Today i have a review for you for recon 35. It is just out now. It is a little three inch, 2s 18650 battery setup with crossfire. It has gps on here and it has a dji vista with a caddux polar camera in the very front, so im interested to see what kind of flight time i can get with two 18650s. Now it is a really extremely cold day, so im not expecting to get like 30 minutes out of this quad on these two 18650s. But i will tell you that, if youve never flown 18650s before it can, it can be kind of fun its a challenge when youre flying on lion batteries. What you have to do is go find the minimum amount of throttle that you can fly and keep the nose up with and go straight ahead with to to be able to get the longest flight time thats. What im doing today is just trying to see how long of a flight i can get out of two 18650s, the next best thing out of aside from long flight times, uh and just being a cruiser, not a freestyler. The best next best thing about this quad is that the the batteries are super cheap, so 18650s can cost you anywhere from four to five dollars a piece but im going to suggest that you get the ones down at the link below im going to try to Find some good quality ones for you and today, im testing out the eachine branded 18650 lions so were going to see how those perform and ill let you know after we do the flight test.

What kind of performance you can expect out of the eachine 18650? So uh without further ado, guys lets go ahead and fire up the recon 35 lets do a little bit of uh flying and then ill. Give you an honest review about what my opinion is on the components, the tune and the fun factor. As always. Here we go recon 35, Music. All right guys lets go ahead and jump right into this uh recon 35 hd. Now this 2s setup is special because it allows us to put the cadx vista on board and thats. What a lot of you guys wished. You had in the first original version, the recon 3 was running a single 18650 and you werent able to run hd vistas on board so now youre at 2s, and you can run hd, which is super sweet. So you can see all of the ghost branches when youre flying by and flying in, hd is just so much nicer than analog. However, i still have analog goggles and i still fly um analog goggles, but uh. If you want to spend the extra money thats something that uh is worth every single penny um in my opinion, but im flying today on the eachine 18650s and you know so far its cold outside. So i was expecting 15 to 20 minutes on this flight test. But im gon na kind of chop up this video and shorten it quite a bit because i i did get 10 minutes out of these batteries and i say 10 minutes just above 10 minutes and what happens is when 18650s die.

They die fast. They just tank. So um, when you get around 3 volts, you should be back to where you took off from because otherwise youre going to be down in the trees somewhere out in the field across the road down the road at the church, wherever um youre going to have to Go get it this little guy will have enough juice left to beep. If you lose connection and the cool thing is that the good news is that my biggest fear with this 2s setup was when i was dipping down into the 2.6 to 7 volt range thats when you should be on the ground um, i was afraid that once I dipped below 3 volt with these 18650s that the hd system would black out. So i was afraid that i was going to have a blackout during this flight. So what i ended up doing was getting you know watching my single cell voltage per voltage. You want that up on the screen, if youre flying something with 18650s, its very uh important that you know individual cell voltage. So at this point you know im getting down to around three volts im about nine minutes into the flight and i just wanted to be close to home, because i was you know. I thought i was gon na have a blackout and then i was gon na. Have to kind of disarm the quad and or either try to land really quickly in stability mode, but i didnt have to do that because, whatever they did, um recon fpv put some type of system on here.

Some type of safeguard for the hd system, not to black out, if yours blacked out, let me know, but mine didnt, which is great news for this type of quad and this technology. So the fear of the blackout is real and it didnt happen. I think the tune could be way better. I have it seems like lower in the battery. I have more jitter kind of prop kind of jitter there. It needs a much better tune, probably lower on the numbers. The numbers are probably a little too high and its making the gyro too sensitive, so im going to try to tune this one for the community and ill try to drop the pids down in the comments below and ill ill pin it to. The top of the comments for you once i get it tuned, but it is around 300 and um. Could it be better? Yes, but i dont know of another 18650 lion micro with full vista and hd on board out there. So if youre strapped for cash get the analog version that ones 150 – and you can play around with this and as long as you follow that general rule of being back to your home point by 2.8, volts under load youll be fine. That means, while youre flying when you sit it down on the ground, your voltage will hop up to about a little above 3 volt. So you wont damage your 18650s thats, just a little advice for you guys if youre brand new and fly on the 18650s, its a lot of fun and right here, im coming around the van and this is where im keeping it really close.

I noticed my voltage started to drop like crazy and here its like dropped below like like 2 volt, and it just sagged out – and i was done whats up guys. All right. Welcome back from the flight test. Lets go ahead and get into what the recon 35 is all about were also going to give you a little bit of information on the previous version, the recon 3.. The recon 3 was similar to this one, its under 250 grams. Just like this one is, which is great, but this one has the hd option and 2s on board and were looking at a maximum flight time of about 15 minutes now thats, if youre using some nice like samsung style, quality, 18650 milliamp a three or excuse me. Three thousand milliamp batteries. These are the eachines that i tested uh on a very cold day, around 40 degrees or or less. These are 2500 milliamp um. I would not recommend 2500 milliamp because on a cold day using 2500 milliamp eachine version 18650s, i got around 10 minutes flight time and um. That is the the real world flight test time. So 10 minutes isnt really going to be considered long range flight because youre five minutes out and five minutes back and then youre dead on the concrete wherever you took off from so my biggest concern right away with this one being an hd version on 18 650 Batteries is that the caddax vista is running.

