We are going over the top 10 things you need to know and you’re, probably not going to believe number one Music number 10. What is a ford maverick? Well, it’s a compact pickup truck. Currently, the smallest truck in the ford lineup is the ranger. The maverick is quite a bit smaller than a ranger. If we look at overall length, this vehicle is right around 200 inches, which makes this nearly a foot shorter than the ford ranger it’s nice and compact small great for tight environments, Music, Music, the maverick will be sold in just one bed and cab configuration this. Is it a four door, five seater cab and a four and a half foot bed? So is this the return of the mini truck some 30 40 years ago manufacturers like ford, chevrolet, isuzu toyota. They were all building really compact trucks, but over the years these vehicles have grown and grown and grown, and now the current range of the current tacoma are pretty large. This maverick slots in underneath those vehicles, i think it looks pretty cool or perhaps this is more of a replacement to something like a ranchero or an el camino, a car based pickup truck whatever it is. Let me know in the comment section below because i’m pretty excited for a smaller crop of trucks, Music, number, nine, the platform this new maverick is related to vehicles such as the ford escape and the bronco sport. It rides on the ford c2 architecture.

Now all that means that the ford maverick is a unibody vehicle, unlike the ranger or the f 150, or the super duty that ride on a ladder frame with the body bolted on top the body on the maverick is integral to the structure. This is similar to vehicles like the honda ridgeline and the upcoming hyundai santa cruz. Now, because of this unibody integrated construction, you might notice there is no division between the bed and the cab like you’d, find on something such as the ranger, but just because it’s unibody doesn’t mean that this thing doesn’t have insane payload specs more on that later, Music Number eight, the ford maverick, will come standard as a hybrid, and i don’t mean some mild hybrid system. I mean a full hybrid now being a hybrid. The maverick combines both gasoline and electric technology. So under the hood is a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine similar to what you’d find in the ford escape hybrid, that makes 162 horsepower by itself in the rear of the vehicle. Is a 1.1 kilowatt hour liquid cooled battery. Now the total system output is 191 horsepower when you combine both the gasoline and the electric power systems. The torque output for the hybrid system is 155 pound feet of torque compared to the escape hybrid. The maverick has a slightly beefed up electrical system, so, for example, in the escape hybrid, the electric motor makes 80 kilowatts in this vehicle. It makes 90 kilowatts.

All this power is sent through the front wheels via an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission. The big benefit of this standard hybrid system, of course, the fuel economy – ford, is targeting an epa estimated 40 mpg in the city that’s right, 4, 0 in a pickup truck ford’s of the maverick hybrid will hit zero to 60 miles an hour in 8.6 seconds and Of course, being hybrid, you get the benefits of regenerative. Braking the engine the gasoline engine will turn on and off automatically. You can potentially run this thing at low speed and electricity. Only it’s, pretty cool stuff. The maverick hybrid will have a 15 gallon fuel tank and official fuel economy. Numbers will come closer to launch. The maverick hybrid is only available in front wheel drive with the cvt. However, there is another option: Music. If you are looking for a little bit more capability, you can spec the maverick with a two liter turbocharged gasoline engine. Now this option loses the hybrid system altogether it’s, similar to what you’d find in the ford bronco sport. This engine makes 250 horsepower and 277 pound feet of torque and it doesn’t have the cvt like the hybrid. Instead, it has an eight speed automatic. You can get the 2 liter turbo in both front wheel and all wheel drive as well. So if you’re looking for a little bit more capability in the snow, perhaps a little bit more off road worthiness, you can get the 2 liter with all wheel, drive ford says the turbocharged version of this truck will go from 0 to 60 miles an hour in About 7.

8 seconds, so almost a full second quicker than the hybrid version Music number six, the ford maverick has a four and a half foot bed, but it’s got some pretty clever engineering let’s go ahead and check it out Music. First of all, when you open up the tailgate, the total usable length extends to six feet, which can be handy for bicycles or maybe even a dirt bike. Ford calls this the flex bed and they do tell me a four by eight sheet of plywood will fit on top of the wheel wells. Add to that the fact that you can actually position the tailgate in a couple of different areas. In theory, you could run a piece of plywood out here. Have it stay on top of this tailgate, nice and flat, and you can see that the tailgate cables will actually move up here to the latches they’ve been designed to work like that now, the bed of the maverick is a steel construction it’s, not a composite bed Like you’d find on something such as the toyota tacoma, and it also has tie downs throughout ford, says that these tie downs are rated up to 1100 pounds just like they would be in a ford. Super duty. You’Ll also notice these cutouts in the side of the bed. If you want to create your own divider system and ford, has also included a 400 watt inverter back here, Music. Another interesting thing in the back of the maverick has to do with the power supply.

So ford was noticing that customers were often tapping into the 12 volt supply, maybe from the tail lights to feed accessories. So they’ve actually done that, for you there’s now an integrated 12 volt power supply on its own fuse that you can tap into. If you want to power things off of 12 Music, volts number five capability, ford says that the hybrid maverick with front wheel drive can tow a maximum of 2 000 pounds. However, if you get the 2 liter gasoline turbo engine, there is a max tow group available which will allow you to tow up to 4 000 pounds in terms of axle ratio. The standard maverick has three 63s, the max tow 381s. So you can see how the receiver is integrated here in the maverick it appears to be easily accessible with, of course, the points for the recovery chains, which appear to be better integrated than some of the other ford trucks i’ve seen here, of course, is the wiring Connection right there now the other cool thing about the maverick. If you get the max tow group, the one that can tow up to four thousand pounds, it also has an integrated trailer, brake controller. You’Re. Probably thinking do i need a brake controller for four thousand pounds. Well believe it or not in a lot of states. Yes, you do it’s, of course, a safety thing. The big standout number, though, when it comes to capability, is the payload rating.

