I just got in the mail a few days ago. Im excited about this because im a big fan of hbx. I have several of their rc cars and just theyre really well built for the price theyre, just a lot of fun and theyre, not real expensive, and i was excited to get my hands on this one, because this one looks really neat. This is like more of like a sand buggy or dune buggy type shaped 114 scale, uh buggy. The name of this buggy is the spectre, as you may be able to see in the decals there. Let me move the car out of the way and well show you the box real briefly. It shows you here that its a spectre, let me make sure everythings focused in and the model number is, that is the one six eight eight six. The truck i have is a little one, six, eight eight nine its over on my shelf back here that i was really love that little truck so thats. Why again, i was really excited to get my hands on this new 114 scale buggy from hbx. They list some of the features here, ready to run. Four wheel drive 2.4 gigahertz, but it has aluminum capped oil filled shocks, it doesnt, say oil filled there, but it does say in other locations, so its got aluminum caps on the top. The shock itself may be plastic, but the our oil fill thats going to make a huge difference on how how it absorbs jumps and impacts and how it handles its got.

Full ball bearings thats, amazing, at this price. You know its nice that most cars now nowadays do have them, but its a big plus on runtime and and top speed. This is the brushed version ill show you guys that on this on the back, its got a metal differential – and it says here splash waterproof. So its can handle being splashed with water, but youre not going to submerge it in the water, and here is the pictures of all these parts. Your metal drive, shaft and cups in the differential, and then here are the four oil filled and it says aluminum capped oil filled shocks. The 1689 that i have did not come with oil filled shocks. They were just friction shocks. That was one of the first upgrades. I did on that. One im excited this: one: just come with oil filled shocks, a heavy duty, rear sway bar for stability. Thats. Nice here is the heavy duty sealed differential unit. Here your advanced slipper clutch now thats cool this car has a slipper clutch its. You have to access that by taking the top off the car to get in there. That will allow you to adjust the tension, how quickly the car peels out or if the tires are a bit loose. When you accelerate too loose the car will not accelerate well. At all, itll also help the car on. When you make a when you do a large jump or an impact to keep from if its adjusted properly, then, if its not too tight, it can help protect those gears from stripping on a hard impact as well, but its mostly for adjusting to the conditions on The type of track that you are racing on, you got your metal heavy duty, machined metal drive shafts like your dog bones here for the front, and then these, i believe, are the ones for the rear.

Your full ball bearings all metal gears again, and this is a picture of the brushless version. Unfortunately, i just said the brush thats. Okay, i prefer to have the brushless version. I dont know if that was even available at the time that uh banggood was kind enough to send this out to me, but i certainly would like to have the brushless version of this at some point. If i could so – and there are two versions of this car, let me show you guys the where its check marked here, always on that same side, you get the brushed version which is check marked here and theres, also a brushless version and then theres, two versions Of this particular car, i have the spectre f46, this dune buggy and then theres more of a truck style, buggy type im, not exactly sure what youd call that design and thats the t14 tempest. So they have two versions same vehicle just slightly different body design. This does have white leds as well, so lets take a closer look at the vehicle again. Just really feels really nicely built here. Are those oil filled shocks theyre going to be a little hard to see in the video? But let me try to make sure we get this focused youve got the two in the front are laying horizontal and the only way to see that would be to take this body off and really show you, but its down in here.

You have to take these screws out and then i think the body will lift up and then here they are on the side. You can see the drive shafts here are enclosed, you cant see them, but you do have metal dog bones here in the front of the buggy. There are white leds here on the bar across the top and then theres two headlights that are also white. The battery compartment is back here in the back and its a little bit of a pain to get open. You have to press these tabs down and then pull up and its a lithium ion 2 cell in here. The plugs are back here and ive ran them. That youre gon na have to um you have to plug this in below the battery compartment. I dont see any way of getting those plugged in inside the battery compartment and being able to get the battery apartment closed up and secure. So here is one of the plugs. You need to make sure that you get these out of the way and dont get them. You know going to damage them while driving or getting wound up in something. So because heres your drive shaft from the front to the back for your four wheel, drive the tires feel really nice or nice rubber compound. I cant tell if theyre im not real good at that telling whether or not theres foam inside of here, but it kind of feels like there might be it doesnt sink in my fingers as quickly and make this sound like expected its completely empty.

