0 connection. This thing has been pretty bulletproof whenever i wanted to do an app review or a firmware review, and basically this has been my staple go to apart from recently um, where columns are short, and this hasnt been performing quite up to my expectations and not only that Many of you guys have been reported. The actual sim now since dji launched the firmware zero one, zero, four, zero, zero, zero, zero, which i have tested and reviewed on this channel. Many of you guys, the viewers have reported an increased amount of disconnections and poor signal quality. Now, let me be completely and perfectly clear on this point. I am not complaining regarding the signal on the dji mini 2. This isnt a complaint video at the end of the day you guys are familiar with my channel know i like to do these tests and when i recently tested this, the dji mini 2 against the new auto evo nano drone on my channel. It was quite clear that the auto was some way ahead now. Please do go check that out. If you havent watched it because its quite interesting uh just to see you know just how good the auto actually was, but this dji mini 2 has got occasion. 2.0 connection, so it should be fantastic shouldnt it now. If you dont know what occasion 2.0 is, i have done a really interesting video, where, basically, i explain exactly what it is and why it actually makes a big difference, but with the recent reports um that this drone might not be performing up to its standard uh That we come to expect of it.

Surely the dji mini 2 will outperform the dji mavic mini in an urban test yeah. So i decided to put both of these drones up in the air against each other, something ive done previously on this channel, but giving it reports after this latest firmware. I just wanted to revisit it and just see if there is going to be a big difference, but all of that coming up after a quick word from this video sponsor skillshare skillshare, is an online learning platform ideal for anybody who wants to learn possibly a new Skill or indeed take their existing knowledge to the next level with a whole variety of courses. If we put to the brow section, you will see, there is a whole variety of topics and genres, and i can guarantee you guys there will be something for everybody, since this is a drone channel. If you pop to the top and type in drones, you will see a whole variety of drone videos and topics we can learn from. I have been taking this course by wild rabbit productions on aerial, cinematography production and drones. You can see theres a nice little breakdown into separate sections, and basically this guys is really going to help you and, of course, as its been helping me just really raise my game. The first thousand people that signs up to skillshare using the link in the video description, and i will pin a a little comment at the top of my comment section as well – will actually receive one month free trial of skillshare.

So guys, honestly, i would highly recommend it and its something that i found incredibly useful, myself and im sure you will find a huge amount of benefit too, but that all being said back to the main part of the video. So here we are then split screen with the dji mavic mini and, of course, the dji mini 2.. Now i have run this in absolute real time, so you can basically see how long its going to take for either of these drones to pick up a full satellite lock to be able to basically fly safely and the knowledge that if we have a retention home Situation, it can, of course, get back almost on its own no problem. As you can see, we have just got that on the dji mavic mini. So if we click into our transmission, this is quite important. We are flying in an urban area, so we have fixed onto a manual 5.8 gigahertz frequency, which of course is better for high interference areas. So guys, just like i said just to point out, were going to quickly take off with the dji mavic mini and well just sort of pause it up there and well wait for the dji mini 2 to just catch up and get its satellite lock. But one thing to mention of course: yes, this is an extreme urban test. Now many people will say, fly higher and youll be out of that interference window. You are absolutely correct and i completely agree with you, but at the end of the day you know not.

Everybody wants to fly at 120 meters high. This is 30 meters up its going to be a level playing field between the two drones. As you can see, im just checking there, we still only got moderate satellites, and but ultimately, this test is going to be fair, balanced, so lets just see exactly what happens by the end of this video, then so coming up, youre gon na see that, even though We got that on the mavic mini ages ago. We are now just about to get the actual satellite lock on the dji mini 2. Of course, that has taken a significant amount of time there we go, it is finally in so what were going to do is just going to quickly take off with the dji mini 2 and were going to put it in the same position with which the mavic Mini is you will see, of course, i have quickly paused the video on the dji mavic mini just to allow us to catch up, and i wanted to run this in real time as well, just to make sure its completely fair. So what were going to do is going to start flying forwards, then, on both drones. Initially, you do get a little bit of a judder with the dji mavic mini now, when you get a signal, interference message on the mavic mini its generally uh, because youre not pointing the the sticks at the controller or the controller at the drone.

