Hope, youre well well its a bit of a sad day in the uh man cave today, because its uh the day that im gon na have my last significant ride on the harley davidson fat. Bob im gon na roll out the garage for the last time and uh im gon na give you my sort of closing thoughts on this motorcycle, some of the pros and cons some of the things that ive learned about the bike since ive been riding this. So, stick around stay tuned. This is a harley davidson fat, bob hog, vlog, Music. Ah harley davidson hog vlog took me ages to come up with that. I do make me laugh what a lovely day to be out on the bike recording this at the back end of summer, basically, which is definitely the best time to have a bite like this and one of my sort of overall feelings about the fat bob. Well, i shall definitely be sad to see it go if youve not seen my first impressions review my first ride. Video do go and check that out, because in that i talk more, i do it in a you know, more of a standard review format where i talk about the spec and all the bits and pieces on the bike. This really is just going to be a bit of a summary video of my thoughts, the pros and cons on the bike. So welcome back to the uh man cave thought.

It was an opportunity, while the bikes actually here in the garage to tell you some of the things that im not so keen on the bike. There are three things: first off the pricing on the machine 16995, according to the website. Now that is quite expensive. Is it just shy of 17 grand for a motorcycle that doesnt have much in the way of technical riding aids things like that, so i mean you could be missing the point because harley davidsons, i think, arent all about technical riding aids and things like that. Personally, im, not a big fan of too many electronics on a bike, so its not an issue for me, but for a bike that really is relatively basic. 17 grand is undeniably a lot of money, so thats the first thing. One of the enduring thoughts i will have about this bike, as i give it back, is how nice its been to arrive. The handling on this has been so much better than it has any right to be with the two big fat tyres on this youd think that the handling would be horrible, but no its great. The other thing i would say about the fat bob – and this applies basically to all bikes that have this feet forward. Riding position is that for a prolonged ride, this seat can get a little bit uncomfortable its actually a very comfortable seat to sit on. But after about an hour because youre you know all the weight is through your back, i do find you get a bit of bum trauma going on so uh yeah, not particularly comfortable for long rides.

Unfortunately, she sounds lovely too. This has got the standard pipes on it and uh theyre, just the right sort of low rumble. For me, they havent got a sort of obnoxious volume to them. They just sound good well by the way that um barrier you saw me using at the start of the video across my garage door. Whenever i show that, on the on the channel, people always ask me whats that security barrier youve got well thats. My guardsman from image 4 security, theyre sponsors of the video and ive got a link below in the description on this video. Before where you can get that barrier from and if you use the code tmf50, you can actually get 50 quid off of it as well. So if you have got a few blocks that you want to protect in your garage, i highly recommend that security barrier go and check that the details out below, as i say, and the last of my whinges about the bike – theres no chrome polish on this. So if you love cleaning and polishing your bike by sunday, as i do youre not gon na like this theres, nothing to polish up, i love this road, its all too short, but uh its just got some nice elevation changes a few twists and turns, if only It were about 10 miles longer, rather than being about half a mile splendid road, so loads of things that i love about this bike, some of which i touched on in that first ride, video, so ill.

Try not to repeat myself too much one of the things i love about this bike, absolutely no chrome to polish brilliant! You dont have to mess about with your chrome polish, on a sunday buffing her up its got. This sort of uh sort of hard bait almost baked on sort of finish on the cylinder heads its got a similar finish: lovely bronze, uh cover on the uh exhaust pipe. So you aint got a faff about polishing chrome, all sunday, thats a good thing. One of the things i definitely like about the bike is the minimalist branding. I didnt mention this before on the machine. The fact it doesnt say harley davidson on the tank, its got a picture of the badge, but it doesnt actually say harley davidson on the side of the tank. Anyway, it says it on the opposite side in wordage form. I just think that sort of asymmetric look is cool. One of the other things i thought would be annoying on the bike, but turned out to be fine is the indicator, its got the harley indicators who got you know press the right button to go right. Press the left button to go left, but its got auto cancellation. That seems to work really well. Another thing i love about the fat bob is the minimalist styling ive mentioned that already, but that doesnt just run to the actual fit and finish on the bike. Like the branding that ive talked about already, but also things like the controls and the handlebars so check these out, the controls are proper push buttons that you can feel youve pressed, which i like they feel quality youve got none of those horrible plastic, brake reservoirs, um Down here, youve got a minimalist um instrument gauge, basically this big rev counter and then a small bit of lcd in the bottom.