So there might be, i might be able to see if i can pull this back, but it feels like they may almost be glued to the to the rim, but that shouldnt be a big deal its going to help a little bit. But i wouldnt expect these to balloon up or or slip, or anything on these particular wheels on just a brushed 2s system like this, you do have a spare tire im sure this is a functional one and it comes with this nice tire cover over. It makes it look very authentic, but i would imagine if you pull this off and im just guessing. The tire should be functional, but i dont know if it comes on top of a you know. A spare wheel like this or if its just a generic wheel for the tire, but this is it, feels really nice id have to. I would probably recommend opening these oil filled shocks up and make sure that they have this fish and oil. You dont necessarily have to have them all the way full, but they do feel a little bit bouncy much better than spring. Uh friction shocks that only use a spring, but they might need a little more oil thats im only telling you that, because thats common with these chinese import more of lesser known brands, i hate to call off brand because hbx is a big rc company in the World but theyre not as well known as your big traxxas low c.

You know redcat brands, theyre, obviously a lot more expensive. Those will come with the right amount of oil in them. These other brands, like hbx, zen, lahong, gp toys, uh all those brands. They tend sometimes when they use oil, not did not always get the proper amount of oil inside of there. So again the slip theres a slipper clutch down in here and im not going to mess with showing that right now, because im going to have to open this up and pull it open. But the instruction manual mentions wedging your screwdriver in there and then turning a wheel, and it will allow you to tighten up like a nut on there that will adjust whether this car takes off. You know with a decent acceleration or if it, if its too tight. The tires will want to spin, you know as you get. If you get too much acceleration setting. If it is set too loose, then the car is going to tend to want to slip a little acceleration and like almost as if the tires were slipping, because the slipper clutch would be too loose. But you can fine tune that for like whatever kind of track. Youre racing on whether you need a dirt track is going to be need different uh slipper clutch settings than a pavement track because of the traction differences and again when youre jumping. If you have, if youre on a course, a lot of jumps, the slipper clutch will help you land and get a good acceleration off the jump, while also saving the gears from you know, being bound.

That would slip some and a hard impact. Those gears could take. Quite a jolt, and you could potentially strip a gear and a slipper clutch will help to protect that, especially as long as the slipper clutch is not tightened clamped all the way down, you clamp it all the way down and its just going to be, as as, If its not there, you can actually do more harm than good to cl. Tighten the slipper clutch all the way, but again it has a you know. It has a a pretty decent plastic compound here. There are some metal parts here on the turnbuckles again aluminum cap shocks itll be hard to see underneath the hood so to speak, but it overall feels to be really nicely built. If i can get this plugged in which i dont know how easily im going to do it, doesnt need to be plugged in the exact correct way since im not going to be driving it. I want to show you guys the lights im going to plug it in like this. If i can get it, this would obviously not the way you want to drive it with around the uh main drive shaft, but im doing that just temporarily here for the video youre going to want to plug it in back up here where my finger is somewhere There and use your hands to come in on both sides, its going to take a little more work to do that.

But again i couldnt see a way of fitting that all within the compartment here for the battery. But then you have an on and off switch here in the back, which it tells you to hold down for three seconds and itll power it up, and there youve got the white lights now. Of course, theyre flashing telling me that it needs to be bound with the controller. You got your four lights across the top here and then your two headlights so thats pretty cool. I always like that. They include leds on these vehicles and youve got a charger for the battery its just going to be one charging off of your balance, plug pretty basic usb charger, its going to take a while to charge this little battery. Um id have to pop this open. To tell you the capacity on it, its not real big, if i can do it now, i will but again, oh, i was able to get it. That was much easier since i got open the first time. Well, let me show you the battery cart. I didnt wanted to have it shut, so everything looked right, but i also didnt know how easy id be able to get it open. But here is the battery. It is lets say here it is a 1100 milliamp. I was gon na guess, 1200, but 1100 milliamp to cell lithium ion pack. You can see theres, not a lot of room in here, so you might be able to figure out how to get it inside this compartment and get it closed.

