I just asked for a 16g BNF with Diamond F4 FC. I told Happymodel multiple time that these new 0702 motor were reserved for 17 to 18 grams, maximum Tiny Whoop …, Not 19.2g …. I know what Im talking about since Im the one who have asked for them in May 2019, also the only one to have tested them, as on my 14g, tiny whoop, for example, for which they are perfect. Beside too high KV, Like I told them in March, with other advice, so why add 2 to 2.5g with Express LRS F4 beside than hype, not for range, because, as Albert said, with 2mn flight time, you are not going far So dont mess around Happymodel release that 16 grams BNF, With as I telled you a new Version – 2 Diamond F4, No RX cause ELRS EP2 are only 0.5g UFL, connector or Ground pad for VTX antenna, No more mosfet on the opposite side of the motor pad, ditch the LEDs and cam connector. And last point …: This time be sure it fit your frame … And what to do with ELRS F4 FC 75mm, like Long range, moblite, 7 or 85mm, like my mobul8 or even 2, inches 1002 motor with the Lastest HQ. You see its not the ideas that are lacking So dear subscribers.