Today, man, i feel like a kid in the candy shop man fat kid in a cake in a cake shop. You know what im saying man shout out to my boy b over there at tdr drones, e bikes and scooters. You guys, i guess you could say he sent me this for christmas. Thank you. My brother shout out to my boy b over there: tdr drones, e bikes and scooters you guys now. Of course, you guys know i will drop a link below ive been dropping the link for a long time. The boy has sent me so many cool drones and this guy nonetheless is another one. This is the bugs 3 pro you guys now you guys know. I am super excited about this one, because i love mjxrc, i love their quads. I love the bug series and two. I myself have never had a bugs 3 pro. You guys know i i got the bucks 3.. I think ive had since ive been flying. Drones ive been flying drones this christmas now three years. This makes it officially three years. Uh, when christmas is tomorrow its christmas eve today christmas tomorrow, it will be officially three years ago, uh from tomorrow, that i got my first drone for christmas. You guys and ive, been in this hobby ever since, and ive been enjoying it guys. Ive been loving it and i have fell in love with the bugs 3, the original version. Now some of you may ask what is the difference between the pro and the original brux 3? Okay, let me break it down.

The original does not have altitude hold, which i love by the way. You know what im saying i love a sporty flyer, but nonetheless it does not have after it does not come with the camera, though it does come with the camera mount as you can mount with it. Just like this one um, let me see what else uh you could do flips this one does not do flips. It does not have gps. This one has gps. You know im, saying um. This one has the ability to put this little. It comes with this little like uh mount and the other one does too, but this one comes with the you: have the ability to get this 5g camera here you guys this little 5g camera and hook it up and you have the ability to um. Have i cant talk to that? You have the ability to have fpv directly from your phone. You guys now the original bus three doesnt come like that. You have to buy the uh accessories to do that and you can only like put like a gopro or something on it like that, and you can only do like line of sight. You dont really have the actual ability to um shoot and record from the drone itself. Unless you get their camera that you put inside the nose of the bugs three. You can do that, but never here, no or less this guy has gps altitude hold.

You can turn on the altitude hole on and off. It has headless mode return to home, guys uh loss of signal, return to home waypoints all that extra good stuff, and you can get this guy in a couple different kits now. If you get the original version, it doesnt come with the camera either. The original version will just come with the mount. You can put your own um, like action camera that you want to put in just like the original bugs, and then they got where you can get it with a 720p camera and then a 1080p camera. This one is the 1080p, the 1080p yeah man. So once again, shout out to my boy b over there at tdr drones, e bikes and scooters for sending this guy over. Like i said, i will drop the link and then notice how this guy looks way more different than the actual original bug story. I almost didnt even look like the same drone. This guy looks more like a phantom and just like a phantom mixed with the bugs or something like that and got them gold stripes on the arm, the white body like the phantom. This really looks the way the camera looks. Has the big phantomish look, you know and um here is the battery. They also changed up the battery on this guy from the original. Now this has this proprietary connection here, i think its still the same size, 7.4 volt, yeah, 2800 milliamp hours, the same size as the original bugs 3 battery, but just a different connector.

So you cannot use the same batteries from the original on this one, so they changed up the battery and they also changed up the charger as well. Well, of course, since they change up the battery, youre gon na have to charge it a different way and the charger is a different like proprietary style. Connector here is the charger here. Of course, you have this plug this into the wall. You guys has that to go up here here. You have lights on flashing green light, no stay solid. Once this battery is fully charged, you have to proprietary like dongle hanging off that you would slide the battery on so its a different style of charging it. You know what im saying its not the most ideal way of charging it, but it works. And then, of course, you have the mj xrc transmitter here you got your unlock unlock the motor buttons you take off the lan button, return the home photo video button on and off switch headless mode button right here and you have gps on and altitude hold mode. So b, side is gps on a is alpha two hole mode, and then you have your small telemetry screen here, guys antennas up top fpv phone mount and you need four double a batteries for the back of this guy and you should be good to go now. If you do get this guy with the camera with their camera, you need to uh download the bugs go app which ive already downloaded.

