This is oddly fun. I i’m not lying i’m i’m, actually really enjoying this all right, i’m gon na land and let chris try it because he’s been begging me all day. When can i slide the bird? Let me see Applause all right. So chris is about to launch i’m going to launch the bird for him he’s going to pull the trigger. Okay, okay, push the joystick left and right there you go and there you go, pull down. Pull this pull the joystick down i’m pulling down yeah and then go right. Go right! Go right to get out away from the trees. There you go. I would come down a little bit. I think it’s more windy up there, just let it let it drop, bring it back over this way, wow i’m pulling up. Oh, i think you maybe would have had to restart it. Okay, like restart, maybe once it stops, we still have a green light on the bottom, which tells me it still has some gas, so let’s try it again. I should have restarted, probably yeah. Okay, i mean again my first time flying it too. So all right, you ready Music trying to make me dizzy. Um it’s, pretty fun i’m slowly getting used to it i’m, going to try to land let’s, even catch it yeah yeah. That might be ambitious. For me. Just pull the uh pull the stick down and kind of glide it back towards you. There you go boom, hey again, surprisingly, fun to fly the tagline surprisingly fun to fly.

So if you’re new to the channel, i hope you’ll subscribe, because we not only do cool drone stuff, but we also do a lot of other rc stuff like this go go bird. It is a radio controlled bird. It has four wings and two of the wings open up kind of like a x wing fighter, and then they flap they close, has a rudder on the back, has two little tails that kind of drag along behind it and it has a thumb, controlled, remote control. Now it comes with a usb charger and two little tiny batteries that go in it. Let me pull it out. Real, quick and i’ll show you here. It is, and uh it’s very lightweight. Has this kind of cage built onto it? Today is a little bit breezy outside, so i’ve come to a place that i think is fairly sheltered from the wind and i’m hoping i can fly it uh in in here without putting it in a tree or something now like. I said it does have a usb charger that makes it easier to charge. No matter where you are, you don’t have to worry about your power supply being right as long as it’s usb, and then these two little tiny batteries that have a little white connector and the white connector is designed to only go in one way. So you have to be careful when you put it in and then the remote control is this little guy right here which takes two aaa batteries, and it has a thumb.

Stick that you push forward to make it flap harder and climb pull back to make it flap less and descend and go left and right to make it go left and right now. It also has some pattern buttons down here that actually i haven’t tried yet so i’m going to give those a try, but i think you can make the thing fly in a pattern by pressing one of these buttons. So the first thing you want to do is put the battery into the slot it’s pretty self explanatory, and it will only really go in one way. So you don’t have to worry about doing it wrong once you’ve done that there’s a little tiny button on the bottom that you press to turn it on and you’ll see a little tiny led light up, it’s pretty bright out today. So i don’t know if i’m, seeing it or not, and then you turn on the remote, which also has a little tiny button and once they’re talking to each other. They should both turn green, i believe to say that they see one another and you pull this trigger, and that causes the bird to flap it flaps and when i pull it again, it stops now, like i said, it’s kind of windy today: i’m, hoping that i Can control it here in this enclosed area? There are a lot of trees. Wind is blowing that way, so hopefully it can fight that wind i’m going to start it off going into the wind a little bit and see if i can get it to fly around with me so i’ll back up and now, if you fly into the wind, You kind of can almost have it hover in place right now, it’s just fighting that wind, i just gave it a little more gas to go higher and i just told it to go lower, see if i can get it over here closer to us yeah, the Wind’S really pushing it Music it’s coming toward me, i’m gon na.

Let it come down now i’m gon na try one of these buttons and see if it’ll just fly in a circle. Oh there, it goes now. It is flying in a circle, but unfortunately it was uh getting pushed by the wind, so the circle was pushing it. That way the wind was pushing it that way, even though it was doing a circle each time it went around, it was getting pushed that direction. So, for as much wind as there is out here today, i thought it actually did pretty well um. It did go into the circle pattern when i pushed that, but it um was being pushed by the wind as it was flying in the circle. So you really, if it’s, windy, you’re going to have to control it manually, these patterns are going to just be fall victim to the wind, Music, Music, so Music, i can’t seem to get it any closer because of the wind it’s, just kind of fighting that wind Music, you definitely want to make sure the tails not tangled in anything Music Music, actually landed in its box whoa. It just made it through the fence post there, it just kind of dove through totally an accident, but it was cool Music. This is all still on the first battery, quite a bit of flight time for such a tiny little 1s battery. So if you’ve flown rc planes or uh driven rc cars, much this won’t be very hard to control.

Basically, you just have to remember that when it’s coming towards you left and right or backwards because it’s seeing it from the birds point of view with a little bit of wind, it is more challenging. If you have a big open space indoors, you could definitely fly it inside for outdoors it’s great as long as there’s, not a lot of wind, and even today, with some wind i’m having i’d say moderate success with it um, just occasionally, it’s kind of drifting away And i’m having to go chase it down, but for something this unique it’s, really a marvel of engineering what’s going on in this thing is actually pretty amazing. As far as how the mechanics are. So i have to say this thing is actually a lot of fun to fly. I had very low expectations for it when i received it, and it is way way better to control easier to control and more fun than i was expecting and the control you have over it for something like this is actually pretty amazing. I have a link in the description if you want to get one of these for yourself down below. I would love to hear your comments if you’ve had one or if you have thoughts about it, it is certainly an interesting thing different than most stuff i’ve flown before, but still quite interesting to fly. Hope you enjoyed this video we’ll, see you next time on ready, set drone Music, my Applause, Music, Music, Music, your impression, sir definitely cool, there’s there’s, a cool factory, Music, Music.