Sorry as its directly overhead but yeah, if we continue on, then you will see the mavic mini, is sort of jittering and struggling a little bit, and the mini 2 at this stage seems absolutely perfectly fine. However, you know what were going to see in a second there. You go our first week signal or just antennas warning on the dji mavic mini, and that is sadly out at a range of 261 meters. Thankfully, the dji mini 2 is still going so lets quickly. Flick to that screen, but of course you will see, were getting a hell of a lot of judder and its not being absolutely fantastic, but there we go. Weve got a weak signal, adjust antennas warning on the dji mini 2. Getting it again. Telemetry is still kind of there, but ultimately we have now lost that remote controller signal and its returning to her, giving the dji mini 2 77 meters more range. So this is location. Two, of course, now with location, two ive moved to make sure that we can actually, you know, get a different set of results and you know get some consistency in a different environment and, as you can see already, the dji mavic mini at the bottom has got Its satellite lock, so what were going to do is the same thing again really were going to just take off with the dji mavic mini put it up in the air and just basically, you know, wait for the dji mini 2 to get its satellite lock.

So there we go, and of course this is quite a nice location as well and weve got that auto uh retention, updated there. You go weve now got it on the dji mini 2, so that wasnt too bad it wasnt, quite as long as what it was previously um. You know this seems to have performed a little bit better, but still certainly that dji mavic mini did get it quicker. Popping over to the transmission tab on the mavic mini you can see, we have still stuck with that manual 5.8 gigahertz frequency, as we should in these sort of scenarios and then weve taken off, of course, with the dji mini 2.. So, as i put that into position, then, which of course is important, so weve got that starting height of 30 meters on both of them. Okay lets just tilt the gimbal down im going to switch back to the jaw view, so it should take a little flight out then and again, as you can see, theres a completely separate um area completely different, but of course, still got quite a lot of interference. Im very quickly, just going to show you that we are in that 5.8 gigahertz frequency mode on the dji mini 2 and basically this is left in dual band, and this is what the dji mini 2 has picked for itself. So lets go ahead and continue our flight. Then you will see the pitch. Quality is better on the dji mini 2 and thats purely because it gets a better feedback to the controller than what the mavic mini does.

First weak signal one on the mavic mini and you can see the video is stuttering slightly, but then we do actually get through it and it seems to be performing that little bit better and not much uh difference between the two so coming up here then, im Going to take a left left hand turn, and this is where the signal starts to drop on the dji mavic mini going a little bit forward on both of them. We get a little stutter on the mini 2 and the mavic mini, and the mini 2 are both performing fine at this stage, but then very quickly. The mavic mini completely freezes, but also so does the dji mini 2, and so, as i was about to turn left on the mavic mini, we got that freeze. But as you can see, the mini 2 is also frozen at pretty much the same distance, and the money too ended up only giving us 21 meters worth of range extra than the dji mavic mini, certainly not good, and i certainly would have expected more. So that was pretty interesting, wasnt it and dont get me wrong. I am not stupid im fully aware that this video is likely to get quite a negative backlash. At the end of the day. There are many people out there that are huge fans of the dji mini 2, myself included um, but many will not accept that this drone is obviously not performing as it should and just a little caveat here as well.

Of course, if you are in an faa or fcc area, your drone does actually put out more power than it does over here in europe. So that does mask some of these issues slightly, but given the fact that both of these drones are running in a ce area against each other in pretty perfect conditions, um – and you know stable conditions, you could see that basically, the dji mavic mini picked up satellites And was able to get that up in the air significantly quicker than i could the dji mini 2 and when it came to the actual range i mean there was virtually nothing in it. Yet at one point, the dji mini 2 did sort of regain connection um. You know before it eventually just returned to home kicked in and it came home, but ultimately guys this mini 2 should be doing a lot lot better than the mavic mini, but i can say this isnt a complaint video. This is just for raising awareness and ill. Let you guys decide for yourself, but in my personal opinion, whatever dj, i have done with that latest firmware update.