Drones have now made their way to the international market, and civilians can acquire them effortlessly. This has turned out to be a problem for military and police personnel across the world. Terrorist organizations like isis and criminal circles from american and european countries have been using them against their governments to carry out violent acts. This has forced the us military to adopt unconventional ways to take down enemy drones, no matter their size or capabilities rise of drones. The united states military has been using reconnaissance drones as far back as the early days of the cold war. Long before the outbreak of the vietnam war, piloted by one man cruz, the lockheed u2s were sent to the soviet union to capture pictures and footage of secret russian facilities. Hidden in the ural mountains and beyond the pinnacle of reconnaissance aircraft was the sr 71 blackbird, which was broadly used during the conflict against mother russia, as the united states got involved in the middle east conflict during the last years of the 20th century, the need for A new type of reconnaissance aircraft was imminent that’s when the unmanned aerial vehicles or drones came in. Drones were designed to be used in combat situations when it was considered too risky for human pilots to conduct operations such as combat zones with heavy anti aircraft weaponry. These devices could provide ground troops with 24 hour coverage and intel seven days a week without the risk of losing a pilot.

If things went sideways, the united states began to rely heavily on drones for surveillance and attack operations under the presidency of george w bush, mainly after the 911 terrorist attacks. Drones were first perceived as an effective way of delivering. Precision strikes that could minimize casualties and collateral damage, but there was a public pushback when media outlets leaked footage of drone strikes that destroyed towns and villages. Although uav has come in many shapes and sizes, the most commonly used by military personnel are the mq 1b predator and the mq 9 reaper equipped with state of the art, cameras and laser guided missiles. They can be remotely controlled from bases located. Thousands of miles away. A global threat after 2010, the united states steadily lost its monopoly over drones, as their commercial market reached popular demand, with people now acquiring drones with different specifications and sizes. Criminal organizations also saw the opportunity to expand their arsenal with these unmanned aircraft. Although drones cannot emulate the sophisticated american uav systems, users can arm these devices with plastic explosives, chemical agents or even radioactive materials, and send them straight into their targets as kamikaze aircraft from world war ii. This has been the case with several mexican drug cartels, which have used 3dr solo quadcopter drones with remote detonated, explosive devices to wage war against the mexican federal police and army Music. Isis terrorists have also made use of drones to publicly showcase their destructive firepower in germany. The pirate party used a small drone to approach chancellor angela merkel during a speech in dresden to intimidate her and in france.

Environmentalists use drones to break into nuclear facilities to denounce the government’s lack of vigilance. The united states has also witnessed drone threats, such as the instance in which former northeastern university student reswan furdos plotted to fly explosive laden drones over the pentagon and capital Music. Black dart exercises Music concerned about global drone threats. The united states created the black dart exercise program with the defense intelligence agency’s cooperation held annually. Black dart consists of a series of tests regarding technologies and tactics to fight hostile drones at naval base, ventura county in california. During these exercises, the military tests drones in several categories that range from group – five drones that weigh more than thirteen hundred pounds to group one uavs that weigh less than thirty pounds and fly lower than thirteen hundred feet. Companies contracted by the pentagon are invited to test their prototypes without fear of getting their projects cancelled Music. For the past few years, the military has been focusing on taking down group 1 drones, the most commonly employed by civilians and criminals. Shotguns and rifles are enough to take down isolated group 1 drones, some of which are the size of birds, but targeting a swarm of enemy. Drones can be a trickier proposition in a clip from august 2015, a door gunner trainee aboard a navy. Seahawk helicopter can be seen shooting at a small white drone in point mugu california, during a black dart exercise, Music using a 7.62 millimeter m240 door gun the shooter, initially struggles to take down the unflacking drone.

Finally, after hitting it multiple times, the drone loses control and crashes into the water immediately after an mh 16 nighthawk helicopter fires, several 20 millimeter rounds from its m 197 gatling cannon into another drone that also crashes into the water. The footage appears to be a training session to analyze the possibilities of helicopters, fighting back against drones, targeted straight at them. During landing and evacuation operations and combat zones quote it’s a problem for everyone, blacked out project officer, major scott gregg, remarked quote: our allies are using them. Our coalition partners are using them, but our adversaries are using them too.