So let me go ahead and get this guy booted up now. You guys know this guy requires a compass calibration now im gon na, do it off camera, but i will show you just case. Some of you guys are wondering when you first pop the battery theres, no on and off switch. So when you first put the battery on the the drone, is gon na chime and do its little song and then once you do, that you turn on the transmitter and youre gon na rotate this guy three times around clockwise turn it up on his nose and Rotate it three more times, then all the lights should go solid and you should be good to go just to wait for enough satellites before you take off all right im going to go ahead and do all that the whole process, because my phones set up and Well be good to fly this bugs 3. Pro lets do all right guys, so i have did the compass calibration so, like i said you spin it around three times on this uh vertical, then you spin it up three more times. Horizontal and youll know you got it right guys when the lights go, solid, youll have red lights in the front green in the rear; okay, guys so ive also bound to the transmitter. We are waiting for satellites, so you got 12 satellites so far height at zero. This is a zero were in mode two theres, a telemetry from the tx and uh from the drone.

All right, so all we have to do is hit this unlock button well be good. To go were connected to the bugs go app. I know my phones all cracked up. This is my my little spare phone. I use for my review so never mind that were connected to the bus go app now. This guy does have follow me, uh all that good stuff, but well just see what we test out here today. This is just the first original flight of it. So i dont know if im gon na be testing all to follow. Me were just gon na see how it flies today is just the first initial flight of it guys lets see how this guy flies and let me get a feel for it and well test all that other good stuff on a later date. All right you did, you did did so just waiting to see let it gather some satellites. Hes got like 12 here uh, i think uh. I forget how many it has to have for a sufficient takeoff but 12 or more. We should be all right. We should be all right, i think it goes up to like 18., so make sure this. This is in this is on b thats gps. If you slide it to a thats altitude hold mode and your your uh gps will be turned off. You guys so lets go ahead and just fly this guy to b3 pro you guys.

Super duper excited shout out to my boy b over there at tdr drones. You guys, you know what i forgot to put my sd card in here. You know what give me a moment. Let me put my sd card and we are back guys. I forgot to mention this. Guy has a sd card slot on the side, so i wanted to make sure we get the best crisp clean footage as possible. So i went ahead and popped the sd card out of my phone and popped it in there, so we should be recording to the card once we start this recording we got 13 satellites so far. I want to do a level calibration. Okay, that flashes, so both joysticks down into the lower left corners would do a level calibration all right so or gyro calibration anyways. So anyways lets go ahead and just start the recording im going to long press this from the transmitter and start recording. So we got tf so its recording to the card recorded and started so we should have recording started. We got 13 satellites so far. You guys im going to hit the unlock button. Okay and then im just press take off take off now. It should just hover there that were in gps mode, it shouldnt wander or anything im just going to. Let it hover there for a second just to make sure we got an accurate, lock. 14 satellites is what its reading you guys, 14 satellites and it seems to be hovering there.

Pretty steady Music, i just want to make sure, were not getting any toilet bowl or effect, or anything like that. Image seems to be pretty good. This is recording 1080p. I believe 24 frames per second, i believe check it out guys the b3, a bang bang. I love the way it looks: im loving the lights on that boy check it out, so it seems to be all right. It seems to be hovering pretty good lets see if we can uh see it lets test it see. If it goes, it should go back to a spot. Yeah check it out goes right back to its position. So if i pull it out the way it goes right back to his current spot, no toilet bowling were good to go. You guys so lets go ahead and just find this guy around lets get a feel for it. I dont think theres any speeds or rates. I didnt really read the manual. You know i dont read the manual guys i just got out here to fly, but im just going real, slow and docile right now, just getting a feel for it. Checking it out. Checking it out check, check, check. Bottom leds are bright. Now it is a foggy gloomy day to you guys, so keep that in mind its not bright. The sun is not even really out its foggy as heck and its a little breeze too so were flying. You know what i want to do.