The maverick hybrid has up to 1500 pounds of payload capability that’s a lot when you look at the ranger in a lot of cases. Rangers are also in that territory 15 to 1600 pounds, and this is much smaller than a ranger it’s, not uncommon, to see midsize trucks with well under a thousand pounds of payload rating, so 1500 is super impressive and the other cool thing about the maverick is you Can put the entire payload in the bed? Obviously not the driver but minus the weight of the driver. You can place the entire payload in the bed. If we look at this vehicle’s competition, like the hyundai santa cruz hyundai says you can only put about 600 pounds or so in the bed, so that’s a pretty big advantage for the Music ford, four, all wheel, drive and off road capability. If you get the maverick in all wheel drive once again, you can only get the all wheel drive with a turbocharged engine. The maverick has a single speed transfer case and it’s a similar setup to what you’d find in the ford broncos sport. Now, unlike the bronco sport, if you get a badland broncos sport you’ve got this crazy rear. Diff. With this twin clutch setup, the maverick can only be had with a single clutch setup in the rear end. So maybe not the same levels of capability, but we’ll get it on the trails to find out what that’s, like the good news is, though there is an optional fx4 package here’s.

What that gets you the fx4 package includes exposed front tow hooks. It gives you, under body protection, updated suspension, two choices of tire, including a falcon wild peak option. The fx4 also has different drive modes. So if you get that fx4 offered package, you lose a sport mode, but you gain a mud and rutz mode. You also lose the eco mode, but you gain a sand mode. Total ground clearance with the all wheel, drive version is right. Around 8.6 inches total ground clearance with the front wheel, drive version is 8.3 number three, the interior. Now, the inside of the maverick is very different than something like a ranger or an f, 150 or even a super duty. I really like the use of interesting plastics materials and just the overall design. It feels very youthful very adventurous now, for example, this white material almost looks like a granite. You see it here in the door panels, you see it on the dashboard. The infotainment screen is an 8 inch system, looks pretty good and i like the little cubby next to it. It does have the rotary shifter that you see in the middle steering wheel pretty similar to what you’d find on like a ranger. This one, of course, has the conventional gauges as well, pretty roomy on the inside a lot of integrated safety tech as standard as well. So, looking pretty good on the inside very interesting seats on this xlt, this is a hybrid xlt you’re.

Looking at right now almost looks like a dark blue denim with the orange stitching and then kind of this gray upholstery up top. It is all fabric but looks and feels high quality now stepping into the back seat. This is roughly my driving position at six foot. One well honestly, i don’t fit as tight as i thought i would headroom feels very good. Knee room is definitely acceptable. I like how they scalloped out the back of the front seats and there’s some other cool stuff back here check out what happens when you lift up the seat, cushion so on this truck the maverick hybrid. Interestingly enough, the 12 volt battery lives right about here. So you do lose some under seat storage, but super deep bins back here really usable. I could see this being very handy, for you know people adventuring and going out, and even just general storage. If you get the non hybrid, the 12 volt battery is relocated, underneath the hood, but the cool thing is the high voltage battery in the hybrid is completely out of the way it’s tucked up underneath, so you don’t have to deal with it now. Some other interesting aspects, i’ve noticed on the interior of the maverick tons of storage, cubbies, they’ve, really emphasized places to put things very deep and usable door bins in the maverick lots of little cubbies throughout the inside here very, very large set of armrests. They said they put places to incorporate like one liter bottles, uh stuff like that, and you can definitely feel that.

I also like these little exposed screw head. You see throughout so there’s some here in front of the passenger on the dashboard they’ve incorporated it down here. In the door, seats feel pretty good comfort. Wise, like i said, love the material. This xlt trim, of course, does have heated seats and heated steering wheel as well as automatic climate control, yeah it’s, looking pretty good in here i mean it’s, definitely a little tighter than something like a ford ranger, but the the view out the front you’ve got this Big kind of sculpted hood, which is pretty cool, rotary, shifter it’s worth noting as well. Some people love the rotary. Some people dislike it volume and two knob. This xlt still has a conventional key. New ford fabric is going to be available in three trims: xl xlt and lariat. Actually, four trims there’s also a first edition kind of like a launch edition. That’S gon na be bright red race red with the black roof, and these cool wheels um excited to see what that looks like in person now, competition wise, currently there’s, only one other compact truck coming to market, that is, the hyundai santa cruz we’re gon na have To wait and see if gm responds, maybe it’s delance’s response, maybe a subaru does something, but currently yeah maverick and santa cruz. Now, comparing the maverick to the santa cruz there’s still a lot we don’t know. Hyundai does say that the santa cruz is able to tow up to 5 000 pounds, which is 1 000 pounds more than the ford.

It also has slightly more power in its biggest engine. Now it doesn’t have the standard hybrid, but it does have an integrated bed. Trunk we’re gon na have to get both of these together and see how they compare side by side. The ford maverick will be assembled in mexico alongside his cousin, the bronco sport, and then we come to number one pricing and availability, so the maverick is gon na start at wait for it under twenty thousand dollars. Nineteen 19 995 dollars that would make this more affordable than something like a base: honda, civic for a pickup truck with a hybrid. That would also make this, i believe, the cheapest hybrid, on sale, it’s also pickup truck, but just period like like the most affordable, hybrid uh, we’re gon na have to wait and see if that remains true, when this vehicle launches in fall of 2021.. Now i asked what the high pricing was. They wouldn’t exactly tell me, but they would say typical to your average car so i’m. Interpreting that, as like maybe mid 30s is where i think it’s going to top out at, but starting at under 20 000 it’s, pretty wild pretty wild. Indeed, now let me know what you think in the comment section below of the ford maverick. As always, this has been tommy with the fastlane truck check out tfltruck.