I would fly the out of it. I need to build shark right now. No, i hope they make enough. I almost dont even want to put the video out because everyones going to buy and then i wont be able to get anymore yeah yeah. Look at that. Look at this sexy shark bite canopy who made that yeah. I dont know open racers its like hd zero. The picture is very good like its. I was impressed now you can say this is hd. Hd 0 camera v2. This is perhaps the most significant camera release. Now here is the already exceptional v1 camera. The lens is very, very close to the body. That means that it doesnt always fit so great in some of our mounts and to the rear is naked and the biggest feature about the v1, which is really exceptional. This was a giant leap in image, quality uh next to something like the digisight v2 right here, which was the previous, but it still had 16×9 only like all of the hd0 cameras before it. This b2. Finally has 4×3, oh, my goodness. It has a more traditional lens placement here, so its more adaptable to mounts and look at this. It actually has the components sunk in there and a true camera backing, so the rear components will be perfectly protected in a hard crash where everything gets jostled around. That could knock one of these micro components off no worries for that at all on this camera and, of course, 4×3.

Finally, racers rejoice. V2. I think its way better. The vertical field of view is just its even better than the v1, with the run cam lens. Even better vertical field of view than that, its not quite as wide as the upgraded lens on the v1 but theres a lot less distortion like when you put that real big lens on the v1 camera the outside outer edges of it. You get all that warping and fisheye effect, so the first few cameras it seemed like dji was much better quality wise, i would say quality and field of view. Its really really close, i would almost say its better than dji 25 for sure, because on the hd0 system, when you get breakup, you just get those little specs on dji when you get break up to 25 megabits just goes to blur like everything on the ground. Is all right, its all just you cant see any detail on the ground anymore. I feel like. I could fly the same path with dji and i would get no break up or no hesitation, but the shark bites. I i notice its weaker to the side and maybe thats just my stubbies – that im using are not the best antennas yeah i dont use. I use these. Oh my gosh. These have made it way better. I noticed like in front of myself im good, but if i flew even 100 yards to the side, i was getting way more yeah to the side.

I dont have any any kind of serious breakup anywhere other than here here back there, its just bad. You really need to have the best antenna for shark bite. True rcs, going to come out with those patches for this pretty soon its like actually using the same true rc singularity, so antenna matters a lot for the hd0 system. Now we finally have the 4×3 that racers have been complaining about. So really, almost all of the pain points are gone. Its pretty much racing approved. The only downside is, you have to run sort of a larger frame like this or a larger pod like this. In this open racer, so this does still end up about 20 grams, lighter than my analog quads, but thats lighter than my dji quad, but at least another 15 20 grams, pretty good weight savings from dji its just a lot bigger of a footprint, though. How many are they gon na have because weve had a lot of sourcing issues. I know thats been making me nervous to race on it. I think youve been feeling the same thing is that we know if we crash it and we dont have a spare thats. It supposedly this v2 is going to be in a bigger run than any of the other cameras so well see if that actually pans out now. The nice thing about this is you: dont have to worry about, like dji, where you have a bunch of cameras that are like half the frame rate and real laggy.

Every camera on hd0 system is low, latency, so its like the image quality of the lens or the field of view is what you might complain about, but everything else is pretty much good. So what im, really the most worried about is not how it performs so much but like are these guys gon na be able to stick around? I know that hd0 was actually buying and paying for the manufacturing for the hd0 cameras and were a little concerned like how long can they afford to fit the bill before these other companies jump in, but it looks like fox here is willing to take that on. For another round run, cam is yet maybe thats. Why theyre doing a bigger run? This time maybe run cams chipping in a little bit on top of hd zero, because ryan did say that theyre gon na have a bigger run of cameras. What we really want to know is are any of the vtx manufacturers jumping in because we know that you guys are chip manufacturers at hd, not necessarily board manufacturers and thats, been kind of the bottleneck, theyve taken it on themselves to just put their best effort forward And theyve actually done a pretty good job iterating quickly, but we still need something. Small companies, like i immersion, rc or tbs, can really probably get that down to an actual 20 by 20 footprint and make it much more usable for everybody and tbs and possibly version rc might be feeling a little bit of that express lrs crunch is a lot Of compute community jumps over to that open source stuff, so you could rejuvenate the business by injecting some hd uh video transmitters in there for sure yeah.

So whoever gets to market first is rush. Gon na beat you guys out, we havent heard from them in a while, or maybe skyzone will do it. So who knows? Orca says that they got three hd products coming out its speculated ones, gon na be a module and maybe ones a btx. That would be nice, i wonder if its their own stuff, where its going to be compatible with hd0 well see now, what are you going to accompany that with most of us are going to be using this 20 by 20 race, v2, its still a little bit Big but it fits in almost any frame, or you may be using the old whoop board, which is also a substantially great value at only 50 dollars. Im going to be building this up for my tiny trainer im going to use the v1, because the 4×3 isnt as critical if youre, going a little bit slower now. The main thing with a lot of this hd0 gear is that its just been hard to come by. I guess the popularity is rising. You dont want a situation where, like the dji system, all of a sudden, you had a few camera offerings like this polar. The only cameras people really wanted to use were the og dji cam or the nebula pro. We dont want that situation here, so its good that we really have four very usable cameras. The v2 is the only one that can do 4×3.

So i think that this one is going to be much more popular, especially among racers, freestyle and micro crew. Wont care about this. So much so maybe theyll leave this camera for the racers. Hopefully look what derek cooked up tell us about this derrick? Well, i tried to rig up something that gave us a little bit better. Penetration were over the garage as well as some of the bushes that we have over here, joes running into a lot of trouble having a lot of static and such, and so i thought just thought as an experiment. I might just like put my module out here to see if it actually gets a better reach and such uh, but i also have the uh. I also have the bite frost monitor. So if anybody wants to watch the flight, they can actually watch the flight, and this is picking up its own receiver and stuff, so you can actually take it and watch hdmi out from the monitor too uh. It does have an hdmi out, so you could. If you wanted to run your goggles, you could run it off of that. The bifrost itself is actually what was originally the ground station right: shark uh totally compatible Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, go Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, bye, Music. I just decided to you know, pick a little bit of leaves home yeah, so i was just finished flying for this round.

That was enough yeah, because neil saw him crashing and like all right, ill kneel. Its like im done too might as well help with the landscaping yeah. You know and just wanted to walk my boy to get his squad so figured Music, so thats the kind of community we got around here. Oh yeah ill go with you to get your car.