This thing features a rechargeable battery from what i see is this a first for nerf. This is amazing. They’Ve never actually figured this out and they’re, including rechargeable batteries with their products like that. Would be amazing, wait! No! No! The actual chair scout. The drone has a rechargeable battery, but the remote that you cut that comes with uh. It requires its own battery, so they have figured it out. They haven’t figured it out yet because i have to go. Buy batteries again, no you’re driving me nuts, with this battery thing figure it out already so let’s not get stuck in those details right now, let’s let’s get into this bad boy. So this thing uh has four radio channels, so i guess you can toggle between them to get the best frequency for yourself. It actually sends you a live feed to the controller, so you can actually watch what you’re doing at the same time that you’re doing it you’ve got the all terrain tracks, which is awesome. The darts are the standard n strike darts that you can use here. It says speed of 215 fpm, which is feet per minute and that’s with a full charge battery supposedly nerf. How am i supposed to know what this means? Why is this even on the box noobs but it’s on the box, and i ready for you guys that’s what it says and we’ll. Maybe we’ll figure that out at some point what that means, but guys seriously, not foreplay, and by that i mean enough talking.

Let the unboxing begin: hey let’s! Do this fellas let’s! Do it? Okay, oh let’s, see what we got quite excited to see. What’S inside here guys, oh yeah, here we go here’s the lower part. Lower part of the body looks pretty crazy all right. What do we got here? We got the clip the mag. I mean open that up pop that there, okay here’s the remote yeah. This looks not too bad to hold feels good as you grip it, not bad all right, let’s, move on what else we got here. We got here: okay, we’ve got some darts. Oh here it is here is the rechargeable battery wow nerf. You actually included this. This is awesome, so i don’t have to go out and buy 10 more batteries. Great got the battery charger here. Awesome! Cable! For that. What else we got here, it’s, nothing and right now, yeah! This is the top part of the drone instructions. No okay! Now here we go. This is quite large. I didn’t expect it to this big it’s kind of cool all right. So what we’ll do right now is uh let’s put this bad boy together. I think we got to grab this cable out here this cord and um assuming yep here it is on the top part. So we want to connect these two together, yep right all right. There we go there’s, the bad boy, tara, scout, rc, all terrain drone. Now, if you haven’t seen me unbox that uh old school spider thing, teradrome click on this link up here and it’ll, take you to the video you can check it out.

But this thing here is 10 times better. Already i can feel it. I can feel it. It just looks awesome too. This thing looks mean powerful and possibly unstoppable, but we’ll see about that so up front here, as you can tell it’s got the standard, uh, nerf n strike barrel, uh it’s got the standard clip or the mag here that comes into the side, um something i i’m, Not a fan of you get up here. You got some rails, so you can put some attachments to that too, or down here as well. Uh you pop the battery in there and that’s how it will actually operate, and the controller takes the batteries down here as well, so that’s where the batteries go now one thing i would do as an instant upgrade to this thing. I don’t like the mag sticking out here, it’s kind of weird i don’t like that it’s weird, instant upgrade would be to drum it and by drumming i mean stick a drama baby bam instant upgrade. You got 25 darts now, instead of the 18 here garbage, because this thing this thing on here sticks out, look how much it sticks up. I don’t like that because, as this i’m sure as this thing goes and not it goes around objects, it’ll get clipped, it gets stuck on things and walls and chairs corners like that and that impacts where it needs to go. So this thing right away makes it compact already and it can probably go into uh tighter areas than with this thing, sticking out so that’s.

One thing i don’t like nerf, you could pop the clip in here and i made it on the side here in the back of it anywhere but the side, because that was that’s just ugly. Look at this thing now a lot better huh down here you got the sliding doors you can clear out any jam. That might happen. Also, the sd card goes on the top right here, there’s a little area and that’s how you pop the sd card in there. You know what let let me post the video right now let’s. Do a demo i’m going to put the sd card in we’re, going to record and i’m going to shoot uh what this thing sees and the quality and the resolution compared to the video that i’m recording right now so so here take a look guys, here’s. The footage straight from the drone – this is off the sd card. I don’t know you judge it for yourself the quality and everything else. Is it good? Is it worth for you to buy this and you actually record whatever this thing is doing for myself. I, like my video in hd these days: okay, 1080p minimum. So you can’t tell me they can’t make something like that: i’m sure they could. So if i’m spending 200 nerf either give me hd, video or don’t put that feature in there at all, just a suggestion. So i can’t approve that i don’t like it but hey let’s fire this thing on let’s power, the remote and see the features that it comes with all right.