You know 700 milliwatts, so i believe that full 700 milliwatt also will affect your flight time. So, if you bring down your milliwatt to say like say, 200 milliwatt or even like 600 youll have a little more flight time. Its just pulling on those batteries a little harder than the typical flight would uh, so our analog as long as youre running a less milliwatt on the on the uh, the power so um. You have two versions available of this one. On banggoods website, you can get the hd version for around 299., which is a a pretty competitive price for a dji vista setup. If you want to go hd, this is probably one of the cheapest ways that you can do it for, for you know just under 300 the analog version of if youve already got skyzone, goggles, 159 bucks and and you can be flying one of these, so 18650 Batteries are cheap im gon na put some 3000 milliamps down below in the link uh with the the recon 35 and these the ones that im going to link are way better than these so pick those up and fly those on your recon 35. Now, if you guys already have one of these, let me know in the comments down below how youre doing with yours or what you think about it. Now we have three and a half inch props on here and we have some recon fpv branded 1303.5 motors, and these are 5500 kv.

I feel like if they were 4 500 kv. Maybe they would uh be a little more efficient, but you know what this quad. We were talking about this on the podcast recently. You guys should definitely join us on friday nights at 7 p.m. Pacific standard time me and nick were talking about this. I mean this has pretty much all the the good stuff youd want on some micro for long range. Guys were talking about this. I want to fly a micro long range. If you put the nicer 3 000 milliamp battery on there youre going to get. You know close to 15 minutes flight time. My concern with this was that, since mine is the hd version, i was afraid that this unit, right here down on the bottom, was going to have a blackout when these 18650s get down to that low low voltage running an hd setup vtx, i was afraid i Was going to have total blackout because this only runs around 2s minimum, so you know when you get down into the 6 volt range that very, very low bottom of the barrel lie range uh voltage. I was totally petrified that i was going to have a blackout way out over the the corn fields and unfortunately i didnt have my beeper set up for that flight. So i could turn the radio off and this thing would beep, but i was i was worried about that. So that was concern for me.

I feel like the analog version. Wouldnt, do that and a lot of times thats why they do like an analog version of an 18650 setup. So in this particular model it says on recon 35s advertising that they have some type of technology on here that that safeguards against having the blackout so um. Whatever it was, i mean you can check it out here, like as i was landing on the lowest. I mean all of a sudden, these 18 650s. They will tank when theyre at the bottom of the the cell voltage at like 2.7 volt. You can fly them down to 2.8. I do it all the time and then, when you land its going to be higher, but man man, you better, be back to the home point or heading back when you get to about 3 volt, you better be over your home field and just making some some Laps because, if youre trying to get the maximum flight time, your battery is going to tank tank hard at the end, and this is not a freestyle quad by any means, it is a cruiser anything anytime. You see 18650 batteries, its its gon na, be a cruiser and thats what you have to know about 18650 type quads. These are cruisers theyre, not freestyle, quads theyre meant for medium range. I would say this is a medium range quad, not not a long range, but we were talking about it on the podcast and we said that everything on here i mean this: has everything youd want hd tbs, crossfire nano? We have gps on board.

We have low kv motors that can run 2s and you have the catex polar camera on this. This quad so really cool and a mount thats already ready to go for a dks gopro up front, so thats pretty sweet. My my only criticism would be maybe that they could make this uh hammer left hand circular polarized hd antenna just a little taller. If we had a little taller one there, it would probably be a little better across the parking lot when i was flying it across the parking lot in between some trees and things i had more breakup than traditional type of setup would so that was interesting to Me uh. We also have an aio board in here and it has the uh. They have a little usb connector in the box here and its on a 45 degree point right here, so you can see its on a 45 and you have to plug in your adapter here and come out. The side like this pretty tight its actually really tight. In here to get this in here, so i wish that that was a little easier to access. So you got to be really careful when youre putting this in and out, because you can break off usb connectors off flight controllers, so thats one thing you want to be super careful with the next thing is um. You know i do honest reviews. I dont feel like the the tune. Is all that great on this? I think if someone else out, there has a better tune.

There is quite a bit of um wobble in the flight test, so im looking for a better tune on this and you know, ive run into that tune. Problem like the recon 3, the first one that they ever sent me the tune was absolutely terrible. I was so excited, though, to have a 1s little kind of long range quad, but the problem was that the tune was so terrible. I had to quit flying it and i ended up getting a second version of it with a little better tune on there and probably some tweaks on the on the setup, because these have these have been really experimental in the past uh year. So so im happy to see that they made a three and a half inch version with 35 20 gem fan props on here um. You can also get the zeus nano analog version, so thats like a thats like a tiny little vtx with 350 milliwatt, but this was neat and kind of cool to me and especially nice that there is gpa betaflight gps back here. This is an m80 gps. So i was, i was able to get like 17 satellites on this. This is glonass and these are pretty cheap to replace if you, if you totally trashed it, but i dont feel like this quads going to hit the ground super hard. If you did crash, it is very light its under the 250 gram mark and uh. This is kind of like what weve all been waiting for its like a 2s version of one of these little 18650 quads.

So again i will put the link down below for some 18 650 3 000 milliamp ones, and you pick up that battery and youll have a much better experience if youre thinking about going into one of these micros, for what i would say, medium range, i wouldnt Say this is a long range quad, but we are getting there folks – and this is nice to see an hd version of this. I may try to tune it for you guys and drop some pids down below at some point for you or maybe ill show them on friday, night podcast. Once i get this thing tuned for the community, so i appreciate all you guys as usual, watching my channel checking out the new podcast. Also, please do join us on drone camps, facebook, community, because man, we have an awesome community about 2500 pilots on there and its really laid back, no no drama or any any mean guys on there. If youre there to ask a question so its its a really nice place to be for asking questions, sharing your videos and things like that, and if youd like to have your video showcased on friday night, please do drop your link down below in this video. In the comments and and share your your video with us um, because i id like for for everybody to see you guys – videos um, the everything fpv podcast is right here on the channel and its not about me its about the community and bringing us all together And being able to be in one place just to hang out and have some fun with this sport, we call fpv.

So this is the recon 35 guys stay fly out.