There, its got busier all of a sudden, which i love and also these big old fat handlebars. I really love the way that theyve hidden most of the wiring inside the handlebars. It just keeps it nice and minimalist, and i think that makes it look really cool gives it that sort of custom vibe. I love that yeah. Just talking about the styling of the bike and that minimalist branding, that is one of the big pros for me. I just like the way the bike is sort of understated. It does have that lack of chrome, which you know i kind of for fun – put that in as both a pro and a con. But you know if you like, polishing the bike, then this isnt, the bike for you. But if you just like going out and riding giving your bike a clean once in a while, then this one isnt going to be a right nightmare to clean. So that is definitely a pro im, just absorbing a few more things uh in about the fat pod. Before i have to give it back there, they already have done a nice job on the design of this. I do love ive already mentioned it, but i do love the branding around the wheels. I love the knobbly tyres. I just think that makes it look incredible. Stuff, like this really hefty brake pedal, looks great ive not seen a brake reservoir mounted down there before either.

I think thats really good ive already mentioned the fit and finish. I love these big old air filters on here. This has got a hair net on because that sort of keeps the rain off of it, but if youre riding in a hot country and it doesnt rain, of course it rains here and brought blight all the time. Then you can take the hairnet off and that gives it a bit more of a look. This is your adjustment for the rear suspension. I havent fiddled with that, but there is a little bit of adjustment for pre load. Uh yeah. I just think theyve done a lovely job on the styling. Even on this side, look we havent got the uh. We havent got the uh exhaust pipe youve got an inbuilt charging lead already, which they put on their standard, which i like this. I love this where the um ht leads come out and into the cylinders the fact that its outboard, i love that a proper bit of engineering here, thats one of the things that appeals to me about harley davidsons, generally theyre, properly engineered built by blokes with spanners. I i just love that, but for me, as with all harley davidsons the biggest pro – and this is the thing that i think most people sometimes dont – get when theyre all too quick to uh slag off harley davidsons its just how these bikes make you feel that Is definitely the biggest pro on this? It just makes you feel cool like all holidays, ive ever ridden weve just been a few now you just feel damn good riding it, and surely that is the most important thing about a motorcycle isnt it how it makes you feel.

I mean, regardless of what i actually look like, i feel cool as when im on harley davidson and the fat bob does that in spades. It just makes you feel brilliant thats got to be the most important thing about a motorcycle isnt. It so another massive pro point about the fat bob that i did forget to mention in my first ride review is the fact that its a belt drive that just makes life so much easier when it comes to maintenance, i see no disadvantages of having a belt And it beats me why more bike manufacturers dont use belt drives instead of chains but anyway, thumbs up for the fat bob for being belt drive now. The pro, of course, is the amazing engine on this 114 cubic inches of shove, its all about the torque on this machine again go check out my video, where i go through the specs. If you want all the numbers, but at real world speeds, you know naught to 60. This thing absolutely chucks. You along the road feels like youre being fired out of a catapult. It sounds awesome when its doing it and you have a big grin on your face at the same time. So i love the engine on this before i forget, i must say a massive thank you to harley daves and uk for making the fat bob available to me. Ive really enjoyed riding it and its absolutely brilliant. That harley are letting me borrow these box now.

So, thank you to you guys absolutely stonking like this and uh overall, so far of the holies ive ridden. If i were gon na, have any of my garage. This would be the one absolutely cracking bike and, if youre interested in harley davidsons at all, i wholeheartedly recommend go get yourself a test ride on one of these dont take my word for anything ive said: go and write one and see what you think yourself. I think if you like, cruisers youre, going to love this all right, thats it for now. I hope you enjoyed that uh little uh hog vlog, and i look forward to speak to you again next time. Dont forget, like the video subscribe all that sort of stuff, and i look forward to speaking to you on the next video. Until then, this has been the mystery flyer cheerio one of the things i will be left with one of the sort of long thoughts lets. Do it again, hey folks, its mister flyer here hope, youre well! Well, sadly, its come to that time in every uh bike loans of life, where i have to say cheerio, will the harley davidson fat bob out of the garage for the last time for my final ride on the bike.