Snapper six little micro, fpv indoor racer. This one should be kind of fun. This is a binding fly and I have the fly sky version, so I'll be connecting it to a commandeered controller. Here I got from my fpv style unicorn so anyway, this is gon na be a full review. We'Re gon na unbox it here and we're gon na run it around in the house. It'S really windy outside right now and also these are new gobbles. I got in top sky f7x fpv goggles, similar to like fat sharks and stuffs we're gon na see how these do. I haven't run these yet so let's get started with the snapper 6 indoor review, Music f. 35 point a gigahertz, Evie it's got built in OSD and it runs on B the flight okay, so first thing you want to do is see how this thing looks like out of the box. So this is the six version, not the seven version mind you first thing we have on top is just a little instruction manual. This is showing you how to set up the model in your controller and also how to configure it on beta flight. Very simple: not going to really go through that setup, because there's so many videos up there on how to do basic setup on beta flight, so we're just going to just dive right into unboxing it and then flying it. But here it is check it out. So it's, just in this packaging, some of that very high density, foam packaging looks pretty good.

Here is the craft itself, so the tiny six looking good, I think about this one is that has these red anodized aluminum propeller guards? You can see how kind of beautiful that makes everything look they're, not going to really flex too much and what what else is unique about this is the motors check it out so they're happy model little brushless motors and these things are 19000 kV. 0. 603 motors I'm, not sure if you can see that on the camera, but just tiny little quick little motor, so we're gon na see how that all works out. We have this top little plastic art here, there's your fpv camera, just that kind of all in one built in fpv, camera there's, the dipole antenna, linear antenna for the fpv cam, and there we go so that's really just about it. The aluminum kind of ties into the carbon fiber frame you can see it's a pretty thin frame, maybe just about one millimeter one and a half millimeter here's, the receiver antenna sticking out the bottom there's the place where we're gon na put our batteries and then the Motors actually just plug into the flight controller there so easily to swap out, but these keep in mind. These are brushless motors. I wouldn't imagine these whirring out anytime soon pretty simple there's our Pico connector. On the back to take our battery now, let's see what else is in this box here before we, we get started with the goggles and stuff, so they do include pretty awesome charger check.

This thing out happy model branded a little lipo, 1s lipo charger, and you can see how we have the micro Pico and a regular Pico size. And then we have these little switches here to go from oh wow, so to go from high voltage 4.35 to regular 4.20 1s batteries. So this will do high voltage 1s batteries and then we actually have two different charge: states as well: 0.6 amp charge and then 0.2 M charge. So that's going to be like 200 milliamp power or 600 milliamp power, and you can adjust that those 2 settings for each charge, port and there's six charge ports flipping it over to the back. Is the only other thing on this charger, so we have a USB. You can also plug in. If you have a battery you can plug your battery into there. I think the input there's there's your input there so 72 is at 27, 25 volts 7 to 25 volts input. So you can use any kind of race drone race batteries. You have laying around, or you can also use this regular computer type Jack for input as well, so lots of options to charge these little batteries. Speaking of the little batteries, let's dig out everything that's in this box, a screwdriver of four propellers and two rubber bands and a propeller removal tool to change the propellers. If you ever break your propellers and check this out, they give us actually three batteries in here.

So that's great we're gon na be able to just kind of fly one after the other, and these are happy model branded 250 milli, amp power, high voltage, four point: three: five volts and that's great, because this charger that they include with this can charge six at A time even though there's only three here and it can also do high voltage, so definitely a big bonus to have this many batteries and this type of charger in the box with this. Ok. So last thing, since this is kind of an all in one, a little review for these goggles too I'm not go ahead and open this up and let's just check these out real quick before we go ahead and fly this thing. So a really nice f7x case take note sky Zone and Fatshark, because this is a pretty nice case, it's a semi, hard case. It does have a little clip here for hanging. It it's got even got a little rubber handle, nylon and rubber handle, and some nice zippers here so let's unzip this and see what these goggles look like. Wow so check this out. I got the camel version of these goggles, looking good pulling out the goggles first. Taking a little in depth, inspection before you do anything else, I'm liking this really flexi material. Here it looks like it's that same kind of setup that comes with fat sharks. Where you have this velcro, we can just velcro right on your new pad here and it's.

