So this is obviously a 65 millimeter whoop. It is an updated uh version of the mob lite6 from a while back so then it uses a updated version of the diamond f4 uh flight controller, which has the express lrs built in now. It does come in a freesky d8 version as well, but this is what the new board looks like. Basically, it looks the same except they have these leds here in the front, and this has onboard express lrs and it has an open, vtx, 400 milliwatt video transmitter. I think the old version only had 25 ml watts, maximum and uh for this theyre, not using the ceramic antenna, as you can see, theres the little the four pads for the ceramic container theyre just using a wire for the antenna. I think this is to also keep the weight low and also for durability. This is going to crash a lot and those little ceramic tendons tend to just pop off. This will be a lot more durable in the long run. Theres, your vtx antenna there, otherwise its fairly much the same f 411 uh, its got a 5 amp foreign esc on board. The gyro on mine is the mpu6000. However, they did put in the specifications for this board that they might come with one of three different gyros. I think the either the mp6000, the icm something 2860 whatever and the bmi 270.. So because of the port shortages, and one of the reasons why this model has taken so long to come out is because of you know, things like gyro is not being available, so theyre leaving the option of swapping that out for different gyros.

So something to keep in mind but youre going to see that from pretty much all of the binded fly manufacturers that make anything that has a flight controller in it and theyre going to be mixing and matching parts. Just to make some of these things. Because of all the part, shortages and dont ask me which one is sold where i have no idea. I know that a lot of you gon na be like i want the one with the mpu6000. Where can i get that? I have no idea. Youll have to contact the store, they probably wont know either because they wont know whats in the box, and a lot of the manufacturers are going to be doing that from now on, so its sort of like um, you just have to take what you can get. I guess ive also heard that people that are hoarding hoarding these um some of these were the mp6000 and then uh when uh theyre very hard to find, i heard theyre gon na be selling them for triple the quadruple, the price of what they were, what they Bought it for so, i guess people are out there. You know trying to make money. I guess that in that way anyway, so this has the unique ability to swap all the parts over to a uh little frame here and includes a canopy and um, basically turned into a little 65 millimeter prop toothpick and has all the little mounting hardware, rubber bands, Etc and the same prop, the 65 millimeter pop – i did not include anything in this video regarding this toothpick setup, because the whoop is more interesting.

In my opinion, this is more or less going to be like an underpowered version of this guy here, that is, on a 40 millimeter or yeah. Well, instead of a 31 millimeter, this is a 40 millimeter repeller or 75 millimeter sized toothpick. So its a little bit bigger here – and i you know, if you go back and look at all the videos on these um toothpicks, i have the the o 802 motors with the 40 millimeter propellers. They all pretty much perform about the same theyre. They dont have a ton of power. You cant do like crazy freestyles like that. Now this one is definitely lighter than those over there, and this motor has some pretty crazy power. I mean in terms of uh straight line speeds, but it in terms of power to weight ratio. You know in terms of like throwing it around not so much. It makes a little bit better than the awaiting water, but ill get into that a little bit. More later, but if um youre really interested in seeing a video on this specifically, let me know in the comments below i might do this one a bit later, im actually thinking about doing the next video for this guy, the modulus 7 s hd with the split Camera in there this is probably gon na come first, but if youd rather see the toothpick version of this in the in a in the video later before that one.

Let me know in the comments but um. This comes with some updated 0702 motors and not sure if its camera will focus there, we go so. These are 0.702s 23 000 kv. Now this 0702 size motor, i think, is uh theyre saying this was inspired by angry dawn, fpv and then, when i made a review on this model, i guess they had. Maybe given me some my bad information and they when i the way i took it from what they told me, is this whole model was inspired by him, but then i found out afterwards that it wasnt it was just the motor, but they actually got the motor Kv wrong as well um – and i was told it was supposed to be 20 000 kv, so this was originally 26 000 tv, and you know this model here had expressed lrs with the 26 000 kv 0702 motors. If you go back and look at that video and i think this models discontinued by the way – so you cant buy it. If you go back and look at that video, it was um uh, you know not the greatest performer and it was very inefficient. So you had very short flight times, usually um a minute and a half two minutes. If youre flying normally like you know, would race whoop around. So this was kind of a dud and basically has that nice um express solaris board in there, but the wrong motors for this one.

This just really needs like a way to shoot motors. So yeah this one didnt get a lot of love uh, so they went back to the drawing board and i think what theyre saying is um. What angry dawn really wanted was something like this with the o702 motors at around 20 000 kv with the diamond f4, and i think his version was even lighter than this one. This one comes in at i think 17 and a half grams yeah. So my scale comes in at 17.3 grams and happy model is saying that this is the lightest um bind in fly in a 65 millimeter whoop style. That comes, i mean that is actually in existence. Um, probably true, i dont know if anything else is lighter than this. Obviously you can make your own custom one, and you know i know that some people are, you know shaving off parts of the duct here and like using. You know, lighter parts or whatever. Certainly its possible, you need to get the weight down even more if you really strip it down, but this is, you know for a binder fly, uh its pretty pretty well stripped down. This canopy is new compared to the mob flight, six and uh yeah. I know im pretty sure someone is responsible for the creation of that design. I dont know who it is. I went on facebook to go search around but its hard to find stuff on facebook, so i gave up after a little while im sure you guys will name that person down in the comments below but yeah thats um.

