I thought you guys might be interested in its really cool uh and its definitely made my drone flying a whole lot more interesting. Um i currently fly the dji mini se drone, and what i found was, i was having some problems with the remote controller and what i mean by that is. I was having some problems fitting my phone into the remote, the handles that hold it um, due to it having a case on it. But i didnt want to take my phone out of the case every time just to put my phone into the remote control to fly. My drone its too much trouble too much chance to drop a phone and break it. So i had to come up with a solution and i also wanted to explore uh, possibly going to a tablet further down the line, so i started looking on amazon, i did find one on amazon that i really like its called a hana torah uh. I guess thats, how you say it: hannah torre uh its an aluminum and plastic uh tablet holder, and i have it with me today: uh it comes in this really nice bag, its a really nice bag to keep all your pieces of parts together, somewhat manageable in Size, it is currently today when i looked on amazon, its 19.99, its made of plastic and aluminum, and if you have prime, of course, you get the free shipping. Now this unit measures uh 4.

72 inches by 7.52 inches, which is a manageable size. It will support a telephone and tablets from 4 to 11 inches in size. Now. One thing it does say that it does not recommend is to use a 12.9 ipad pro with it apparently its too large to fit in it and be uh strong enough, but that type that size of tablet is pretty big, so uh just some interesting little facts About ill show it to you here, as i have it im going to show you the way it comes um. It actually comes in some pieces, and you have this piece. This piece is the part that goes in your remote controller. Okay, you have the actual phone holder portion, you can see, it has a spring load and on the back kind of like a phone holder for your car, it has a place to screw on a nut. It does come with two different type: nuts. It comes with a plastic nut, which kind of worried me a little bit when i looked at some of these on amazon, because the plastic nuts uh, like for telephone holders in the car they tend to break and that that kind of worried me so well. That was a concern, but it also just to show you what else it comes with. This is the bag that some of the parts came in. It also comes with a metal nut, and this is made of aluminum its gold in color uh.

So if you break the plastic one, you have a metal one. It doesnt really need to be tightened that tight uh from what ive found from using it to think that im going to break the blast, but it is nice to have a backing just in case now. The unit when all put together will rotate 360 degrees, itll rotate 45 degrees up and down, so it can tilt depending on how you want the angle of your device and it weighs only 5.6 ounces. This really doesnt weigh much at all telephone added to it or a tablet. Added to it, then you start to notice a little bit of the weight, but otherwise its not too bad. It does have a pretty good review rating on amazon, its a 4.6 stars out of five and theres 241 reviews for this okay theres, a bunch of them look the same uh. I dont remember why i picked those up and i guess it was because i had the metal note with it, but theres a lot that look the same. Some of them didnt appear to be quite as good as some of the others, but ive been very happy with this one. So far now one thing i do recommend if youre going to run a tablet or a telephone understand now this is going to put your your device up above your controller, so the cables that come with the dgi are short theyre only this long and thats, because They only go from the remote to the phone which is in the handles of the remote, but i do recommend the hana torah.

8.14 inch, cable, okay, you can buy a cable, you can buy it with a c connection. You can buy it with a mini usb connection. You can buy it with a apple, lightning connection. That way you have one that will work. Okay, so im going to show you a little bit about how this goes together. Uh its flat has a hollow bottom. On that side, you can see its a little bit deeper, so we can get the light on right. You see these two little balls right here and what they actually are. Is you push from this side and you see it come out and you push from this side and you see it come out. Okay, you see a little bit better. That way, you just bring them up together, like that, okay and what i always do and what youre going to learn, because i didnt do this a few times. I had to put it together a few times till i figured it out, you know, youre out, are you ready to fly youre not ready to play with all this stuff, so you have to kind of figure it out. So take your nut. Put it over the ball: okay, once its over the ball, take your phone holder a little round piece on the back, and it will actually snap. You probably heard that okay, so now you can see us together, but its not very tight, bring your nut up screw.

It on snug now we got a good connection. Okay. Now, what im going to show? You is the way that i do things if im going to use my phone, the orientation needs to be like this okay, so your remote handles are here and here and ill even show you on the road in just a moment, and your phone would be wide. This way, which is for the best viewing okay, if youre, going to use a tablet, rotate the whole assembly this way, okay, and that way, your tablet thin side to long to long now, i dont have my tablet handy that i normally use, but i do have An older kindle this is a eight inch. I believe it is one that i use around the house and ill stick it in here. Just so, you can see what it looks like okay, so this is what it looks like mounted in there, as you can see, im holding it by this, and you can see it. Doesnt fall. It doesnt move its not very tight. The nut is not on very tight at all, just tight enough to clamp the wall, and you can see it holds a tablet. This is an 8 inch kindle made by amazon, which is pretty comparable in size to the ipro ipad minis. What i normally use right now is a samsung a7 light, which is basically this size as well, and it will hold it as well.