But youre, probably gon na, have to plug it in below the compartment. So just be mindful how you do that so that you dont put the wires in a situation where not only would it obviously get tangled here, but you could get tangled on something driving it on a limb or something in the ground and actually damage the cord Or snag the car on it, so just be careful on how you do that and then they give you some decals. If you want to add to it your spectre and your f46, so you could add these. I dont know if im going to, i probably will put a few on, i kind of like how it looks already, but these will add some accents to it. So youre uh more than welcome when you get this to put as many of these decals on as you want – and here is the controller – this is a little different than like my well. Actually i this may be the same controller that my the 16889 came with. Ive been using an older, hbx controller to my ground. I think it was my ground crusher, because that one didnt have good range. I think this is that same controller so well have to see. I just never had good luck with range on this or i had another version that was made by pinecone model or something that was a rebranded hbx and it used. It was the same car with a different body and both of those i had bad range.

So well have to see. Hopefully, this one doesnt have those range issues, but anyway, its just a plastic wheel here on the side, so its not a foam or rubber gripped, one which i do prefer, because that way, your hands are not as likely to slip from perspiration on and off switch. You have a bind button if you need to get it bound. You have your steering and throttle servo reversing in case that would be wrong, but out of the factory that should be correct. You shouldnt need to switch that it basically be if youre steering when you, when you push up on the wheel, it should turn right. If it was turning the left thatd be reversed, then you need to switch the steering reversal, heres your steering trim. So if its pulling left or right, you want to fine tune that this is your steering dual rates and thats all the way up. What that does is that allows you to adjust the diameter or how far the front wheels turn, because this is a fully proportional steering and throttle car, so you could fine tune if you dont, if you think its over steering or steering too too abruptly and spinning Out you may want to reduce that so that it has a less steering diameter, and this is going to be your speed. They call, which would be your uh throttle, trim this. I dont believe i dont think this is your throttle dual rate, its usually going to be your trim, but it just says speed.

So id have to look in the controller because, most of the time you have a trim in case it. You know its. The esc is a little bit out of whack lets see what the control room says here for that one: nine uh well thats, just a french man! I went into the french ill show you guys the instruction manual, because its really good its the english is really good in this manual. So lets take a quick look here: thats, nine yeah. That says that is your throttle trim. They just call it speed. So, of course, if its creeping forward, you want to give it a little back trim if its creeping backwards on you whenever its in neutral, then you want to give it a little forward, trim until you get it in that neutral spot thats. What this steering excuse me, the throttle trim, is for lets. Take a quick look at the instruction manual. English is in the very front. Lets show you here how to take the body off here in a moment they show it there, but i think they show it again on another page, really really good english, because i was looking at the explanation here for like the slipper clutch and they have a Good explanation for that heres doesnt mention the throttle trim and the steering trim its not common, to see instruction manuals written this well from a product. Thats basically comes from china, thats, not really a american based company, and this is not when its sold on amazon.

It will be on positive, but this came from banggood, so it has very good english instructions for a chinese vendor uh solo product here is the notes on the slipper clutch and again this is very, were very well worded, so im gon na make sure that focus Is in if you guys want to read that for some reason just pause the video and hopefully you can read it, but if not im apologize its still a rather fine print. They tell you a little bit of depend on whether the tempest or the specter versions of this car, how to take the battery pack out here, which i showed you guys. The tempest is a little different, the way its battery compartments laid out. It has that tire up on top, and then you know, information about maintenance and charging the battery so yeah. This is really neat. Im excited about this one im looking forward to get this on: ive, not driven it yet well, have to see how it does im sure this is going to be fun well, have to see how fast it goes, and i think its gon na im sure this Is gon na be good its gon na, i think its gon na handle real well in this design. It seems to be really well balanced whenever i hold up my hands here, its not top heavy, see how balanced that is. So that means it should be balanced in the jump if its really top heavy in the front or back heavy, then thats going to you know its going to not take off and its jumps balanced, even though things fall at the same rate from the sky.

