Well, that is for the simple reason that this guy is meant to fly. Obviously, with the controller, as you can see right here, but you can also fly this thing with just an ipad which is pretty awesome and it’s really convenient. Actually you can just have a charged battery. The drone and an ipad can fit into a case like this. One that i have right here, it fits together pretty well another thing, that’s uh that i noticed is, if you take a look at other hubsan models. This one right here is the hubsan h 501s. They look kind of similar, this one’s, obviously much bigger, but you can see similar styles like you can see kind of like how it’s curved has this curved look by the rudders, as does this one and they just overall look like they have a similar build now, Unfortunately, i don’t have any batteries for this controller up got caught up in the charger, but look i don’t have any batteries right here so today for the review i’m going to be flying this drone with the ipad and i’m going to be doing the entire flight Demo and everything with just the ipad but anyways let’s, take a look at this drone let’s, give it an overview so i’m going to put the specs of this drone on screen for you right now, what’s going on guys, so basically audio glitched out here so i’m. Just gon na voice over this, basically all i’m gon na do right now is just turn on the drone, and today, like i’m saying right now, we are flying with the ipad, so you just start off by pressing the bottom or the bottom button.

Anyways and it’s going to make a ringing noise that’s how you know it’s turned on and afterwards you just connect to wi fi. Also, once you turn it on, there will be lights flashing on the bottom, but it’s kind of hard to tell since it’s so bright out. Next we’re going to connect to the wi fi on the tablet. Alright so i’m going to go to settings, wi, fi and then hubsan, h, 507a, and you should be able to see that now we’re going to go into the x hubsan app. So as you can see, x, hubsan, Music and our device enter main interface Music. Give it a second and now you should see a compass calibration screen right there it’s telling us to rotate the drone so that’s. What we’re gon na do i’m gon na put down the microphone and we’re gon na rotate. The drone like this now we’re going to angle it down and we’re, going to rotate it the same way: Music now you’re going to hit the bind button. Alright next step, so it’s, just pairing the Music gps, all right! So just so, you know uh we’re, going to show you some of the features on the app in one quick. Second, all right guys so now we’re just going to take this guy off Music and it is in the air right now. Let’S get a camera view here. Is the aircraft flying it’s battling the wind right now pretty? Well all right guys.

So i guess this is our return to home test it’s right above me right now. I think you can see it let’s zoom in there’s. The drone up there it’s supposed to return to the home point where it took off so we’re gon na see how accurate that is, and i can already tell it’s – not super accurate it’s, probably just going to miss the bench right here and it’s coming down. Yeah way off, but i mean this thing’s pretty cheap, i mean you, can’t really expect too much let’s see if it auto lands and let’s see if it disarms itself or not, and it does – and you give me your opinion Music, all right, so it’s not too Horribly loud and uh anyways the battery’s just about dead, because this thing does not have a long flight time at all all right, so i really enjoy on the return to home, especially how you can either select whether you would return to the controller home location or The actual place of where it took off also to take off it’s very simple. You just need to press the take off button and then hit ok, so it’s really simple, all right guys. So i guess now it’s time for me to show you the photos and videos that we took during the flight i’m, actually pretty impressed with how they turned out put some music to it. Anyways i’m gon na play that right now tell me what you think in the comments below Music um Music, yes, Music, yes, Music! I can tell you without a doubt.

This drone is completely worth the money depending on where you might find it. The range of price for this drone falls between 40 to 70 that’s. How much i would be willing to pay or suggest that you should pay for it. It’S an awesome, drone it’s great to fly and, to be honest, i have a lot of fun with it. So i’m going to be leaving some links below. If you want to pick one up yourself and um, you can 100 guarantee that you’ll be seeing this drone again in my future. Videos plus like a flight test for this guy will definitely happen and possibly even a giveaway.