Well, we got good battery im going to bring it over here right over here in front of me. Its not, as here in front of me, were going to push it out and see how far we can go out before that wi fi breaks up, see where we can go so im, 9 meters above me – and this is 6 meters, it says – were going to Push it out, we got 17 satellites currently so directly in front of me. I want to go out until that wi fi breaks up. You guys lets do it and ill. Let you guys know when the wi fi breaks up so were out. 70 meters. 80 meters. 90 meters and lets go up to about 25 meters. High were 25 meters. High were 130 meters out no breakup, yet 140. 150 160 173 no break up. Yet i can still see it. 193. 200 meters no break up still going 222. wow. This is great 240.. I got a little glitchy there, but were still going at 259 and got a little glitchy and it says airgraph disconnected so at 259. Guys, oh, were back were back uh, oh, can we still go a little bit more 260.? Can we hit 300 before that wi fi completely get glitches up, but at 259 it started to glitch up and get laggy, but were hitting were still going now? I still got it back were hitting 300 meters, so i got 300 meters and i still got wi fi feed guys.

I still got it. I still yall it around. I still got control i can tell where im at and were at 312 meters. On the controller you can see it 312 meters thats, pretty good, were always hitting the water were at the edge of the pond there. I still got wi fi feed, wow thats, pretty good 330., so im going to stop there at 330 guys. I still got wi fi feed thats, pretty good thats, pretty good connection out here. Thats awesome im going to hit the return home from right here. So i pressed the return home wow. I still got wi fi feed thats amazing, so it should be coming back to me. Yep should be coming back. Well, what did i say: 330 meters, thats thats, pretty good thats, pretty good distance guys. I see it coming on back wow im impressed with that. I am very impressed with that im very now when it turned around to return home. The feed broke up, but i got it back now, but it went out to 3 30 and i still had feed. I could have went further, but you really dont want to press it too far, guys you know what im saying and look heres our return to home and that boy come right back to you look at that. I took off from this yellow line here. Oh thats, going to be pretty accurate, thats going to be pretty nice and thats.

All i needed to do is return into line of sight and i could take back a troll over, but that thing is going to return almost on a dime thats. This drone is awesome, theres, a yellow line right there guys and its look look at this. Oh, my goodness, thats amazing, not too bad. What is that, like, maybe two feet off, hear the yellow line right here, you guys is like two feet off. That thing took off that is amazing. Im gon na stop that recording i mean long press it stop that recording thats amazing guys. So we only got. We only got one battery or one bar down of our battery life. We still got three bars left, so we still got plenty of flight time lets go ahead and start the recording again, Music recording started yep, go ahead and start it lets go ahead and unlock the motors and take off again. That was amazing, guys, 330 plus meters and still had wi fi feed. We was clear out to the pond thats pretty good. I am very impressed with that return. The home was pretty accurate, so thats pretty good um starting to lose a little altitude or the wind was trying to get on it. So uh. Let me see if i could get it up and push it out just a little bit more. That thing looks awesome too looks like a phantom im going to attempt. I want to get it away from this tree because i want to attempt to try to do a circle meet, but i dont know how wide that circle is going to be so im going to get it up there and lets try to do circle me.

So thats me just start to orbit all right. Two bars were getting into low battery at two bars so right now its doing the orbit thats the orbit mode right there and i dont – have the radius set. So you have to preset the radius. This controller is beeping at me at two bars, so we want. I wont, let it be too long, but, as you can see its doing the orbit, you guys is doing a complete full circle, a complete orbit. So let me hit that all you have to do. Is hit the orbit button to cancel out of that guys were gon na bring this guy in so at two about at two bars, which is half your battery life. This guy starts to beep at you, which i dont like that, but it is what it is. You know what im saying: keeping is being safe being safe, but this thing is awesome man. Once again, man shout out to my boy b over there, tdr drones, b, bikes and scooters im gon na stop my recording so save something success. Look at this thing, man all up in your fitness, all up in your brazil, your boy drove the dogs, the boy with the bug street pro. You know what im saying look at that look at that. Look at that. Look at that. That boy is awesome. Yeah man so go ahead and get this guy down for a landing lets hit the lamb button and it should just it should just come down real smooth.

Look at that. That thing comes around real nice and smooth. You guys look at that nice smooth landing man holla at your boy, your boy, drones and dogs go over. There check out my boy b at tdr, drones, e bikes and scooters. Awesome guy, you know merry christmas, everybody. I appreciate you guys for checking in with me today hope you guys have an amazing christmas dont forget to like and subscribe im. Your boy draws the dogs.