You absolute legend stew from uav futures here and today well, were going to be talking about the new radio kid on the block. The jumper t a pro, hopefully im saying that correctly jumper t pro multi protocol or radio. It comes with a little special module. Based thing were going to be talking a bit about express lrs talking about some of the similarities, and i got to say theres a few between the dj radio, the tango 2 radio and the jumper will be putting it through its paces, flying it around showing you Some fly footage a bit of a house tour or a property tour. I should say as well. So if you want to see what my new uh pad is like stay tuned because thats, where were going to be flying around while im talking about this radio and all in all, just finding out, should you get it maybe youre new to fpv? You want to upgrade and get a decent radio. Maybe youre uh youve already got an old radio out there, and you think i might want a new one, something for the 2022 fp flyers out. There well stay tuned because this video is going to be for you. Now, first things: first, i want to say, if youre looking at this and youre thinking gee, i could just get a really cheap radio theres, some radios out there for like 40 bucks or something no stop slap yourself in the face.

Do not do that because getting a decent radio is just as important as getting a good set of goggles. It is more important than getting a good drone, so, if youre into fpv, please do yourself a favor having a good radio its in your hands. All the time put your innuendos in there youre fiddling around with it, and it sounds even worse. The best ways that uh you can upgrade your fpv experience, having a good set of goggles and a good radio is gon na serve you so much better than spending all the money on the drones uh. Please, please, please think about investing in a decent quality. Radio. Now, look you dont need to break the bank, something like this, which is like a hundred bucks theres. A few out there ill put some links down below between 80 to 120 dollars are sub up totally totally fine anyway lets if prices dont uh continue. Please, with that out of the way lets get on talking about the radio itself, so you can see it is very, very similar if i can get this in the roof. Cam uh weve got a couple of different radios right here, so weve got the original tango. 2, which was sort of the first one that i saw, and i still use this radio to this day, flying around on tbs stuff and crossfire. I really really like this radio. That is my go to radio. If im only flying tbs stuff um right here, weve got the dji radio and look.

I know you havent seen a video on this but thats because im not a tosser. I really care about this radio, but it looks very, very similar to the radio below it, which is the new jumper, and this bad boy right here has a few pros about it, and also a few cons, a few things that i dont like, and it is Coming in at around, i should put some pictures on the screen somewhere as well about 100 to 120, depending on where you get it from put some different prices and that sort of stuff up there for you guys as well, but lets go through some of the Features that its got before we go around, do that house till we give you a flight and find out what its like, of course, its got an internal module which can, i should be having. I shouldnt turn around and show you this actually so uh its running, open, tx, its got an internal module, its got an internal module right here i should get my trusty chopstick out, which means it can bind up to pretty much most of our traditional quads out There things like fly sky, free sky, any of your toy radios or toy quads that sort of stuff, but i would suggest getting the upgraded version which i think is about 15 more or something you get an express lrs module with it. If you are going to pick this one up – and this is kind of the future of fpv anyway, a lot and a lot of people are switches, but well talk about this a little bit later in the video uh.

If youve ever used opentx before ill put. Some videos down below as well you you know how to use this so theres a couple of videos if youre brand new to the hobby, you can go check that out, but lets have a look. Of course. Youve got your two gimbals up right here and they feel okay a little bit cheap. If you actually ask me, youve got your navigation right here, your menu, your back and forth sort of page things, a little scroll wheel, which is very very similar there. I say to the tbs scroll wheel, which is on the tango 2. um right. There youve got these ridiculous switches up the top, which i guarantee. No one is ever going to use because there, if you can find a use for them, if you can only turn one on at a time which is a bit of a pain, youve got your three position. Switches right here. Look, i use one of them for arming, which is a little bit irritating. I wish it was just a two position switch and then youve got two momentary switches on the top, as well as two potentiometers on the back now. This brings me to my first thing of cons, something i dont like i dont like that, you dont you cant, really use uh these switches here more than one at a time that kind of bugs me so as soon as you turn this one on that ones, Going to turn off and etc, and and also theyre on their own individual channels, but the other part here something i love about my tango 2 and you can see this is where theyve taken the design and the inspiration from, and also a little bit of, the Dj something i love about my tango too, when i press this, this is my arm switch always using that right that hand action was very inappropriate but yeah using my right hand.

