. This is made by a u.s company called rar waves based in texas, its a very small company, if its not a one guy company, and they offer some monophonic synths analog and some kits diy for monsoon thins or things like that for uh transforms light into sound. I have already made a demo of that if you want to check on my channel. So this is the grendel command drone commander 2.. I have a band of version 1, something like 10 years ago when it was in the hammer cams, and i was really like the sound of it, but the lake of uh audio input on the cv for the oscillator make me sell it, and now this is The version 2 2020 revision, the 2020 revision dont change, some slightly things. First, if the one volt octave on the Music, 15 volt per octave are now route to the 2 vco, and you have a slightly better signal noise scenario about the grinder, so they sell some pedal version of it and uh back in the past. The offer stand alone, but now they just sell the pedal on this one, so its a very, very deep module. So you need to think where you are going to put it because it wont fit in all the case and at the back you can see they close the circuits. I think this is really nice bull. I love how this thing is built. It feels really solid and on the back you can see you have some trimmer here for other parameter uh in the manual.

They encourage you to test it. But honestly, after a test iphone, the initial calibration was really nice, so what it is basically its a monophonic fins, two oscillator you can mix together with a very colorful bond, pass filter that gives the sound of the instrument to it and, right after a low pass Gate plus some lfos etc for have some fun and back in the past, they offer the standalone version and the expander separately. But now this is one module and you can find here many patch points for a volt, productive, mixing, control, voltage and some out of some pulse or a sweep you can make with the module. So first, as you can hear, one reason for the deepness of the module is a push pull knob and i really like it. They are really really nice to use and feel really solid. I really like the brutality of this module. This is really a reason, especially for the prices sell it. So you have two oscillators switch switchable to square so going to a mix for mixing the two together right after theyre going to the bone pass filter. If you pull the knob, you have access to another round outer range of the filter. This is practically the only one knob you can pull and push for change range of the actual parameters. Practically all the other settings are more on off switch on the right. After this filter is going to the low pass gate and you you can really remake some arizona sub and base with it and uh the best idea for showing you how you can do that its doing it.

So i will pour it and show you how you can exploring parameters on how we can sound. So i just power it, and if you want to hear some sounds the first thing you need to do its uh pull this envelope. Knob because, as you can see here, its explained the envelope nor when its pushed its falling the envelope and what is pull its rise, so here its slow, it is frustrating lets start in the middle and just pull here. And here is the sound of the grendel drum community, so the first thing were gon na. Do is check here. One oscillator check this knob is a pull because its it will uh change the the routing in the grendel one commodore 2 on the skip. The bomb pass feature which is very colorful, so were just going to start to heal the oscillator. The next thing on right. After im, gon na show you the bomb pass filter, so here is the oscillator 2 actually square, but here is mixing oh Music, all right. So, as you can hear, this is pretty straightforward things. You can do it as uh right here. You can pull as a tempo node for puts pulse wide modulation on this. Since the there are two lfo doing the pursuit, modulation to fix it, frequency and f4, they are mixing together. You can change the rate of of them, but they are carefully mixing for give a perfect movement to the square wave.

So you dont need to use on that things. I love about this since some parameters you dont, need to move it. They are already fine tuned and you are already other parameter. Interaction between you can use so bring back the sound Music. So i put the tempo on off. So there are no modulation active and if you use the pulse knob and you pull it, you can use it as a cutoff for the low pass Music. As soon you will introduce some temple Music here, you are going to deep dive, the gotham, the trenchless about the modulation. So the tempo creates square waves. They are affects by slide on shape parameters, a slide, give a soft edge and the shapes give some even or asymmetric response. There are a demo of the interaction between this on the heart waves website. You need to have a check, definitely for better understanding. All of this, but lets put everything to me, but the quantity of this modulation you can put in the oscillator 1 or in the filter the bond pass if its push and the low pass gate if its pull our via these two knobs or this is for Oscillation Music on the lfo is another modulation and its time its uh triggering its ringing. The sweep knobs its going to affect the bomb pass filter on the boot here. If you want to affect more Music, so just bring back with no modulation and now lets hear no modulation, okay and just now lets hear the bombastic Music.

As you can hear, it had some resonance, sometimes some distortion, its really really an irregular response, but it give or these scenes all these characters. Alright, so lets add some sweep just um Music Applause, so Music Applause, Music Applause. You can hear with really not so many knobs. You can build a complex modulation for the vco on the filter, and this is the interaction between everything that gives a grendel drone commodore 2. This really interesting sound and you can find only here. I already made a wiki concern video when you can see how it work when its cv controlled. You can hear slightly some sun here because of this modulating the low pass gate: Applause, Music, hi Music. So if youre looking for a interesting, strange, monophonic things for a bus line, i really love use it for bus line.