Welcome back to the channel today, we're gon na check out the flywheel Xbox six. Five super awesome really really awesome. 2 2 3 s. Batteries can go on here and look at the finish on this. Quad is this insane: this is the best looking quad out there. It looks like a trophy just sitting there on the bench I mean this thing is really really cool and it's it's fairly durable. The plated carbon is holding up pretty well. The wheelbase is a hundred and three millimeters long here and that's, pretty common for a 65 millimeter prop with 1103 motors one of my favourite micro brushless combos in the microbuses Kingdom. We also have a run cam Nano up top with the 8 they optioned for HD and a TPU mount in the front for an XM plus or whatever receiver. You decide to slide in there and 10 opposed sticking out the side, and I lost one cover. It looks like one cap and over the top. We also have a TPU mount with the dipole on the back plenty of camera protection. Up top, it seems to have a classic style frame to it, and a Goku f4 11 board is on there with 12. Am es es going to limit you to about a 3s battery? You want to be careful there, but it does have a 450 milliwatt VTX. So super high power VTX is on this quad gym fan 65 millimeter props we've, seen those before those are nice and smooth with the nine 11 o3 7500 kv motors.

These things are super hopped up by the way two bolts on the bottom. I, like that's kind of a classic old school thing on micros saving, just a little bit more weight on the quad, and we have a 2.5 millimeter carbon unibody and that's all gold plated. They also make a version of this a little bit larger we're gon na review on the channel it's sort of the platinum version now let's see what we get for a dry weight: I'm, just gon na drop it no battery 58 grams, not about 3s 450 let's, See what we get with that on, there should be under 100 grams, just under 98 grams, total takeoff weight so now let's go ahead and get into the fpv flight test and I've got to tell you I've flown this type of frame for years, and the first Thing that strikes me about micro brushless is the fact that pretty much anybody can pick up one of these quads and start to experience. Fpv that's the coolest thing about this. So if this was your first quad and it was gold plated and a 450 ml of ITX even kind of blasting through my van right, there, I'm standing on the other side of my band. That would be a good place for you to start so start out with something like Emacs, tiny, whoop of tiny Hawks and then move up to something like the Xbox 65, not not a bad transition at all.

Even if you started here, you can fly it in stability mode and just cruise around and have a lot of fun with this quad, because it does have a great camera on here. As far as analog cameras go in the micro brushless Kingdom. This is one of the sought after cameras, the runcam nano 2 is lightweight and looks good. The colors are true even on this sort of into the day session that I'm flying right here, but super smooth around the field. I don't see a lot of jitter and jello in this frame, which is awesome sometimes when you're flying the 65 millimeter props, depending on what flight control are using at the high end of the throttle, you can see some vibration just making it through that gap there, Which is cool it's small enough, that you can find gaps with it and just just about get away with anything? No prop guards on this. One, though guys so it's not classified really as a whoop. There are a lot of whoops out there that seem to be pushing the limits of size. Now we have those crazy three inch, syn whoops as well. My battery is tanking right here, so yeah, so we're trying it out on 2's. First – and this is this – is the experience that you're gon na get on a 2 s battery and 2's. Honestly, you can have some fun with us. You can freestyle on 2's it's, just gon na give you a little bit shorter flight time but I'm, just letting this video roll for you guys, so that you can sort of get an idea how this thing flies and on to s.

This is you're sort of a trainer battery if you will, or just just for fun, not a real big freestyle. Battery 3s is gon na, be where you're really gon na get a lot of power and punch out on these 7500 kV motors. It'S gon na give you the full sports car feeling on this little guy, but I should be able to get around the 3 minute mark on a 2s 450 milliamp battery and that's that's. Why we're running right here so coming right up on three minutes, not bad? At all and plenty of range with the XM plus, I did some XM plus testing last week and I was able to get over a mile out before GPS failsafe on the Nexen Plus. That was awesome. So now let's go ahead and set it down. Then let's test out the 3s battery and its really really insanely cold today and my battery is definitely sagging out, but we're gon na go ahead and fly this battery and I got to do the power loop with it. It'S power loop worthy so so far it has sort of the best of both worlds. It has a little bit of a trainer type feeling to it on 2's. If you want to start out on 2's and move your way up to 3, if you're just learning acro, this would be a good acro trainer, also and right. There we're just pushing it out there on the field a little further testing out that xm range and I'm, not even a half mile 14 mile away right here, but you can see that 450 millimeter X is doing pretty well 2 to 3 football fields.

Out no problem and not a lot of break up down close and low to the ground, which is kind of amazing. When I usually dip below that Ridge. I get a lot of break up even on some of the larger Vita X's out there, like the rush. Vtx come out behind these trees, pretty good video penetration behind the trees. On that dipole slight bit of break up here and there and not behind these evergreens right here, I used to get a little bit of break up but super smooth on 3s. This is where this quad feels really good. I'M. Loving the lines here. I can see good enough to make it through that fence see there's no wire there in that section of fence with the runcam NATO really nice. So I think that that fly will have another quad that should should likely sell out for two reasons. One is because it just looks damn awesome and it looks like your trophy quad sitting on your shelf and your your quad, and the second reason is that it has sort of duality like I've talked about before on the channel. You can fly it mild, sort of cinema style or fly it like a whoop instability mode and do some tree exploration or you can power loop it and do crazy freestyle with it. So I think we have a lot of options here with this quad and one of the best finishes that I think I've ever seen on any quad out there.

I am hoping and praying that flyboy decides to make a 5 inch full out 5 inch version of something like this with gold plating on there. That would be ultra cool, maybe a 7 inch. Even a gold 7 inch would just be totally nuts and it's it's fairly its dive worthy as well. It can do pretty much anything you want it to do, but let's go ahead now back to the studio, and I got ta say I just can't, stop looking at this quad it's, just so nice to look at and one thing about this frame sort of set Me back two or three years back to the old age of the original ex frame style quads that had this, this sort of lifted camera on the top, with a stack up top it's it's kind of an old school design. I'Ve seen it recently and it also it helps get the props out of the view. So if you're gon na get the HD version, this is gon na be good because you won't have any props in view cameras high up enough to avoid it. But look at that shimmer on this finish, and the other thing is that the finish held up pretty well, I don't have a lot of chipping on the gold plating, which is cool, seems to hold up better than one of those gold plated necklaces you get at The mall feels fairly rigid from the dual braces that we have on the arms as well and they kind of scooch those in I've seen other designs put it further out, but this looks fairly nice.

So I think we got another winner from flywheel here, guys flowey. Just keeps killing it and I'm gon na give it two thumbs up for the flying aspect and for the design and the overall finish of this quad it's. Just amazing. I love it guys.