If it takes off like this, its you know its going to hit the front first. If it takes off, you know goofy in the back end sag and its you know you want it to be balanced in the air, so were looking forward to get this outside see how this brushed version goes again. If youre interested in this, this will be off a purchase link to this in the video description down below, to check that out and ill try to link it if they have the brussels version ill link to that one as well, because sometimes these will be not A big price difference to me: you know, depending on your budget, if the brushless ones, like 20 bucks or more to me, thats worth it, but theres, nothing wrong with the brushed version thats. What we had years ago, brushing motors they can burn out brushless dont, but they still, if you maintain and take care of it, a brush motor will last you probably longer than youre, going to want to be driving the car all right, guys that wraps up the Table review for this little spectre: 16886 buggy lets get on outside now for the driver view all right guys so lets take the hbx 16886 brushed little 114 skill buggy out for the test drive you can see. I got it powered on the white led headlights and lan lights across the bar across the top. Here are all lit up so its good to go and see how these will filled.

Shocks that come on this handle the jumps im going to drive it around the street some. So we can get an idea on the speed and i dont have my gps speed reader attached. I might do a follow up video on that, but well see how it goes. Um. You know its its probably not going to be as quick as the brushless version, though. Sometimes, on these smaller vehicles there isnt a huge difference between brushed and brushless, really, depending on the the kv at that brushless motor, but lets take it around here and drive it around here and just see how this does. I think this is going to be pretty nice. You can see, i dont have the decals on it, for the spectre uh, as a name that they have for some of the decals spectre is the name brand of this buggy. I dont have any of those decals on, but i probably put those on a later date just wanted to get this out before i mess with that and just get an idea how this guy drives. Let me grab the controller you can see. It is fully proportional. So a little bit of steering and a little bit a little bit of throttle and its the controller is not super sensitive, so you can press in some before it even goes. You can see there fully proportional so lets. Take it out now and drive it around. I can see im gon na need a little bit of steering trim.

It looks like it was see. If i can go out to stewart oops, i was steering dual rates lets turn the wrong knob thats, not bad accelerates, pretty good, and then it sort of maxes out. You know it the way its geared it maxes out, not not super fast about what youd expect on brushed motor. My guess is: brushless is going to be quicker than this again, if you, if the brushless ones not much more thats what i would recommend going with so im, not certain the brushless versions available. I would think i would have asked for the brushless version. Well, it really handles well look how its as i turn it here in the driveway, the rear tire will lift off, but because of that wide uh wheel base on this its able to keep on the ground its not rolling over a lot of cars will flip. As you do, those really sharp turns like that this buggy is so far able to keep to keep its uh wheels. Keep itself upright. I should say, keeping three wheels on the ground. I do have the stool steering dual right, all the way up what they always recommend on. That, though, is you turn the? If you want the rate, all the way up, make sure that youre, not the steering dual rate is not past the point to where you dont see it able to steer anymore. So if you got it all your steering dual rate up three fourths of the way and you turn it more and it doesnt steer anymore, then youre, just putting extra leverage on that servo, the servos reached the point it cant move any farther, but its trying to And thats putting a lot of pressure for the lack of a better word on the servo and you could damage it.

So you always want to check that steering dual rate to make sure that youre, not it doesnt, go farther than the steering will actually go. I hope that makes sense yeah it seems the handle, get it whoa, oh nice, and were upright again its got pretty good power very well balanced yeah, as you can see, look it its stuck to the to the pavement. We havent actually flipped it over on its back to where i couldnt uh continue going, but yeah, not real, quick, im, gon na guess, probably somewhere in the 15 mile per hour range. Now again, this vehicle, as i mentioned in the table review, had a slipper clutch. So you can adjust that and how you want it to go. So if you want it to be a little bit more acceleration to where the tires are almost spin out, you can tighten it up more. But if youre, if youre on a surface where you want, where its uh, maybe looser, you want to spin it to be a little less likely to spin out, you could lose the slipper clutch up, but just be mindful that thats going to be a little loose And if you loosen it too much, then youre going to suffer from really slow acceleration, its not going to want to its going to be its going to slip the slippers. In fact you can. Even if you loosen these enough youll hear the slipper clutch slip.