Here i like to be able to press that in you can see its deviated or whatever it knows that its armed and it stays in that position. When you press this one its just simply toggling uh its sorry, its an instantaneous switch. So as soon as i let go, then it would be disarmed. So if this was my arm switch id have to arm and hold it in the whole time im flying around. I dont really like that. I dont see a purpose for having two of these. Maybe one if you just want to use one for turtle mode or beeper mode, or something like that, but having them too is a little bit annoying, and this is where ive seen my first mistake with jumper wear theyre kind of just straight up copied some things Without thinking it fully through so like on the dji radio that ive got here, it is the exact same youve just got some switches that simply press in and then they pop straight back out. It is not the same as the tango 2, which at least holds its position when you press it in so i dont really like those im not going to find them useful ive got my arm switch set up on the right, which is in a three position. Switch which look, i would prefer its just a two position: switch on or off yeah quads, either armed or not armed and then on the other side, uh youve got a three position switch as well.

Now, thankfully, for fbb we dont use all that many switches like uh weve got arm switch turtle mode, maybe horizon mode, which i will be using today when im flying around for a bit of a pad tool, but other than that look its uh its a fairly Standard basic sort of radio something i did like if you want to move away im, going to be flying around on some internal fly sky and seeing how the internal receiver goes today, but you can also theres these three little screws right here. This is the module bay uh, believe it or not, and you simply plug this part in right here. I need to get a little uh little screwdriver bear with me. That was not easy anyway, so once you do, that youve got three little screws right here. They simply screw into the back and then uh. You can slide your module. So, in this case, your express lrs module simply clips into the back bobs your uncle now youve got an express module on there that you can be using when youre flying around but im not using that today. However, i would say please, if youre thinking about getting this radio, that is a great option for the price difference uh. I think that goes a long way, youre going to have express lrs, which really is the future. I believe of what our quads are going to be using as a radio link anyway, look thats it the radio on the bench.

I guess we should say how much it weighs it does have this little neat piece if youre, one of those strange people who flies around with a lanyard lets, turn my scales on its coming in at 326 grams, pretty similar to the tango, i think, which is Just slightly heavier at 350. uh, it has two batteries, it runs on 18 650s. Its got reverse polarity protection. I do not like these rubber cases at the back. They uh they just they dont feel premium to me. They feel a little bit cheap and this whole radio does feel a little bit cheap. If you ask me, but look, it is a little bit cheap for some of the other ones out there you can see. Ive got my 18650s in the back right there. They simply slide in. I do like that. Theyre sort of i dont know theyre recessed in here a little bit. They sort of slide down into this whole man, so many innuendos, but other than that they feel a little bit loose as well. So i reckon if you drop this radio, you would be losing connection but youre not going to be planning to that anyway. But look with all that stuff out of the way lets go. Take it for a flight. I should say if it takes an sd card. Uh you can charge it by usb, although i dont know how long that took to charge, i might on charge all night.

I didnt seem to do too much, but maybe these batteries have had it, they are pretty old, it doesnt come with batteries. So add another. Ten dollars on or 20 dollars, wherever you are and uh lets, take it for it. These have really been bugging me, though, since day one, i dont, find the batteries easy to replace whatsoever, so anyway were going to cut to when im flying around having some fun with this radio, and i finally got these back on give you a bit of a House to it and then wrap it up with our final thoughts in three two one: all righty guys were about to take it for a little spin, ive got a little a sheen sort of dji quad. So i can show you some of the footage cruising around the property as well were gon na put this down right here, but first impressions, the radio in my hand, it feels kind of light. You know a little bit small, like some other things that im used to fiddling around with in my hand, oh stupid, thats terrible well lets take it for a spin uh using the internal module so well see how that goes as well. It is a little bit windy, um and hopefully you can see that in shot as well. Hopefully the radios short um, the gimbals feel. Ah, they dont feel the best they feel like. The sticks are a little bit short. I dont know wheres this point.