This is a part im. Pretty sure someone has put up on thingiverse already but yeah. This is, like you know, kind of an ultra super light whoop and you know comparing it to like your traditional uh whoops that work with the 0 802 motors. You know those are roughly around 20 grams. Sometimes, maybe less sometimes more, depending upon which binder fly you get um. This has way more agility and way more speed compared to the 0802 motor, in some ways, its good and in some ways, not so good. Now i think that, like just for me just the first time i flew this, i was like wow. This is way too fast for me, but as i flew it, some more, i didnt start getting more and more used to the speed. The problem with the speed here is is because the motor is so small. It doesnt its not as responsive to your stick commands in terms of trying to make micro adjustments when youre going really fast, especially in a smaller area, and this is compared to the o82 motor i felt like the oa2 motor was a little bit more um. Well, i think, because it had to do with the fact that it weighed a little bit more it. You could kind of manage the speed a little bit differently compared to this one. I think itll come down to more practice time on this, but you really got to be quick on the reflexes if you want to make adjustments otherwise, youre just going to crashing a lot which youll im just showing you apply all this footage right now of me, Just crashing and crashing and crashing um which this you know, this does a great job.

It takes a lot of abuse and it still works fine, nothing wrong with it um. Well, the board did pop out here and um. If you look at the fact that this board here has only three mounting points because of the way the the board is the the board, the board is designed. Its interesting is that this one and a hard crash would pop out almost every time, whereas when i was flying the mob light 6, its the same thing where it only has three mount points, but it would it never popped out ever in any crash. So i dont know what what that is, i just think its because of the speed. This thing is just so much faster than this compared to you know the 082 motors and that causes a lot of. I guess some crash damage in terms of the board popping out it doesnt mean it doesnt work anymore, its kind of because the the frame is flexible. You start to basically flex the frame and just stick it back in its its. Not a big deal takes about two minutes to do, but yeah the flying characteristics of this uh is really interesting, and i think some people are gon na love it and some people are probably not going to like it. It really depends on whether or not you have the skills to get used to the speed and adjust. You know if you, if you have the ability to make those quick adjustments in mid flight, then this might be a really good motor for you, because youre going to like that sort of agility, but especially on you know in terms of straight line speed.

Its very very fast you can you can build up a lot of acceleration and momentum really quickly with this motor compared to the 0802, which is better for like larger tracks that win more straightaways versus the uh. If you have a lot of like quick, quick turns and stuff, you can still deal with this one you just you youre gon na have to fly slower than you want to, and one of the things about this setup here with this one things i noticed about This 0.702 motor is that when you drop off the throttle to make those maneuvers to slow down, this tends to drop a lot quicker than the 082 and on the lower end of the throttle and im, not exactly sure why that is im. Thinking that, on the lower end of the throttle, it might not have enough rpms to handle the weight, so it drops faster. So you may want to increase your idle value for your throttle at the lower end um. I havent made any adjustments in any of the flights that you see here. I just i fluid with whatever the rates came on there um, you know whatever this ill just show you the beta flights and things i just basically stocks stock settings. I didnt change a thing. I just bound up my transmitter and went and charged up the batteries, and i flew it and by the way it came, it came with two of these um happy model: uh 300 milliamp hour 1s batteries with a ph 2.

0 connector pretty standard. So i think the bottom line here is, if, if you are looking for something with a lot of straight line speed, but not necessarily the ability to do a lot of quick, turns and fly in tight spaces. This is an interesting motor. I you know, i think, im going to have to fly this for a few more months to see if i really like it or not. I think in my smaller space in my small house, its going to be tougher to get used to this motor. I might have to make some adjustments to the way the tune works as well, based on my flying characteristics like, for example, the stock rates that this came with. I thought the roll rate was too high for me um and the uh yaw rate was too low for me for my flying style, those those are probably things that i would adjust. So you you, i think, youll have to adjust those rates for this motor and i like those like, like the rates that i use for the oa2 motor, are going to be different than rates on this motor. So you have to adjust your rates for this specific motor after youve kind of flown around for a while. I think thats going to be like the biggest thing in terms of getting controllability of this model is finding the right tune and the settings and the rates for this, because it you got to really fine tune.

It. I think to get to the point where you feel like you have really good control over it. For me out of the box settings right straight from the factory, you know i feel like i need to do more work here, to get it to the way. I feel like im more comfortable with it anyway, its going to do it for this one well have another video later on the um, the modulus, 7, 1s hd, and also later on for the um toothpick conversion. I always have to pull all the chords out and put it into this frame, but thatll be a little bit later on.