This is 73 pieces and its going to be retailing for 20 in the us. This is recommended for ages, 4 and up make sure like subscribe lets get into it here is the spiderman minifigure included in this set, and overall i love this minifigure. I think all the printing torso printing back torso, printing, dual molded legs, all the printing, all around just looks immaculate. This minifigure is one that we didnt get when the far from home sets came out, but this set did. We did get it in this set, which is branded under no way home, so the branding for these sets is just kind of all over the place. I really like this minifigure and im super glad that we got him and im really glad overall, that hes not in a very expensive set. This set is 20 which well get into because i dont necessarily think its worth that, but for these minifigures i think people are definitely going to fork it up. Spider man does come with some web pieces. He comes with that bigger web piece that be that can be connected using some clips, and then he comes with that string web piece, which is in a ton of sets, but he can just be. You can just connect that to his hand, which is really nice and then, if you wanted to, i guess you could kind of catch up mysterio. If you just take that and then you can kind of have mysterio kind of webbed up, which i think is actually a really nice feature, heres the mysterio minifigure included in this set – and this is another completely exclusive minifigure.

Besides the little fishbowl head up top. But i really like this minifigure – and this is another completely accurate minifigure to the movie, which i love. I really like all the poor, the torso printing and the back torso printing, which i just think really pays off and um really paid off this minifigure um really well. He has some amazing leg printing as well with some footprinting, which i didnt necessarily expect nor see when i was picking up this set, he does have a really cool and interesting color for a face. Now i dont necessarily think that it matters what color face they chose just because this fishbowl head will cover it up, but its nice, that they do include that, because i dont necessarily think that that is too common. He does have that new one um that one whole cape which, in this new purple color, is exclusive and then because this is a four plus set. He does come with a new nice printed panel, which is printed printed, because this is a four plus set, and then he comes with a jewel heres. The nick fury, minifigure included in this set, and this minifigure actually isnt exclusive. This is the same minifigure that came in the far from home sets and it came in that helicarrier set back in 2020, so it really isnt exclusive, but i dont have this minifigure so its nice to see him here. I really like the torso and leg printing kind of continuing down with that trench coat design.

Also, i really like the subtle back torso printing, really nothing special, but i think it pays off overall, not exclusive, but a really nice minifigure overall heres, the mysterio drone included in this set, and yes, this is a very chunky build, but do keep in mind. This is a four plus set, so i would definitely expect something like this from a four plus set. There is actually a play feature with this set. You just push back on this tile right here and then, if you do it shoots out like that, and that is a pretty fun build. They actually give you two more of these pieces. If you do end up losing them, which i think is nice. I really like these 1×4 green translucent tiles. I think that they kind of give this build an interesting look and then this little and then this little, like top section here again very simple, build, but i think is really nice. We do get another one of those um printed pieces which mysterio holds so it is kind of a rehash, but i dont necessarily think that that matters overall, i really like it. I think that its kind of cute, how chunky it is – and i really like how you can have these um, these kind of like other pieces acting as guns, kind of move up and down, not necessarily too interesting, but a cute build overall here is nick furys Car – this is a very simple, but cute build up top.

I really like this 1×4 tile of some bumpers. I think this could definitely be useful in some other four plus sets. I really like these tiles up top. This is a very simple building technique, but i definitely think that it pays off in the middle here. You can actually fit nick fury in his car, which i think is obviously something you would expect, and you can just sit him down and drive him, which obviously is meant to be, and i think that that is a really cool feature. I think that its um, i think that its obviously very thought out necessarily not something that is too um uncommon in lego. I think that, obviously any car that you get youre going to want to drive around, and this is no different. I really like how theyre using some of these translucent pieces just kind of um, implementing that this is a kind of like cop car. You do have some guns on either sides or some clips that you can hold guns, and these are nick furys accessories in this set well now theyre, not necessarily too interesting, but they do use that kind of retro style of they do kind of use that retro Style of blaster, which i love that theyre still using that piece after all this time now in the back here. This is something that i thought was that was kind of interesting. You have this clip here, which i dont necessarily know what that was for.

At the start, when building this set, but i honestly think that its literally just for you to clip any minifigure on this could be nick theory. This could be mysterio, but overall, i think its meant to be spider. Man and i think, while you can have nick fury driving the car, you can just have spider man tagging, along which i think is kind of funny, and i think is something that they necessarily like its not necessarily a play feature its just something you can do. Overall, nick furys car, not necessarily the best build, but a very cute one at that there are two instruction manuals in this set, so parents out there, if you wanted to build this set with your kid one of them could build. One of you guys could build mysterio spider man in the drone, and then one of you could build um nick fury and his car thats definitely a possibility. Something i love in these four plus sets is how they literally walk whoevers building it through, like literally, walk them through the steps which i just think is really funny. They also have it. It takes like multiple pages for them to pick out the pieces and then pick out the pieces, and then they kind of like cheer you on. As you pick them out – and i think thats just really funny and then, as you get farther and farther in the instruction manual, you will see that spider man is walking towards the end, which again i just absolutely love, and that is definitely evident in both of These now they dont have, and they dont have any um advertisements for these sets or for any of the spider man sets.

Besides, this rebuild the world which isnt connected to spider man really at all, but i think thats kind of interesting that they do. I think thats kind of interesting, but they do include two instruction manuals. So if you did want to build them, you could you know im actually really starting to like four plus sets. No stickers. Simple builds and great minifigures youve got me, but i really like this set. I think that all the minifigures are immaculate even that nick fury minifigure. That has been reused in a couple of sets. Although the one thing i dont necessarily like is the fact that this set is 20 now, i dont necessarily think that thats a totally bad price, but i think that if it is going to be twenty dollars, you need to when you need to include another one Of these drones, they really dont have too many pieces in them and i think, for you could still have a 20 price point with those drones or with two of those drones included in the set, but overall not a bad set. I really like it overall. I think the minifigures are incredible. I really like the nick fury card just because its so simple and kind of cute. I really like the mysterio, and i really like the mysterious drone make sure to like subscribe, also turn your notifications. If you want to see more reviews like that, just let me know over on instagram, you can dm me tell me any sets that you would like to see reviews on that.

I have but ill see you guys later.