Unfortunately, the clouds were coming in, so it was kind of expected and its the day after halloween two and what happened for the most part. I guess not much, it was pretty quiet, i guess some places they had. Some drone light shows thats kind of interesting this ones. By what the sky elements you can see, theres various shapes funny enough. The fireworks and stuff are actually banned here, like they actually now require you to get things like some kind of license and all that just to fire like a firework – and i guess it makes you wonder – for stuff like this using drone light shells funny enough, unless Its under 250 grams, technically illegal and stuff too, it kind of shows the example where it stifles so much. I guess innovation and creativity. Imagine someone wanting to do this for fun in their backyard during halloween, just create like a little mini light. Show you wouldnt be able to do that huh in the meantime, i guess well have to rely on bigger companies to do stuff like this. It actually makes you think when will stuff like this be available for the regular consumer being able to do their own quote. Drone light shows out of the box in a simple way, or are people going to be terrified about the safety issues if someones literally flying like drone lights, one meter in the air or something like that, although for bigger drones, more news about the mavic 3? And this time, dji at first released this saying image above everything itll be november, 4th so coming soon it almost looks like its design of the mavic 3 lens, so i think its pretty obvious thats whats coming, but if it wasnt obvious enough, i dont think theyre.

Even trying, if you look in the picture on the right side, it actually says like havoc there. I dont know if that was just an oversight or they did that intentionally. But at this point it seems, like almost everyone knows everything about the drone price estimates specs and all that, but it is coming soon so well get official details or maybe you wont even have to wait that long. Apparently, a review got leaked if thats, what you wanted to say, it seemed like the person accidentally published their mavic 3 review too early, because from this one here, the color b photography you can see. The person has the mavic 3 from what i gather it. Doesnt, look like its the one, with the smart controller and so forth. You can see everything from the hardware weve seen except this time. Youll actually see someone using the item. Everything is in chinese, though, in terms of the presentation. What could we get out of this? For the most part, i think the most interesting thing was just the camera. I guess quality, whether or not you would think this is what you would expect or confirmation from the leaks, for example, the lens filter, as you can see. Basically, the person has it right. Next to the drone, camera and so forth, so you can use it to replace it, and one thing i thought that was interesting was the zoom details. This thing was supposed to have zoom capabilities, and you can see here they show first times one zoom times.

Four then a 14 and then a 28.. Now obviously from looking at this, its safe to say this isnt like a pure optical, zoom, thats, partially digital as well so youre, basically seeing the picture quality degradation as it goes higher and higher. Obviously, for the price of the drone, though, that would have been a good value. If this thing was like 28 times optical zoom, okay, then i could justify, for example, just the value of it being potentially five thousand dollars us, for example, like we saw the other day other than that some general picture quality. So you can, i guess, judge whether or not its worth it theres. Actually one part of the video where he has the drone kind of facing a diagonal on the scared of like wow arent, you concerned about damaging the drone, then again it might be a loner. Just like a review, it makes you wonder too, are all these leaks, so to speak intentional or not in some cases, it just seems like its a little too.