It has good tension its not going to fall out okay. Now let me show you im gon na mount it into the control. So you can see what it looks like if you have a mini se, youre, probably familiar with this controller. This is the controller i am the idea behind. It is these little arms move. They actually fold completely out of the way when you put it away, so it fits in the case smaller, but they pulled out like that and then youll see a groove here and here and one here. Okay and the idea behind that. Is you put your phone in that and that cradles your phone and then you squeeze it together and it holds your phone so now, when youre flying, you have your phone right here: okay and youre, holding up the whole control, okay, so about the same size as A phone all right, so the way i do mine is, you can put it in this way or you can turn it around this way. Okay, so heres, your remote lets move it. This way, i like the weight to be closer to the actual control okay. So we just put it in those two grooves we squeeze the little handles down, and this is now what it looks like. Okay, this is what it, what what you see now im gon na put that same tablet back in here. So you can see what it looks like mounted.

You do have to be a little familiar with your sticks, uh. If youre a new flyer learn your sticks, which one does what so you dont have to think about it. You dont have to actually see them when youre trying to fly, and the reason is because, once you have your tablet in there, your sticks disappear. Okay, so see now, your sticks are behind your tablet. But when i hold it, you can see that the tablet kind of rests on my arm on both sides when im holding it, and i can run my controller either with the pinch method or with the thumb method. Okay. So now, when im holding it, as you see, i have complete access to my controller either way. I want to run it. Okay, complete access. My tablet sits up a little bit higher. Oh, that is really crooked. Okay, so my tablet sits up a little bit higher and, as you can see when i turn it back towards me, it does not move okay, so this is a very good holder. One other fancy thing that it comes with that. I really like. Yes, pardon me uh, even though im just starting to learn to use this portion of it um Music, one of the wise people that runs drones on youtube says you got ta, learn to trust the the tech and well. You got to learn, trust, detect, thats true and once we start getting all these pieces and parts put together, sometimes youre just trying to fly and not use all the parts.

So one of the other things it does come with. Has a nice nickname, lanyard nice heavy duty, clip on it his spring loaded, okay, it is adjustable, it does say the future possible on there and your tablet holder has another hole in it and that hole. I can do this while im on camera hold on just a moment that hole is for your lanyard. So now, if i want to hang this around my neck – and i need to do something with my hand, sure im going to secure this, because i dont want to bang it into anything im going to hold one hand. While i do something with the other hand, but i can put it around my neck while im doing this – and i can do what i need to do all right so, as i said, just wanted to come to you with a little review. This is the hana torah tablet. Holder well put a link down in the description to this on amazon. If youd like to go to amazon, i dont make anything on amazon uh. If you, if youve watched any of my videos, you know that uh. This is probably my fifth or sixth video. This is all new to me. Im getting im learning trying to teach my kids theyre trying to teach me so im learning. I found something i really enjoy, which is drones, um, so im gon na try to make some educational videos.

I will try to share some flights with you. As i say, this is the hannah taurus build h, a n, a t o r, a hanna tora. It is a tablet holder, its made of aluminum plastic. The majority of it is aluminum. There is a plastic nut in here. Okay, it is as of today, which is january 24th 2022.. It was 19.99 when i went online and looked at it to get a refresher of the information about it, its good to have it a good tablet holder. I highly suggest it. I would show you my phone in it, but my phone is what i do record on, but it is a good way to step up from a telephone to a tablet. If you should desire to. As you can see, i mean its eight inch. Tablet fits very well even though kindle fire wont run the apps for some reason, thats why i run the samsung tablet um, but i do use my phone or to use the kindle identifier all right folks, if, if you like my video, please like id love for You to subscribe im gon na try to put videos on more um, as i have the time to do this, as i learn, because this is youtube, is a strong learning curve, so im going to try to put more videos, i hope you like them. This is the first time youve actually seen me on video because im not a big camera guy um, but i did want to put this out there and ive got a few more products that im going to review as well, and maybe, if you were like me, Had never owned one of these things didnt know anything about them, uh, the first one that we bought hold on one second, first, one that we actually bought was the holy stone hs210, which, if youve, never seen this thing.

The tablet is as big as it is. Anyway, the drone itself is very small, but even though it is a small drone, it is a blast and i have a good time flying them in the house. Uh we actually own three of those. I have uh two boys, and so they got one for christmas and i got one for christmas and i fly around my living room and its cold when its raining its just not a good day to fly outside and i just have fun with them. So im gon na try to do some more product reviews on some things that i bought some things that i found work, some things that i found dont work. Some things have been returned to amazon once you find out that they dont work but im starting to put together a little system and things are starting to come good. As i say, if you like, my video, please come back tune in subscribe. Give me a thumbs up help me build this thing. Lets make it into something im, not really about the money uh. I know that theres, a lot of youtubers that make the money im more about lets, share a hobby and enjoy things. Okay, hey thanks for coming by thanks for giving me a few moments for your time, thanks for checking out this tablet, holder and, as i say, ill put a link down below uh. If you want one click that link jump over there to it, i dont make any money its just a link to it to make it easier to find because theres so many things on amazon, hey have a great day.