Youll hear it as its until it catches, but they mentioned an instruction. They recommend and the instruction manual is very good. As i mentioned, they recommend. You drive it at first at the default factory setting which im doing and see how it works for you and you can adjust it for your conditions. Im, probably just going to leave it, as is it seems good enough for me. If you can see here, acceleration looks fine, its not peeling out its also not slipping. So i think this, the bit of delay we see, is just a delay in the radio system. Its just, i dont think thats a slipper clutch because you usually would hear that if its trying to go – and it doesnt go immediately, you expect youd hear that in the gear, and you expect to hear it on when youre on the ground, where theres actual pressure On it, thats, where that slipper clutch is going to work off the ground, you shouldnt really hear it. If it wasnt, you know in a spot where it would slip, because theres no torque theres no pressure on the wheels to cause it to want to oh and we finally flipped it over really stable. Though i mean thats the first flip most cars. I would have of this size lots of times, youd flip them over by now, and this one thats the first slip im thinking that the brushless version, since its probably gon na, be quicker.

I think that you, the slipper clutch, may be more um effective on it, because, if is quicker and more acceleration, which brushless always is really good with that um, you know the torquey good acceleration. The slipper clutch is going to probably come in handy, even handier for you, if you have the brushless version, whoa flipped it over again its gon na happen, but overall im pretty impressed with the balance over all of this, and one of the biggest reasons is. It has oil filled shocks, so oil filled shocks are absorbing a lot of these jumps, so its not as bouncy as just your good old friction shocks which a lot of cars most cars at this price point in size. From these lesser known, brands, especially are going to come with just friction shocks but good power, good power for a brushed motor. Overall. I really like this. It seems really well built. It looks great and again youre getting leds youre getting a oil filled, shocks which is just always a plus, because even though full ball bearings are are not uncommon anymore compared to a long time ago. Oilfield shocks are still not that common on these cheaper budget vehicles. Oh flip, to the end, so the fact you got oil filled shocks, full ball, bearings and a slipper clutch on a vehicle around this price is really really nice. I absolutely would recommend this just decide which version is right, for you is brushed good enough or do you you know is brushless in your budget.

If brushes is not much more, i would you always suggest going over brushless, because brush motors do and will burn out, though theres a lot of misinformation. People act like brushed motors are going to last. You know a year or something as long as you dont have bad luck and you take care of the vehicle. Brushed motors will last a long time, but a brushless motor is going to have a very long life, its difficult to burn out a brushless motor. But a brushed motor you certainly can, and they will eventually lots of times they will just start to slow down. They dont necessarily lock up. They can do that but decide which version is best for you guys either way. I would definitely recommend this if youre interested in this, i will have a purchase link to this in the video description. Anything you buy. That will help support my channel, but youre not going to pay any more. In fact, lots of times youll save because i may have a a coupon for a product that can actually get you a savings that you normally wouldnt get so always be sure to check that out its getting bogged down a bit here. This graph is starting to get pretty tall here lets see if we can work our way out without having to go, get it now. This is some pretty tall weeds over here and again. This is this is a 1 10 scale or 1 8 scale.

We would have no problems, but it 1 14 scale. This is still a bit much. It kind of gets almost got a bit topped out there on that weeds, but i really like the oil filled shock, thats, a huge look, how nice that was landing. It just is not going to bottom out its going to handle, jumps better and then it recover from a jump better with the slipper clutch and wheel field shock combination, whoa rolled it again. Obviously, if you do a really sharp turn as youre bouncing around like this thats, been ive been most prone to flipping this vehicle over, but overall its really nice and stable looks fantastic and again its not super expensive. I dont recall the price on this at the moment, but i know it wasnt super expensive, so yeah guys that should wrap up the review of the hbx16886, not the best driving in front of my house. I realized, but it gives you a chance to go off road in the grass and get you guys. Some speed runs at least to give you an idea which again im guessing this is probably somewhere in the 15 mile per hour range. I would hope the russs version would be more like 25 to 30, but you never know on these. Sometimes the brushless versions can be even a hair slower, depending on the kv of the motor and, of course, the gearing system that the uh that these use, the gearing ratios and such, but its got good acceleration off the bat.

The slipper clutch seems to be adjusted correctly for how id want to drive it on these conditions, but it does top out the gearing you know. The combination of this brushed motors top end, along with the gearing ratio it gets up to its top speed almost immediately and then just levels out, which is fine. This is meant to be off road. This is not necessarily a racing vehicle, but the brushless should have a higher top speed, and i would think – and this combination with this vehicle might be a better uh fit for some a lot of people, but well have to see all right guys that wraps up The review of the 16886 by hbx, if youre new to the channel, please consider subscribing and when you do that, click the bell.