Already all pre mounted you don't have to really worry about mounting this thing up. It looks like over in the nose piece. They give you a little bit of breathing room to move this thing around a little fan on top fan, enclosure channel buttons. We have a joystick that we can move around and press in this side same for that side, volume up and down here, really nice. Looking camo look to it. We'Ve got an SD card in there. We pop this off and here's one of our modules, probably for like a head tracker or something because there's really nothing in there right now go ahead and pop that thing back on we've got venting directly in the front to keep it kind of cool flipping it Over to the bottom, before we get to the other side, we have an AV in we've, got our power in. We have a s, video type, cable for data. We have the IPD adjustment and these ones actually feel nice and tight. I, like some of the other goggles where they're super loose. We have our off on button here and onoff for the receiver if you didn't want to just turn that off for some reason prevent it from heating up. If you're using alternate video inputs, that's great, we have an HDMI mini input there and we also have a headphone jack there. So that's cool it's a little rubber plugs, and this is actually where our receiver is gon na plug in.

You can see that port there and they do actually give us the receiver in the Box that's. Basically what the goggles look like it does look like it has a little sensor. There see that there a little light sensor, perhaps or laser here's, our head, strap so it's not really a three way: strap it's, just a two way, strap around the back, your your head there and those are gon na just go right in here. You can see there's a little notch there we're just gon na put those right in we've got a cloverleaf antenna, so kind of a generic, but you know rather large antenna that adds some good flex to it. We'Ll go ahead and see how this performs with some other quads, but for this quad since it's, a linear I'm not going to be using this, but it does include that great little charger. Look at this. So take note: Fatshark gosh, those those last Fat sharks. I got those red ones written black ones. They didn't even come with a charger like this, and I had I couldn't even charge them on my my charger, because their battery didn't have a balanced connector. But these guys give you a. I have a American plug with a battery adapter to charge whatever this is 2's or 1s let's see what the battery is here. It'S a lipo, 2s 2200 great and it looks pretty solid. It'S more of a square pack. It'S got the notches perfectly for the goggle straps and there's our plug in we're gon na plug into the goggles, and also where we're gon na charge it now.

What I'm looking for is this little box here? So this is the module they give you and, of course you could get any kind of module you want. You can do a diversity module, but this is just a regular video receiver module no diversity in here, but, as you can see on that little door, we took off with these two plugs. It will take a little diversity module if we wanted to and really all we're doing is matching up the pins pushing that thing in it goes in pretty nice and tight there we go and these ones actually this little cover. This is way more snapped in there than the last Fat sharks. I was reviewing so they'd. You know for a more of an off brand. These things are actually looking better as far as build quality and features and everything, and last but not least, on these goggles. I didn't even see this little bag in here so check this out, so there's a whole nother pocket in the top I'm really liking. This little bag and we've got a whole nother face strap, and this is that little velcro I was talking about where it's really easy, just to pull the other pad off and put this pad on. So at least they give you a whole extra pad and then here are some cables and stuff. So we've got a video in cable and with some RCA connectors there and they actually give us a little HDMI, cable, so regular HDMI here the mini HDMI.

That will go right into the goggles, pretty robust little package I'm liking. It so we'll charge these up, get some charge in the goggles battery. Now let's go ahead and fly this thing around the house with the fpv I'll. Have it up on the screen, so you can see that and let's see how fun this thing is and how long it lasts. With the battery power, assume it's going to be a little bit less flight time, because it is a little heavier with the brushless and the aluminum around the sides, but let's just see how it does okay guys. So I believe we are ready to go this top Sky battery actually has a meter too, so you can see it's fully charged. There turn the controller on here. I already have it bound up and all my flight mode set really easily per the instructions and beta flight plugging in there we go oh what's going on so maybe a little bit of a problem right off the bat. Unfortunately, let me try to reboot this see if it was. Maybe an ESC issue see if we possibly can get this going there. It goes so maybe just a connection issue in that connector. It seems to be working now. Let'S, try for our battery completely dies hurry up there we go and the fpv i've seen some flashing, but there we go. Have it reported i already got. I just wan na find my way got.

Ta get a breath. You do Music discuss this Music. Oh Kevin woulda thought it was you never would've known. It was me everything we felt that was true was all I could see well before we get down Music, okay, so that first flight was pretty awesome just a little bit weird. How the right rear motor was kind of seizing up until I I kind of pushed the connector and spun it a little bit. So maybe there might be a little bit of an issue with this motor but we're gon na put one more battery in here, and I will say man the the view in these is really good, like I have a wide screen, basically pretty much edge to edge. This one's actually a sixteen by nine, and you can change that in the settings here. If you want, of course, it's gon na stretch a little, but I like having the sixteen by nine, even though it's a little bit stretched so far, so good let's fly again. Music, I can pretend it and pretend Music. I can pretend it protected. Don'T go right now. Don'T feel right, Music, damn Music, I'm full of jealousy all your behavior change Music. When they kiss me, when you hold me, I can feel your truck so car try to buy it. Can'T deny it Music, Oh Music. I gave what Music daijobu and I cuz we've, been here before I'll – be a fool if you ain't try – and I don't want this anymore.

