. I think, and also trying to make this a little bit lighter it’s a little bit on the heavy side for this class, but you’re still going to get decent fly times on this motor wow Music. If just kind of cruising around the voltage will come right back up and okay now i can kind of see the wind kind of pushing around a little bit. You can see a little bit of that in the video but yeah five minute flight time, better than expected, actually 523 s and uh about kind of the battery here.