I got this package in the mail. That’S got gpc stickers all over it, but uh it’s, obviously not the mavic air 2, which i already have, but it says dgi, fpa, fpv drone, so let’s uh go ahead and do a quick unboxing. I probably got my order in uh. Probably one of the first orders in so i’m not sure how many people have gotten this before i got mine, uh dgi actually is wised up to the fpv craze. This uh case is actually two hundred dollars. I think the mavic air ii was only like 1′ or something Applause. It is quite a bit larger than the mavic air 2 case. Um. Thank you card. I don’t know about you but i’m going to be glad to actually start to use. This i’ve been carrying my uh fpv drone around in the foam that came with the in the packaging, so i’ll be glad to start using this fbv case. By the way, is it just me, or does this kind of look like fallopian tubes, which would make this uh anyway? I digress. Keep an eye out for my next video i’m gon na. Do a full review on this case and uh also while i’m at it. I uh, i found a solution for the goggles uh instead of uh using the battery which you put in your pocket and then you walk away and you drop your goggles into the dirt or if you uh, take your goggles and drop the battery in the dirt, Which i’ve done both anyway? I found this uh this little power supply with a short cord that actually just attaches to the back of the goggles anyway, uh i’m gon na do a full review on that.

So keep an eye out for that.