When I get laid. When you owe me, I can feel your so go. Try to buy it. Can'T deny it now, Music. Believe me, I will be fine. You know I don't need to place in my mind tonight, good feelings later on. So if I'm, certainly old. Oh no question me Music, one. What you I can't pretend it I ever attended. I can't pretend it don't feel right: Music. Okay guys well, there we have it that was quite fun, wasn't it just zooming around the house, so just kind of goes to show that you can still have lots of fun with fpv racing or just messing around in general in your house. If the weather is bad, you know if it's winter snowing raining windy outside get something like this and you're gon na have loads of fun indoors, and this seems like a decent package, go ahead and run through a pros and cons right now, it's a binding fly. So you're not going to get a controller, so you're gon na need to get your own controller. I believe they have this version in fly sky or fr sky. Of course, I got the fly sky, so you're gon na need your own controller. You'Re gon na need your own goggles. There are cheaper versions. This is actually a really cheap controller. These are, you know, maybe two to three hundred dollar goggles again. I'Ll have the links to all this stuff I'm using down the description, but the snapper six.

It seemed pretty good. I was having that little problem with the right motor. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn't want to work on liftoff, not sure what that was, but it seemed like when I push the wires around here or spun the propeller here it seemed to work fine, so maybe just a little connection problem, not too sure you are gon na have To either learn how or have some experience just very minimal experience in getting into betta flight and setting up you know your modes and your switches on your controller and your channels to make sure you can arm this again. This does have a horizon and acro mode. If you wanted to turn them on, I did not use either of those. I just was in pure self leveling mode in the house where, if you let off the sticks, it'll just come back to leveling, because I wasn't doing any superfast flying. I didn't really need a crow in here. It could get a little bit sketchy if you're in tight quarters with a crow, but this does have that and I've tested it before and it does actually work. So a crow works. Fine on this, the aluminum on the motors, it seemed actually pretty good, because I was bouncing off a lot of stuff drones that have plastic propeller guards when you hit something they seem to flex and then bounce and shoot you way out these ones. When you hit something, it seems to not really bounce much, just like state right next to it, because they're so hard there's not any spring to them, so it's not gon na bounce.

You off your horse too much unless you're going super fast, but overall pretty good. We could see that we had about three minutes of flight time, so you can expect that three minutes that's not too bad that's kind of average for one of these micro drones, especially something that's a little heavier with the aluminum and the brushless that this has great Charging system awesome little charger and does high voltage. They do give you high voltage batteries again really watch your voltage. One of the cons on this was it seemed like the voltage settings were off out of the box. It seemed like, as soon as I turn the thing on it was warning me of voltages, so you might have to kind of mess with that and bethe flight a little bit to get that really tuned in, but it did seem like. The batteries are slightly puffed. I'M, not sure if they're this one seems puffed more than the others, but just a tiny bit. These ones are probably okay. This one may be damaged already. Maybe I just dropped it to low, but awesome charging system to give you the spare parts so a decent little drone. The fpv was really good. The OSD was awesome. The fpv signal, though, a little bit to be desired and i'm, not sure if that's, just because of maybe the generic antenna I'm using here or the rx in these goggles, the video receiver in the goggles or the video transmitter on here.

Of course, it's only like 25 milliwatts transmitter, but it was a little bit to be desired. I'Ve had much stronger signal with this type of setup, with other drones and other goggles, so I'm, not sure which end was giving us the difficulty on this one, but just a little bit too scratchy in the fpv. When I went over into the kitchen and that's only about 50 feet away through a wall, so I've had better experiences with other devices, but I do like this setup as far as the battery goes. They do give you a great charger in the box with these goggles. The fan works very well. The screen is very clear. You can do four by three. You can do widescreen, it does record it's got a DVR on it. I'Ll have had that footage up on the screen for you guys, so you can see what the quality is on that, of course it doesn't have that third head strap. I wasn't really feeling any problems with it. You just wear it a little bit higher on your head in the back, and it sits on really nicely it's a very good quality strap here. Besides that, these are really pretty solid goggles, they were doing very good. Of course, you can always swap out the module for whatever you want. If you want a diversity module, you can have there, the ports are there for it. So you could have two connectors coming out here.

You know one for a patch antenna and one for a cloverleaf or a linear antenna whatever you want to do so pretty decent goggles and they do have a really nice case. This case is actually leaps and bounds better than a lot of the high quality goggles out there on the market. So I hope you enjoyed that review and it was informative to you again links in the description of where you can find what I'm reviewing here. You can have loads of fun if the weather is bad outside just farting around into your house with fpv stuff and having tons of fun. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next review, pokey you're interrupting me. Buddy you want to go outside, hey just a second.