So the batteries to it go right in here here we go four duracell great. You couldn’t put a rechargeable battery in here as well, there ah anyways, moving on let’s close that off and now the part that i’m pumped about is the rechargeable battery, which i didn’t have to go and buy uh. It goes down below here, so let’s unscrew. That part Music, all right battery, connects to the cable here. Okay, let’s do that right, like that pop that in close it off here, we go put the lid on good put it back. In there we go okay, put that there let’s uh let’s power on the uh controller; okay, press the power on the drone dirt logo. Yes, so it looks like it’s sinking as soon as you power the two on. So, as you can see, it’s live feed baby as i’m talking it’s time, yeah i’m talking here, it’s like four things at once happening here. So this thing is sending our live. Feed it’s not recording, yet got the camera recording. This gopro is recording it. Okay, so let’s look at some of the controller features here, so uh we’ve got the left little sticker. Oh, that goes so okay, so that controls the reverse and forward motion of this drone, all right so i’m. Assuming this right stick can create the track. So turning left right, pretty cool uh underneath here or on the bottom of the uh, the other side of the controller.

We have some trigger buttons, so let’s try the left one. What does it do so left one as you press it down the uh that’s for aiming so you know, aim up go up. This will go down quite cool and i’m. Assuming this is the the right uh trigger is the trigger button, so let’s press that yeah there we go. Oh yeah see that let’s see let’s, see if you guys can see it. Wow cool let’s, see if we can shoot this fridge. Oh, oh, oh got! It got it all right, let’s see if we can shoot the fridge. You guys see the fridge to the gopro. Yeah let’s shoot it. Oh there. It is right there let’s see if we can shoot yeah the post, wow cool guys. This is this is quite cool. So far i got to get the controls down, but uh, not bad. This thing can pop a wheelie. You see that wow it can pop up really guys i’m pumped. So that covers the basics. You see the triggers here right side. We got the aim up down. Uh forward backward motion left right, um, so that’s kind of basics of it. Let me bring this thing closer all right, so i think uh this thing here as well yeah this clips in here. So so you just pick it up. Take it to go so now that we cover the basics of this thing, let’s get into some field tests and yes, i’m, going to use the modded darts, not these stock ones that it comes with i’m, going to switch the darts we’re going to use the illegally Modded ammo baby we’re going to place a target at a random secret location in the house and we’re going to see if we can locate the target with the stair scout and take it out, eliminate the Applause, Music Applause, enemy, Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Applause, Applause, Music, so that was sweet guys we were able to maneuver this thing all around the house went on the carpets and back on the hardwood with no problems and, as you saw, the gunverse gun legal mod that we applied to our darts worked really well with this And so now we come to the final test that i want to put this thing through i’m gon na create an obstacle course for this bad boy, i’m gon na play some two by fours i’m gon na play some nerf blasters darts and see.

If this thing can maneuver around it and get to the other side, let’s go test that out huh let’s. Do it all right guys, so we got some ammo here we got some empty boxes, two by fours, nerf blasters. We got some mags out here, pillows anything! You can think of. We put it out here and let’s see if the drone can actually get to this whole area without any of this stuff, stopping it wow that flipped it over let’s see if we can try this one more time, all right. That was awesome again if you haven’t clicked like this thing, click like right now. This thing was able to get through most of the things that i threw at it. As you saw it’s quite impressive. It can. It can find its way around things. Let’S put it out so overall, my first impressions that i had, and i said it was ten times better than that initial terra drone spider that that nerf came up with that stains. True it is. This thing is ten times better. It was very fun to drive around and shoot things keep in mind. This thing is very loud, so it’s, not a stealthy thing. You can’t really sneak up on anyone with this thing i mean it is a tank, so it’s it’s meant really to bust through things and get people out of rooms quickly. One thing that annoys me is the crappy footage that it records.

I need some hd. I need some 4k 2k something there give me something or don’t feature it at all. Okay, i can’t recommend recording any of that footage. Your best bet is to strap a gopro here and record that, but then again you don’t get the sights and things like that. So you can’t properly aim, but again, if i have to go, get a gopro now and spend 200 on this and 300 400 on a gopro that’s a lot of money for trying to get the proper footage that this thing show just came up initially with you Know to be nerfed, you should have just gave me that proper footage right away in this thing also the side loading is the problem, get that sorted out nerf up here down here, i don’t care below whatever it is just don’t. Do it on the side, so it doesn’t get stuck in things. Thing is overall, this drone is pricey, so you’re gon na drop 200 over 200 on it and i’m, not sure if i can justify dropping that much money on an rc tank, but here’s the thing overall. At the end of the day, you don’t send a drone to do a man’s job or a boy’s job. Whichever way you want to look at it, you might drive around a few times shoot at a few targets, get that out of your system, but at the end of the day, you’re going to want to put down the rc controller and take an actual blaster into Your hands and take out some enemies because the sheer feel of a trigger and taking someone down feels a lot better than holding a rc controller in your hands and shooting them.

So what i would recommend is go to a store pick up some nice decent price. Blasters and invite some friends and go at it baby have a nerf war. Okay, save some money. Don’T buy this thing. I drove it around for you. You can rewatch some of the footage and and kind of look at it and have your fun that way. Okay, you don’t need to have this. Save your money, save your parents money in the end. I hope you guys like this unboxing and review of the rc tank. I hope i gave you all the info that you guys need to decide for yourself if you want to get it or not and hey if you haven’t subscribed to our gun vs gun channel. Yet please do so now, i’m going to put that little circle right here. The subscribe circle put it right there baby, just for you guys, so you guys can click it and subscribe to our channel.