What could i possibly do? All i could think of was eggs and the only thing i had that’s an egg as well. This power vision, egg, yes it’s, almost the size of my head, so what i’m going to do is i’m just going to take it for a flight here and that’s it nothing exciting more than that for easter, so sit back, have your easter eggs and enjoy this Video for the next two or three minutes here we go all right. Let’S make a spot for our little drone. It’S gon na be a super quick setup here. Oh it’s worked better. If i take my gloves off all right, let’s put a battery in here. Oop, did i power that on arms come out arms come out arms come out, arms come out, let’s put the legs down, so let’s turn it on now. We’Ll drop the legs on here. Push the top button up here. Three times one two, three Music: there we go all right. Everything looks like it’s good and ready to go. I think i have control of the camera and i should be able to spin the camera from left to right and look at the different legs there. We go all right, i’ll leave that camera on as it takes off here we go she’s powered on let’s, see if she still flies. I haven’t used this in so long it’s pretty windy out, but here we go it’s going to be loud.

The wind took it there wow there goes the legs. I still. I still get a thrill out of that. With the legs going up, it’s pretty cool here we go let’s see it should be. Recording me now, i’m in the frame i’ll bring the camera down a little bit and there we are right. I’M doing a high speed run here. It Music comes Music.