I dont want to fly up and hit me. I dont, like my arm, switch being on one of these three position switches, but look well just go from there. Hopefully this is going to start recording there we go lets, go for a spin and im going to try and put it in self level mode. There we go were in angle mode as well, because uh i figured that might be more fun. Make it easier to talk about when im flying around right, so here we are going out to the front of the pro. Actually, i cant fly an angle mode that feels terrible. Alright, here we are. This is a little bit better uh the sticks. I dont like the actual sticks themselves. They feel a little bit thin. I prefer my tango two sticks theyre, just a a little bit thicker uh jumping around the back right here. The radio is beeping, probably for some sort of fail safe. You can see heres the greenhouse im building some more veggie patches out there, nothing like sort of making that sustainable lifestyle we got the pool. Do we trust it over the pool? Imagine that for a first flight impression uh, that would be a bit of a thumbs down. If that happened anyway, cruising around more about the radio itself, it feels okay um. It does fit in the hand quite nicely, but the plastic feels a little bit cheap. You could definitely get used to it for a idea.

I say this is like a beginner or a little bit more than an entry style radio, so its not going to be the cheapest of the cheap. But it would be enough that if you had this – and this is all all you could ever fly with – it would be enough. So if somebody said to me stuart, you can only do fpv, but you have to use this. Radio uh. Is that okay id be like yeah sure, no, no problem, uh whatsoever, all right lets. Do this bit of a house tilt right thing flying over weve got our solar panels all about trying to be as self sufficient as possible cruising up to the back. Of course we talked about, i wonder if i can go in the veggie patch. I bet you thats, going to result in me. Walking up there maybe well do that at the end, weve got some little chickens which are around here somewhere lets see if we can find those uh lets go for a cruise up, the back still getting those little fail. Safe warnings and i dont have an sd card in here: uh nope, no chickens up. There got my compost, my worm, bin, all that sort of stuff, ive really becoming a farmer. In my, i guess in my coco days, planting some lemon trees, all that sort of stuff man i dont know where the chickens have gotten to lets, go for a bit of a hunt.

Um look. The radio is fine, its just not going to be my daily driver if youre thinking about getting it id like that it comes with that express lrs module for like 15 extra dollars, weve got a whole bunch of water tanks. On the side here will i be able to make it down there? Oh, oh, oh, ah, its going to be kind of close, oh gosh! We did it anyway. Oh this is bad. The drone flight, not the uh, not the actual thing im going to bring this in for a landing. Then we can wrap it up, but look all in all the decent radio. I dont know what much, how much more i can say there we go. I was looking for the arm switch didnt, quite work uh as intended. I dont like the arm switch on here, but anyway lets uh finish the review in three two one radio. So there it is theres my review of the jumper t pro and overall for a hundred bucks. Look, i dont think uh its not going to be my daily driver. Ive got some other radios im still going to use my tx16s. I should get that its over here, so im still going to be using this radio. I love it. Ive had it for a long time, its reliable its bound up to all my models, this bad boy right right. Here, though, it feels a little bit cheap, which is probably my biggest complaint.

I dont like the arm switch. I love that it comes with an external module it in the hands, its just uh, look its not a bad radio, its, not my favorite radio. I dont know i dont know. Excuse me, let me start that again, i dont know i dont know i dont know uh what more i can say about it other than that look its a its a decent radio have fun with it uh. Let me know what you think down below the links are in there as well. Weve got some american links or race day quads. Some bangers links some other links like that check it out id love to know.