Along with me. I particularly enjoy getting a graduated filter in there, as well as nd and polarizing filters together. Well, just in time for spring, hider have brought out an update to their popular medium sized m10 filter, holder system and theyve simply called it. The mark ii version. The system is 225, with one adapter ring and a polarizing filter about an average price there and id like to thank haider for sending me one of these filter systems for testing, although, as usual, this is a totally independent review. The first thing to note is that there will be absolutely no difference in image quality whatsoever between using this and the original m10 filter. In fact, i hope you dont mind, but im borrowing, one or two of these nice sample pictures for my review of that original filter, because the filters they use are in fact exactly the same in quality. Hide as filters remain sharp, tough, relatively colour, neutral and reasonable value for money. Also, the m10 mark ii has the same parameters as before. It still accepts hyders, handy drop in filters and also up to three 100 millimeter square filters at the front. Its maximum filter ring size is 95 millimeter and you have to purchase adapter rings separately to find out a little more about the original m10 system check out my review theres a link in the description below. However, this mark ii version has a number of little improvements in how it works which ill take you through now.

Firstly, its a little easier to remove and replace the square filter holders at the edges of the device to upgrade them to hold three different filters on the front you dont need to screw and unscrew them in and out anymore. Secondly, the locking lever has been redesigned, making it easier to lock the device into position onto the adapter ring on your lens, especially if youre trying to use only one hand. Thirdly, the drop in filters are being reissued to have an aluminium body to them, rather than plastic swings and roundabouts. On that change there i think the metal drop in filters will be tougher, which is nice, but theyll also be heavier and ive found that they dont slide into the filter holder quite as smoothly as the older plastic ones, but they are all cross compatible, which is The main thing – and the final upgrade is that theres now a tightening dial on the side to help you lock the rotation of the filter system and that could actually be really helpful for time lapse. Photography or any other application. Where you need your filters locked firmly in place ill also mention that hyder have now brought out their interesting black mist filters for the m10 system. You can now get drop in ones which i enjoy using for video work and ill put a link to the review of those in the description below as well and well thats it. Those are the changes overall.

The hyder m10 mark ii is a nice little incremental. Upgrade to the original m10 filter holder system, its evolution, not revolution here, although the new features certainly do help it to compete a bit harder with its rivals.